Jackfruit My Favorite Vegetable

July 25, 2017

I hated doing household chores growing up. Cooking dishes, laundry and drying rice grains in the blistering heat I dreaded doing them when I was young. Now, I am grateful being able to cook the dishes that I used to eat like my grandmother’s cooking. Just last week, I was so ecstatic when I saw a jackfruit at 10Box store so I bought it even though it could cost me a fortune to have it as I had to pay it per pounds. Even on sweltering heat outside I got the jackfruit sliced and cut into pieces from its flesh even with my small knife I was amazed I got it done so quickly. The sweat I had dripping from my forehead into my chest reminds me when harvesting rice grains in the open field at the farm. I had not sweat like that in a very long time. It was very unpleasant to say the least. 


Mango Float

Mango Ice Pops


Anyway, I cooked my favorite vegetable of all time, Jackfruit paired with Galunggong fish (Paksiw) and it felt gratifying after wanting this vegetable for so many years. It tasted really good as I remember when my grandmother cooks this vegetable. I also made Mango Float, Mango Ice Pops (Ice Candy) and Goulash. Goulash is dish from Euro Bistro (German Cuisine) but its kind of remind me of Caldereta without potatoes and carrots.

Home Cooked Meal

July 16, 2017

As much as I loved eating different cuisines at restaurants nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal. So tonight, I cooked one of my favorite vegetable dishes that I used to eat in the Philippines, Taro leaves (Dahon ng Gabi) paired with dried fish and it tasted so good. I also made Gelatin (Gulaman) this afternoon without mango in it. Whether there’s mango or not it still tastes really good as I had it for my dessert. 

Taro Leaves (Dahon ng Gabi)

Gelatin (Gulaman)

Cooking dishes that I used to eat growing up in the Philippines it makes me eat more than I used to. These kinds of dishes tastes really good for me to eat. I never think about my diet or have I put myself on a diet in the past, never. I honestly liked that I gained extra pounds to my weight I think it looks good on me, just kidding.

A Fun-Filled Summer Experience

July 14, 2017

It has been a fun-filled summer experience I had with my family. Why not? After attending an IndyCar race, two concerts Red Hot Chili Peppers featuring BabyMetal and Iron Maiden featuring Ghost I wouldn’t have thought possible even in my wildest dreams. These concerts that I have ever been to was very astonishing. I really liked it a lot. Loved the instruments when its being played lived and you could feel the thump in your body. Now, if Metallica, The Eagles, Air Supply or Guns N’ Roses are going to have concerts nearby I will definitely go even though my hubby is not a huge fan of these bands. Barry Manilow or David Pomeranz I’ll probably be in tears as their songs are the soundtrack of my life haha just loved them both. Cars 3, Despicable Me and Spider Man were all of our summer movies we watched though Charles didn’t see the other two as he had more fun doing cool activities with his aunt.

Like, watching soccer game Sporting KC, Mummy Exhibit, Science City both at Union Station, Lego Convention at KCI Expo and did zipped lining which was fun according to Charles. He also learned how to swim in a short period of time with his aunt going to the pool twice a day is very remarkable. Now, he thinks he has a poop skin (dark skin). We always told him you have a beautiful skin and most people would spend money just to have dark skin on tanning beds or lay in the sun for hours to get their tan. You already have what most people don’t have. But only Charles can turn phrases into laughter. But anyway, aside from attending concerts I urged my hubby to stopped by at Precious Moments Chapel, on our way down to Kansas City. Looked funny how we never visited this place since it is just 2 ½ miles away from the main road every time we go to Missouri back and forth. The Chapel is very stunning, loved the stained glass all around the big windows and so is the ceiling. The lawn is adorned with water fountains surrounded with blooming flowers and fruit bearing apples. 

Well, a trip to Kansas City won’t be complete without eating Chinese foods but we avoided this cuisine. The Pizza Ranch was good specially their fried chicken that’s all I care about on this restaurant. Terrace Buffet inside Argosy Casino is always a must every time we visit in KC. A week before our trip to KC we also drove down to Springfield just to looked around at Flea Markets on a very fine day without on our agenda. Re Rico, a Brazilian restaurant was on our must have meal since we both like this place and so was Charles for their Mac N Cheese. While in Springfield, I made sure that we should stopped by at Tanger Outlet Mall (my turn) and we had. Bought some stuff for myself and so are my boys since they shop together.

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June 18, 2017

Days are going by so quickly before we know it this month will just have flown by in a heartbeat. Just last week, we were in Fort Worth, Texas to watch an Indycar race with my boys and in only a couple weeks away we will be in Kansas City to watch an Iron Maiden concert. As for our Texas road trip it was the first that Charles’ hasn’t ask both ways of our trip, his famous questions; are we there yet or how long are we going to get there? 

Chicken Curry


Chocolate Cake

Well, it was such a nice trip we didn’t get stuck with any traffic or road constructions despite the perfect weather we had that day. The only disappointment I had was we didn’t get a chance to eat at Rooster’s Roadhouse as we already ate at Butterfield’s in Choctaw Casino and so on our way back as well. Charles’ really loved their Mac & Cheese and so their Chicken Curry was my all time pick on both meals. For dessert Butterfield’s has an array of desserts on display for guests to choose from. 

Pandesal Bread

Anyway, these past few days I have been trying to make Pandesal bread (rolls) and I am not even closer how to make the bread fluffy but dense bread in my 4th tries. I had also been watching YouTube videos about kneading, though every Pandesal recipes I’ve looked has different measurements of its ingredients so it is a little disappointing I haven‘t had the result that I really wanted for my Pandesal bread. As for the taste, it tasted as Pandesal bread already only not fluffy at all. When you bite the bread it should leave your teeth marks, soft as marshmallows to describe Pandesal. And every time I told Charles I am making bread he kept on saying; again? You should sell them so you could make money, haha. Only Charles would encouraged me to sell something just to make money.

Foods that I Craved

May 22, 2017

I just wanted to share some of foods that I cooked that I craved during sleepless nights or when I watch Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations on Travel Channel. 


Sweet Sticky Rice Pudding (Bico)


Macaroni Salad

These are the foods that I love to eat so I never get tired eating them over and over again. Besides, leftovers are the best! 

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