Foods that I Craved

May 22, 2017

I just wanted to share some of foods that I cooked that I craved during sleepless nights or when I watch Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations on Travel Channel. 


Sweet Sticky Rice Pudding (Bico)


Macaroni Salad

These are the foods that I love to eat so I never get tired eating them over and over again. Besides, leftovers are the best! 

Midi Keyboard

Wow! I just found another great item that many musicians and music lovers will want. One of my favorite online music stores the Guitar Center has, midi keyboard at a great price! A midi keyboard is a great tool for you to experiment and develop your own music. With the power of an incredible number of effects, ease of use and a great price one of these midi keyboards may be just what you need.

Tokyo House

May 01, 2017

If you’re in the mood for eating all-out sushi Tokyo House is the place to visit. Tokyo House is a Japanese buffet restaurant though specialized mostly on sushi. With a vast selections of sushi its hard to pick one as your favorite as most of them tasted delicious aside from raw fish. They also have frog legs if you’re brave enough to see these creatures doing Kung Fu on the platter. Complimentary desserts are vanilla and peppermint ice cream aside from what’s on the buffet. With impeccable d├ęcor this is by far the fanciest restaurants that I have ever been to here in the city of Rogers. 

Though the server could have waited until we left to get our guestbook instead of pulling it from my husband even though we already paid for our meal. I thought it was hilarious the way she pulled the guestbook underneath my husband’s phone and wallet but I didn’t say a word.

Banjos For Sale

So you love Bluegrass music or you just want to vary up your guitar collection then you need to really look at banjos. Banjos are the protypical American stringed instrument with a long history in Country and Folk music as well as Bluegrass. Banjos were the electric guitar before they were electric guitars.  They are fun, loud and totally unique. If you are interested in banjos for sale, check it out at

Gold Town Sushi and Korean BBQ

March 09, 2017

A few weeks ago, we ate at Gold Town Sushi and Korean BBQ to celebrate my husband’s birthday. As I recall they have excellent sushi on our first visit so we ordered a California sushi roll to try something new for our palette. 

Galbi Short Ribs

Ultimate Chocolate Ganache

As always, Charles’ had noodles, I had beef soup and my husband had Galbi Short Ribs. Though he is not a huge fan of fats around the meat which I really liked as I thought it adds flavor to any types of meat. For dessert, I bought Ultimate Chocolate Ganache from Walmart.

Guitar Center Rockford

If you are a guitar player, want to be guitar player or music collector, I am sure you are always looking for great deals and even more importantly great merchandise. If so make sure to check out guitar center rockford. Easy to navigate and with an outstanding layout website has everything you need for not just guitars but any musical instruments. With outstanding prices and sales to go with great merchandise this a website you need to check out.

Charles' Cards

February 15, 2017

Being able to drive the car gives me leisure to shop around at the stores and end up buying things that I don’t normally buy on a shopping trip. Lately, I have been infatuated with buying decorative boxes from Tuesday Morning and Burlington even though I could have used some shoe boxes or plastic tubs to put cards in it. I thought it was lovely so I bought one to keep Charles’ cards and he has lots of them already even for his age. Most of his cards he got are all from his aunts even with no occasion he gets them as well. 

Decorative Box

Charles' Cards

Growing up as a teen I longed for someone to give me a card as I thought its very sweet but I didn’t get any. The box does not suits his personality so when someone asks he’ll always remember that his mom bought it for him.