Baby Sling Carriers

December 30, 2011

My husband’s good friend Todd and his wife Tara had their new baby boy in  October. I wonder if they already have a baby sling for their new bundle of joy, Ian who got his name from Olivia’s brother on Nick Jr. If you or someone you love is expecting a child, baby sling carriers are great gifts for a baby shower.

Its convenient and easy to wrap around your body while on the go. Baby Sling carriers are very stylish, durable and are made from great fabrics. The also offer a soothing effect to your child while you are on the go and are hassle free.

My Hubby is Back

I am glad my husband is back from Holiday Wrestling Tournament in Springfield. Charles was so excited when he heard the garage opened. He said, it's my dad then Charles went into the kitchen and said again, this is taking so long. Anyway, tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we will be in Springfield with my husbands friends. Last year, the weather was very cold and rainy. But for the last few days now the weather has been pretty good and I let Charles drove his bike outside.

December 28, 2011

Are you planning to take a vacation in Canada this summer? Then you probably need to look at houses for rent in Calgary. Well, I just spoke to my classmate in Elementary Marlon and his wife Bernadette over Facebook and they are inviting us to visit their place in Barlow Trail, Calgary. They just immigrated from the Philippines and would love to see my family. 

Hopefully we can get a decent tax refund this January so we can get a chance to visit in Calgary, Alberta. If you’re looking for a place to rent while visiting in Canada, you can visit this website They have new property listings and are very affordable on your budget. 

Our New iPhones

What do you got for Christmas presents? Me, I got JC Penny and Gordman's gift cards. Charles and I shopped yesterday and he did a great job shopping while my husband was watching a movie War Horse. My husband got a new iPhone 4S and I got iPhone 3GS. I know my iPhone is outdated but I got it for .99 cents with 2 years contract. My husband already ordered my cellphone case online and I am looking forward to see it. It's a Hello Kitty iPhone case and my wallpaper is Hello Kitty as well. My old phone is still working pretty good but I got it for four years.

Anyway, the weather in here has been great for the last few days now. Charles is looking forward to see some snow but I don't think it's going to happen before the year ends.

December 26, 2011

Recently my husband, Doug has been having a root canal at his dentist. We are not happy with how much the procedures cost, even with his work's dental plan. I have begun to look around for a better plan for all of us. My favorite I have found is available through Ameriplan and their website, They have great dental plans for those with no plans or to help you save money over a plan that you may already have. 

Checkout their website as they have all you need to know about their plans including testimonials from patients and full plan layouts for you. They also offer plans that include vision and other medical health.

Charles New Drum Set

We all had a great Christmas. Charles got lots of presents from his aunts and uncles. He was so excited when he saw his Hot Wheels bicycle beside the tree. He also got a drum set from us and coolest gift ever was Innotab. It's an E-Reader, Games, MP3 Players, Art Studio, Organizer, Photos and more. I guess Charles will not use my husband's cellphone that he got his Innotab now. Though my husbands phone needs to be replaced. Charles spilled water on the phone the other day and it's not working very well. We already checked a new Iphone at the store tonight and we will go back again tomorrow and do some shopping from our Holiday Gift Cards.

Dereon Shoes

December 23, 2011

I had never heard about Dereon shoes before, so I had to look them up on the web. Oh my god! has the most fabulous, stylish designer shoes you could ever possibly want to see inside your closet. Since it’s my 32nd birthday this January, I would love to receive a new pair of shoes as my birthday present from my husband. I love the pink Dereon Blush. Perfect to show off my nail polish. 

If you’re looking for the most stylish designer shoes that won’t break the bank, has it all. The site is easy to use for a fast and better shopping experience.

Coffee Equipment

December 22, 2011

Millions of people drink coffee everyday and I‘m one of them. My husband thinks I’m crazy because I drink coffee anytime of the day and put coffee on my rice. Brewing coffee is a good business to start up and you will need commercial coffee equipment . While there are some large corporate coffee businesses there are also very successful local and smaller coffee houses throughout the country.  I myself prefer the local small coffee houses. 

Challenging Day

I had a very challenging day today. Charles was very naughty and it makes me cry because I am frustrated with him. My husband always says, it's a challenge having a three year old toddler. The thing that I am more frustrated about is when he asked food and when the food is ready he doesn't want it anymore. Sometimes, I asked myself how other mom can do all things at once? Having one kid is already a challenged how much more when you have two or more kids? Oh well, we are ready to see my husbands family. But before that, we need to stop by in Kansas City to meet my husbands good friend Todd and his wife Tara and their daughter Lily. They have a new baby boy and I am looking forward to hold the baby to see what's Charles reaction would be like.

Ecommerce Solutions

In today’s world there has been over the last ten plus years a substantial change in how businesses and corporations market their products. The days of store front only stores are long gone and internet sales are growing every year. It is interesting how things have came full circle. The catalog department stores like Sears and Montgomery Ward of one hundred years ago have been reborn in a new modern sense with online internet shopping. To help get you started you need support from someone who understands ecommerce solutions.

With their motto of “We build businesses, not just websites.”  Ecommerce Partners is the best place for those either starting or looking to improve their ecommerce footprint. Do not just trust me but look at the businesses and outlets who have given solid Ecommerce Partners a glowing, ecommerce partners review. Giants like CNN, Perry Ellis, Time Warner and many others have profiled and experienced the help that is available through Ecommerce Partners. Do not pay someone to design a webpage for you, find someone to build a profitable business for you.

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Custom Flowers

December 21, 2011

Our wedding anniversary is on December 29. I would be delighted to receive flowers on that day to make me feel important and loved by my husband. Doug has done this in the past as well as on Valentines Day. I of course was looking on the internet for custom flowers and found, I just love their flowers, arrangements and vases all deliverable to your loved ones at any time.

You Tube on X Box Live

Just yesterday my husband updated his X Box Live account. He then had me come watch some crazy Honey Badger video. It seems I can now watch You Tube on our Home TV through his X Box. There is a lot of cool things to watch on You Tube and now I can watch them on my couch. I have already watched some funny videos and my favorite Pinoy Christmas song and videos like, Sa Araw ng Pasko by All Star Cast. I am sure Charles will enjoy it too with his favorite songs and monster trucks.

Forgot to Watch my Shows

December 19, 2011

I was typing my blog and noticed the links are not working. Well, almost midnight in here and need other stuff that needs to be done. I want to wrap Charles presents when he's asleep. As of now, my toddler is watching Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and he doesn't look sleepy at all. Just remember I forgot to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight and Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Anyway, I can watch them again tomorrow or the next day.

Serenata Flowers

December 18, 2011

I would be so delighted if I get flowers from my husband for our 4th wedding anniversary this December 29. I know he is gone for the Holiday Wrestling Tournament but who knows he might surprise me if or when he order flowers online. I love flowers, and the vases they go in. My husband knows what I really like and it makes me feel totally appreciated and loved by him. 

If you're looking for fresh flowers of any occasions with gorgeous arrangements, you can visit this website, They have the widest selections of fresh flowers at a very reasonable price. The site is easy to navigate for fast and better shopping experience. 

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Excited for Christmas

December 17, 2011

Christmas Day is just few days away. I know a lot of you will be traveling to see your loved ones. For me, will be visiting my husbands sisters. We are all excited to see them all. Its been a while that we have not seen them since Thanksgiving. There's a family get gathering on Christmas Eve which I really loved. Family members will bring food and I'm still thinking what am I going to bring with us. Last year, I made a vegetable spring rolls (Lumpia) and they loved it. The other reason why I am excited about Christmas is opening presents especially for Charles. He always get a lot of presents from his aunts even though it's not Christmas. My husbands sisters will send package for Charles and he likes it. Oh well, I think tomorrow we will go shopping for Charles presents. Hopefully my husband is not so tired when he get back home tonight from the Wrestling Tournament in Oklahoma. It's good to shop till you drop...just kidding!

December 15, 2011

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Dubai Tourism

December 14, 2011

My husband and I have never gotten a chance to travel outside the United States since we were married. Doug has traveled a little bit and I was born in the Philippines and we cannot wait to head back to visit my family. Of course it is in our plans to travel to another country for just a couple of days before heading to the Philippines. I have seen Dubai on Television and I am astound by the World's tallest building, deserts and great shopping destinations. For the last couple of months now, my husband has been surfing on the web looking for information on Dubai tourism. He found this great site, This site is very informative and will guide you through all the great things available in Dubai.

 It’s good to be informed and knowledgeable before you travel to another country. You need to know what is available to see, do and to inform yourself on local customs and culture. Learn a few  phrases, know the layout where you are going and know about the local food. I mean seriously who wants to travel to eat the same fast food you eat at home.

Christmas Break

I am so excited! My husband's Christmas break is on the 16th though they have a Wrestling Tournament on Saturday in Oklahoma. And next week, will be in Tarkio for Christmas. We're looking forward to spend time with my husband's family. They are very nice to me. Well, its been raining in here and it's dark outside. I guess I will do some clean up and start packing our clothes. When I'm not too lazy later, I will browse on the web and look for templates for this blog.

Motor Home Repair

December 13, 2011

My husband’s friend Dick lives in a Motor home. Living in a Motor home is quite a luxury. He can go anywhere he wants and enjoy the scenery while on the go. Though the disadvantage of owning a Motor home is that when it breakdown on the road. Good thing is that motor home repair is on your side when you have a  mechanical breakdown.

Steel Building

My husband’s school where he works at is building a tornado shelter. To keep the shelter stable from storms and tornadoes they will need a steel building to have a superior shelter. Olympia Steel Building can design and customize for you a steel building that suits your needs. If you’re planning on building a new garage that would lasts a lifetime, a steel building is what you need.

December 12, 2011

I spoke with my sister-in-law, Cheryl and she asked me what I want for my Christmas present. I’m still undecided what I really want for my present so I’m browsing the web looking for that perfect gift. I definitely need a new pair of jeffrey campbell shoes. They are  flat, durable and most of all they have my shoe size which is five. 

I just love wearing designer shoes. It makes me feel good inside when I wear them. I found another perfect gift that I really want for my Christmas present. I love the Elastic Hi Wedge Sandal in a Black Fabric from tory burch shoes. They are perfect to show off my toe nails when I have them polished.

Ready for Pick Up

December 10, 2011

I'm so glad that our car is fixed and ready for pick up. Unfortunately, my husband can't get the car today because he has a Wrestling Tournament going on. Well, I had a busy day today. Cleaned up Charles room and hang up our clothes that was sitting on the laundry basket. Tomorrow is Sunday and I have no idea whether we will go to Walmart for our grocery shopping. I know my husband is tired and having a two days tournament is a lot of pressure. Half of his wrestling team are freshmen and I know they will get better in the future.

I Miss our Car

December 06, 2011

I am a little disappointed today. Our car is not yet fix even though its not a major damaged. They have to order the mirror at a BMW dealership. For the last few days now, my husband is driving a rental car which is covered by our insurance provider. Its a Chevy Malibu, kinda small and don't have much room inside. I just love our  BMW car better. I miss my warmer seat specially on this kind of weather which is colder than before. Hopefully we can have our car back this weekend so we can enjoy more on driving around looking for Christmas lights.

My husband and I has been talking about what to buy for Charles’ Christmas  presents. We definitely need a bigger size for his clothes. We live close to an outdoor mall but on this kind of weather, which is cold is not a good thing to shop outside. Here I am browsing on the web looking for a children’s clothing store. I found a cool site, tea They have all kinds of clothing for newborn baby girls and boys, girls and boys clothing for your older children, women and gifts for all.

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December 04, 2011

As we all know many Americans don't have car insurance. Protect yourself from a financial catastrophe when an accidents occurs. Just last week my husband had a little accident with our BMW X5 car. Until now, our car is still in the shop. Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday we can have our car back. The cost of repairs and liability are covered by our insurance provider. I know how safety my husband drives on the road. 

But if you don't have car insurance when an accidents occurs it will surely cost you an absurd amount of money out of your pocket. At American Car Quotes, they have been helping individuals get auto insurance at the cheapest rates available for many years.

Undecided for my Present

Christmas Day is just few weeks away. I can't decide what kind of present to have for Christmas but I'm thinking about gift card or Hello Kitty. I like Hello Kitty but every time I looked the price tag I don't want to spend money for the item. Oh well, its kinda boring today. It has been raining and its very cold outside. Later in the afternoon I will go to the Asian Store. Hopefully they have crabs at A Chau. I've been craving for crabs and shrimp for the last few days now.

America Life Quotes

December 02, 2011

Millions of Americans don't have insurance coverage across the states. When accidents happens our loved ones are left behind with nothing to help pay for cost of care or God forbid funeral expenses. Its not too late to protect your loved ones financially. If you're shopping for Family Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Best Rates Life Insurance, Insurance Quotes and Cheap Life Insurance, America Quotes have all the coverage you would ever need. 

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Finding a special perfume for my wedding

Guest post written by Lizzie Male

I'm getting married in a few months and it still feels that I have almost no time to get all of my stuff together. I finally have my dress picked out but as far as everything else goes that I'll be wearing, I'm pretty clueless. One thing that I do want to pick out is a really nice smelling perfume scent to wear. I don't normally wear perfume, so I thought it would be nice to wear it on my big day as another way to spruce myself up.

I've been looking online for some good perfume recommendations. i want something that smells fresh and sweet so that it won't overpower all of the peopel that I'm going to be hugging. Whiel I was online looking for some perfume selection suggestions, I ran across some TV Internet Bundles and forwarded them to my fiance. I think that we're going to sign up for one of them for our new home.

I have found a few different perfumes that I think would be perfect. But I think that out of all of them, I'm just going to choose DKNY Pure. It smells fresh, but clean and sweet, which is exactly what I want for my wedding day.

Our Christmas Tree

November 30, 2011

I never have a problem with Blogger before but last night I freaked out. I had service unavailable error 503 that took 30 minutes. Anyway, its the end of the month. I know most of you already put up your Christmas Tree. Well, I put up our Christmas Tree yesterday. Charles was so excited! I felt bad though because my husband wants to help to put our Christmas Tree but I never waited till he gets back home. He said its a family thing but he was happy when he saw the tree last night. I like our Christmas Tree. It has fiber optic lights which makes the tree looks lovely.

Oh well, its wrestling season. Last night, we watched a wrestling match at Rogers School. My husband and I was happy because Charles did a pretty good job during the match. Tomorrow night my husband will be traveling with the wrestling team. Hopefully they will have a good season.

Compost Tumbler

November 29, 2011

We started recycling our cans, papers and bottles a year ago. So far it has been doing great, knowing we can help our environment makes it even better. I’m planning to start composting leftover foods instead of running our garbage disposal to save energy this winter. I found a cool compost tumbler that I can start up with before the year ends. It has free shipping so I can save more  money as well. 

Been busy lately

November 26, 2011

I had a busy day yesterday. We went shopping and I bought a new pair of Phantom boots and Levi's jeans. We bought an early present for Charles and polo shirts. My husband bought a new pair of wrestling shoes and a Missouri shirt. Anyway, were suppose to head out around noon so here I am wasting my time on the computer. This is the second time that I will be away without Charles. I hope he will not cry when he noticed he's not going with us. 

Baby Carriers

November 22, 2011

As a mom we always want the best things for our newborn children. Baby Carriers are one of items needed to carry our little bundle of joy anywhere we go. For an expectant mom shopping for the best baby carrier is one of the most important things you do. There are even baby carriers that are Eco-friendly just in case you want your child to live a lifestyle friendly to the environment. 

It is a tough decision for you and your partner deciding which baby carrier you are going to purchase. I remember when my husband and I shopped for the things for our son. We can hardly decide which one to get because we usually disagree on styles, colors and brand names of the products.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

We will spend our Thanksgiving in Kansas City with my husbands family. Its a 4 hours drive down there but it will be fun. I am looking forward to watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Television. Then on Saturday, my husband and I are going to watch college football between Missouri Tigers and Kansas. The game will be in Arrowhead Stadium where the Kansas City Chiefs play. Oh well, I'm using a laptop while typing this post but I'm not comfortable with the keyboard.

November 21, 2011

Today's housing market is down to its lowest interest rates we have seen in many many years. As you know buying a house is a huge investment and without a doubt the largest purchase any of us is likely to make in our lives. Any first time home buyer of course has many questions and concerns like, What are the bottom lines on Rates, What to Know About Closing Costs, Credit Scores and how much of a Down Payment is necessary. If you have any questions like these you can visit this website, The site is very informative and will answer all of your questions. Bad Credit Scores affects you when you are trying to buy a house or car. Creditors will take advantage of you with high interest rates which will effect you not just for years but for decades. Be an informed buyer and prepare yourself before entering the housing market.

Affordable Health Insurance

November 19, 2011

I have not had healthcare insurance for almost a year now. This does not mean that my husband cannot afford to pay monthly premium. Its was very frustrating when my husband was trying to renew my coverage and it was denied because of my preexisting condition from five years ago. It's my biggest fear, not having my insurance coverage. I have been looking on the web and found affordable health insurance. 

Since I'm in good health, discount medical insurance policies are accessible. If you're looking for the best health insurance quotes has lower health premiums that are affordable for your budget. I really miss having my healthcare insurance coverage. I got good service during my doctors appointments.


My husband, Doug this week got Skyrim from his Gamefly.  He has been playing it quite a bit between our games of Chutes and Ladders with Charles.  He talks about how cool the game play is and how realistic the world is.  I can see what he is talking about.  When he plays the screen looks great.  The whole world down to every blade of grass, tree, butterfly & even fish in rivers is there.  They are not just in the game but they look so real. Even the farthest mountain can be climbed and traveled to.  Doug says this is an open ended game where you can do what you like.  It is pretty scary sometimes too when he fights zombies or vampires.  This game kinda makes me want to turn into an XBox junkie like my Asawa.

Free Link Building Tools

November 18, 2011

Since I started blogging, I have become very interested in how I can improve my website. I want to improve it by making my own web template designs. I know there are plenty of tools that are available online but I had not been looking seriously for them yet. I have though heard positive feedback from this site, which offers free link exchange and build links to help me get started as a webmaster.

We all want the best for our website and increase our audience on the web. Avail of this free links that you can use to help you get started as well.

Maternity Dresses

November 16, 2011

I loved shopping for maternity dresses when I was pregnant. For moms out there who are expecting a baby it’s good to be fashionable and stylish. Babies N Bellies have the widest selections of maternity tops, bottoms, dresses, lingerie, sleepwear, nursing tops, accessories and gifts. Use this code NEWMOMSROCK to take 10% off of your order. They also offer free shipping on orders over $100. Enjoy your pregnancy and look great doing so.

After 4 months...

I joined another blog advertising last July 5, 2011. Yesterday, I got an email from their website about New Link Opportunity. I had no idea what the email was all about. I thought they just change their website. I was not expecting to received a task from them because its been a long time that I have not heard anything from them. I was so happy to received a task from them. I already type my blog last night but I'm still waiting if there are any corrections that needs to get fixed. Oh well, as I mentioned on my other blog, will be in Kansas City for Thanksgiving and we will watch college football. I am excited because it's just one week away from today. I need to start packing our clothes and other stuff that we are going to take with us.

United Conveyor Supply

November 14, 2011

My husband, Doug has a friend from college who works as a business office manager at a local manufacturing plant. His friend, Calvin was over this weekend and like guys do they started talking about work. CD as Calvin goes by was talking bout how his company had started using fly ash handling from United Conveyor Supply to help in their transferring of materials around the plant. Well being a kind of geek and liking to know how everything works Doug started reading the United Conveyor Supply website and found out many interesting things the United Conveyor Supply provides. 

He found out that the company provides transferring and transportation equipment of the highest quality in all manners and forms. Some of these methods include pneumatic, mechanical, vibratory and hydraulic. The types of clean running options included fly ash, bottom ash, mill rejects, dry sorbent injection, reagent handling and economize ash. If you work in field that can use these services or products make sure to check out United Conveyor Supply, a company with over 90 years of experience in six continents and over sixty nations.

Got PR 2

I am obsessed of checking my blogs every single day. Recently, noticed I got PR 2 for this blog and my other blog dropped to PR 1. I was wondering why my other blog dropped to PR 1. It has more page views compared to this blog. Anyway, I still have reasons to be thankful for and I got tasks to do from my favorite blog advertising. Oh well, I am excited to see my husbands sisters for Thanksgiving. It's sad though that MJ and John couldn't come for Thanksgiving. She's working on that day at the hospital. My husband and I are going to watch college football at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Stop Addiction with Detox 5

November 12, 2011

It is hard when someone we love suffers from problems especially things like drug addictions. A Professional health team has developed a new drug rehab program that is effective in many ways. Detox 5 is an innovative and effective program for people who suffer from addiction. Patients 18 years of age or older have been having amazing results that are out of this world. Of course any drug rehab program is dependent on how much the person facing the addiction wants to change their lives. It takes more though then just bottoming out to make someone want to change or stop those destructive urges. 

Fighting an addiction is a long hard struggle and having a professional team and program on your side is of vital importance. Drug abuse is so prevalent that it can affects almost every family here in the United States of America as well as around the world. Many people are also confused on what drugs are addictive. Heroin is one of the most deadly and addictive of all drug addictions. It takes some powerful tools and will power to fight the addiction. That is where Detox 5 comes in, it is specially developed to help fight the heroin detox battle.  

Stop Loss Underwriting

November 09, 2011

The medical field continues to be a growing and profitable business in the United States of America. There are though many pitfalls to the medical provider business model. These problems include many legal issues like malpractice suits, insurance claim issues and governmental audits. To help navigate these minefields you need someone on your side with experience, savvy and a great reputation. Advanced Medical Strategies or AMS for short is just that company you need. Advanced Medical Strategies provides a full lineup of services needed to help protect yourselves from the sharks swimming around your business. Services provided include Clinical Reviews, Negotiations, Audits, Consulting and Specialty Audits. 

Now many can provide services but what makes AMS special is their level of professionalism, skill and results. AMS provides one on one counseling as well as a full line of interactive online resources including the impressive, Dr. Stacy Resource Library. If you are interested in these services or the company be sure to check out their website at, The AMS website is full of information and easy to use. Stop Loss Underwriting today and make sure to check out, Advanced Medical Strategies.

Anderson is Getting Better Everyday

November 07, 2011

I have a new favorite daytime show on Television Anderson, hosted by Anderson Cooper himself. This afternoon's show was about coping loss of our loved ones. While typing this post my husband just told me about the phone call that he got earlier tonight. It was her cousin Pamela informed my husband that she's moving to another place so she wants us to keep her grandma's ashes. I don't like this idea of keeping Aunt's Annie's ashes in the house even though for just a couple of days. I'm just scared. When I was in the Philippines, if we knew someone had died specially a family friend or relative we will sleep with our parents bedroom.

Online Charleston Real Estate

As a home buyer we all want to have our dream house, a million dollar view, great location, easy access to the water and a great neighborhood to start a family as well. Whether you are relocating to a new state or just moving locally, South Carolina has many great places to start a new life. Online Charleston Real Estate has been helping clients find their dream house for so many years. If you’re interested in living a good life in South Carolina, Charleston real estate as your realtor agent that you can rely on in finding your dream house. Check out their featured listings of properties, subdivisions and rentals as well.

Maui Jim Sunglasses

November 06, 2011

Holidays are just few weeks away so I started to shop for a Christmas present for my husband. I knew he wants a new pair of sunglasses so I started to look them up on the web. I found a great site They have Maui Jim Sunglasses, the most popular sunglasses brand in the world. With several styles and colors to choose from I can hardly decide which one to get. Maui Jim Sunglasses Thousand Peaks caught my attention and I know my husband will look more handsome in these sunglasses.

The Steam Team of Texas

November 05, 2011

We all live a busy lifestyle and many times we let things go in our house. When you don't feel like cleaning it by your self, you'll probably need to hire someone who can do the job for you. If you have no idea where to hire someone who can clean up your house is your source for your home cleaning needs. They've been serving customers in Austin and Dallas, Texas since 1983. 

Services offered include furniture steam cleaner austin. To learn more about The Steam Team of Texas, you can visit their website to check what services are available for you.

Body Aches

I had a pretty good day today aside my back being sore. Tomorrow I will go to the Asian Store and buy Omega Pain Killer. My mother has been using this ointment for long time. I know it will gonna smell like menthol in the bedroom but I want to try it for my back. It's hard that I'm getting older. I experienced more body aches now than before. Even picking up things on the floor I have to squat so I can get it. Oh well, I have tasks to do and I need to type it next.

Blue Sky Scrubs

November 04, 2011

Millions of people are switching careers to work in the healthcare industry. It's a good paying job with great benefits as well. My husband's sister, Mary Jane is a registered nurse at a local hospital in Fairfax and their cousin Linda, Director of Nursing. If you're looking for medical scrubs as a holiday gifts has the widest selections of nursing scrubs of all types. They also have scrub hats, lab coats, shirts, jackets, gift certificates and accessories. 

The site is designed for fast and smooth shopping experiences. Free shipping on orders of $155 or more is also available. Sign up for free to receive email discounts. Free returns and exchanges are also available.

Kayak Paddles

November 01, 2011

Our neighbors Stacey and Tyler are inviting us for a Kayaking trip to Beaver Lake next week. I am not an outdoor person neither is my husband. I think it's best for us to try this kind of adventure on the water. So here I am browsing on the web looking for kayak paddles. Outdoor Play has the widest selections of Kayak Paddles and other sporting gears. Whether you are new to Kayaking just like me and my husband, Outdoor Play is the site for you to check around. Join their community forum to learn more about Kayaking and how it can help you and your family members as well. Offers free shipping, price match guarantee, easy returns and exchanges. They have a  five star rating on and great customer service.

Christmas is just few weeks away. We always have exchange gifts every year so I am looking for the perfect gift for my sister-in-law Mary Jane. She's a registered nurse at a local hospital in Fairfax and our cousin Linda is the Director of Nursing. I think nursing pins would be a great gift for her so she can wear them to work. Pin Mart has the widest selections of customizable lapel pins of all sorts. It's very inexpensive and these pins are great gifts for the holiday. The site has a wide array of items available for customization including lanyards, bracelets, awareness items, school, club items and even challenge coins. 

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How's your Trick or Treating?

How's your trick or treating last night? My son Charles' did a pretty good job of knocking doors and saying trick or treat and thank you. We had fun trick or treating last night. Most of the kids dressed up for Halloween Costume. Oh well, I was about to submit a blog post and noticed I typed it on the other blog. Well, it's gonna be a busy day for me. I have lots of clothes to fold and I don't like it. I'd rather clean the house but not of folding clothes.

Mercury Payment Systems

October 31, 2011

 If you have ever taken the time to write out bills like my husband and me have you would know how much easier it is to pay bills online or over the phone. Most consumers today want everything done now not wait for a check to clear over a week or two. With free checking also on the decline many more customers are using debit or credit cards exclusively. If you’re a business or company owner providing ease of payments to your customers and clients is a great thing to have. Nowadays, millions of people are using EBT to pay their bills online. 
Electronic Payments is a great tool especially for busy people just like us. Using smart phones, your clients and customers can pay their bills and other transactions anytime they want. If you’re considering accepting electronic payments, Mercury Payment Systems is your solutions for all types of payments including credit, debit, PIN debit, gift, check and EBT. Keep your business more productive and paperless by using electronic payments. The site is easy to use and navigate for a better web browsing experience.

October 29, 2011

I have never worn funny t shirts before and would love to start wearing one of them. I already found a pink shirt that I really like. It has a white print and I love the design as well. If you want to wear funny t shirts, has the widest selection of t shirts that fits your personality. Once in a while it’s time to step out with these hilarious tee shirts.

Trick or Treating

October 28, 2011

I'm glad it's Friday. My husband had a busy week at school and tomorrow he needs to get up early for the fund raising for the Wrestling Team. Anyway, Halloween is just three days away and I am so excited. Charles is going to be a football player as his Halloween costume. Will do trick or treating on this neighborhood and after that will going to hand out candies for the kids. Other thing that I'm excited about is: Thanksgiving. Will be in Kansas City, hopefully my husband and I can have a date night in Argosy Casino.

Carnival Cruise Line

The good thing about social networks like Facebook is that you can connect with your family, friends and classmates from High School and College. Recently I talked to my classmate in High School, Arnold through Facebook. It’s amazing how far he had come from his job as a sailor. He is one of the sailor’s at Carnival Cruise Lines. I knew how gorgeous Carnival Cruise Ships are. I’ve seen one on the Today show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda KOTB. It was fun and the people on the Cruise Ship were enjoying their trip.

Oh well, my husband and I have never been on a Cruise Ship but are planning to take one some day. Now that I know I have two classmates in High School Arnold and Alan are both working on a Cruise Ship, it’s time to book our trip for carnival cruises. I’m sure both of them would be helpful when I ask some discounts for the trip. If you want to spend your holiday around the world, carnival cruises offers great deals when you book your trip with them.

October 27, 2011

A good friend in College, Charlotte will be celebrating her 33rd birthday so I'm looking for a perfect gift for her. One thing I know for sure is she loves to be in the water. Charlotte and her husband Paul loves scuba diving. Here I am browsing on the web looking for a wetsuit. I love this site, They have all kinds of water sports gear for surf, wake, dive and sup. They also have men's apparel, bikinis, wakeboards, bodyboards, eyewear, footwear, watches, safety and sports gear. You name it they have it. If you are looking for wetsuits give a look to see what you can find on their site.

Pneumatic Tools

If you have ever worked on a building project or had to do serious repairs or remodeling you know that your tools are of a vital importance. Good tools make your job easier and much more efficient. Like pneumatic tools are the perfect choice for all you building and repair projects. Industrial Distribution Group Company is an industry leader in providing all kinds of tools and supplies for your projects, big or small. Items sold by Industrial Distribution Group Company include, abrasives, chemicals, cutting tools, hand tools, paint, power tools and precision tools. Going to one all encompassing sight is a great way for you to save time and money for yourself or your business. 
Industrial Distribution Group Company also provides Material handling (casters, dispensing, dollies, hoists etc.), Safety supplies (body protection, communication, environmental, and protection for eyes, falls, feet, hands, foot and hearing) and environmental products like lighting. Everything available from Industrial Distribution Group Company is available at their website Make sure to check out the website as it is very easy to use and navigate. Good luck searching for what you need for your next job or expansion project.

Be Responsible

October 25, 2011

I was visiting other blogs on my Linkin Park and noticed one blog had expired domain and the other one blog account was suspended. How could these things happen to let your blog expired it's domain and account being suspended? When I got my own domain, I did not checked the box about renewal of this domain but finally figured it out. And for the other blog, it will expire next month but soon as I get the email I will renew it right away before the expiration date. Speaking of blog visit, have you ever noticed that some of the blogs takes time to load the page? I am not very patient so I am avoiding those blogs right away. Also, I hate pop-up window and blogs that plays music soon as you load the site.

Litigation Services

October 24, 2011

If you are a business owner, manager or a law firm it is of vital importance that you have the right professionals on your side. If you are located in Texas you have a truly great company available for your legal needs, Depo Texas. Depo Texas is a company specializing in Litigation Services. The quality and amount of services provided by Depo Texas is quite impressive. Services include but are not limited to court reporting, real-time reporters, legal video specialist and production support. Depo Texas specializes in using the latest technology available including providing Internet depositions and online support. Even late or last minute work is available through the use of up to date technology. 

Depo Texas has offices located throughout Texas, including Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, Odessa and San Antonio. Being based in Texas though does not mean only Texans can use their services. They are eager and capable of doing national and even international work. If you are interested in getting the best litigation services available anywhere look into Depo Texas. Their website is easy to navigate and is a gateway to their services,

Learn to Play Guitar

October 22, 2011

My son Charles got a new guitar for his birthday. I want Charles to learn to play guitar while he is still young. Growing up I really wanted to learn how to play any instruments especially a guitar. But then, nobody was willing to teach me unlike now. You can learn to play guitar right from the comfort of your home.

Got a Lemon Grass

We just got back home from the Asian Store and I bought Lemon Grass or (Tanglad) in our dialect. I planted my Lemon Grass and I put it in the garage. Hopefully it will grow in this kind of weather which is cooler in the garage. Anyway, I did not practice to drive this afternoon and look on colorful trees. Charles and his dad was asleep after watching Football game. Maybe tomorrow I can drive our car and go to another Asian Store and look other stuff that they have. I really like going to the Asian Store but sometimes they don't have the kind of foods that I'm looking for. Like dried fish, calamansi juice, coconut milk cream and goldilocks siopao.

Cape Cod Vacation Rentals

October 21, 2011

Have you ever wanted to travel to your dream vacation but were stopped short of the long stay by the cost of rooms for a week, two weeks or a month? If you answered yes to this question the website for you is We need a vacation specializes in vacation rentals for longer stays at incredible places like Cape Cod and Florida. Cape Cod vacation rentals alone has over 3,000 rental destinations. The areas covered by the Cape Cod rentals are Falmouth, Chatham and Provincetown. Martha's Vineyard is also covered with rentals in Edgartown, Oak Bluffs and Chilmark. Nantucket also has many listings available for you to choose from. 

Whether you are there to enjoy the beautiful countryside, cool ocean weather or to visit one of the beautiful beaches what could be better than spending some real time at your chosen spot not just a day or two. Florida vacation spots are also represented heavily. Florida spots with long term rentals include Fort Meyers Beach, Clearwater Beach, Sanibel and Panama City Beach. Other Florida spots include Kissimmee and Orlando home to Disney World.

Backsplash Tile

October 19, 2011

Over the last couple of years I have really enjoyed watching shows on HGTV where prospective home buyers are looking at homes. I have seen some beautiful places and have grown my own taste and style that I like in my home. Though my husband and me currently rent I hope to buy my own home in the near future. One of the areas that I really want to get everything I want in is the kitchen. Besides stainless steel appliances and an island to prepare food I really want marble and concrete tops and backsplash tile. There are many advantages to marble and granite counters and backsplashes. 

I am especially interested in how each use of marble and granite is individual and unique, no two are the same. They are also exceedingly beautiful and add value to your home. The best site I have found to research and install these counter tops and backslashes is Their site is easy to use and navigate. They also have many displays of kitchens and bathrooms that they have refinished. I strongly suggest if you are interested to give their site a look.

No More Excuses

October 18, 2011

We always have different shows to watch on Television. My husband is a huge football fan but when I have shows to watch, he will watch football in the bedroom and I get to watch on the living room. We have two tvs at home. My son Charles' has his own favorite shows on Nick JR but he can't watch them when I'm watching the Television. 

I have to make excuses that Nick JR does not have a signal. Now that my husband got his pay raise, we are planning to buy a new Television set to put up in Charles' room so he can watch his own shows without interruption.

Mommy Don't Be Silly

Charles just turned 3 years old and he's full of surprises. Last night he was playing Croquet and I told him to stop. He replied to me, "Mommy don't be silly I know what I'm doing." Doug and I was laughing. I never expected it came out from his mouth. Then I was looking for his soccer ball and I had no idea Charles put it inside the oven. I asked Charles "Why did you do that? He said to me, I want my soccer ball to cook. So from now, better check the oven before we turn it on. Then the other day, I asked Charles to help me carry the trash out and he replied to me, "Yes your majesty." It was hilarious.

Kauai Real Estate

October 17, 2011

I recently watched a show on House Hunters International and they were in Hawaii. Being that islands were so beautiful. I decided to do some research myself on what homes were like in Hawaii. The best website I found was They specialize in Kauai real estate. I found out that Kauai is the fourth largest of the Hawaiian Islands and is the oldest as well. The island if of course wondrous with a large central mountain, Mount Waialeale. The eastern side of the island is a rainforest and the mountain combined with the rainforest has left incredible vistas full of wildlife and waterfalls. 

I found dozens of wonderful homes on the island especially around the capital city, Lihue and other cities like Waimea, Kawaihau, Hanalei and Koloa. Types of properties was also varied. From homes to condos, vacant land and even commercial properties. If you are interested in moving to Hawaii give Kauai real estate a look and see all the great things I did. Me, I will have to wait for that lottery ticket to come in but once it does, Aloha for me.

October 14, 2011

We moved twice in a row from one State to another State. It was very stressful and took a lot of work to pack all our belongings, twice in a month. My husband was working so I had to do quite a bit of it by myself. It took most of my free time and with a baby to take care of it was really hard. My husband suggested to me that we hire movers but I refused to. I’m just stubborn as a mule as they would say here in the United States of America. The second time that we moved down here to Arkansas I broke down and hired movers. The movers were very careful when they moved our appliances into the truck. They were careful with all our possessions like glassware and collectibles. Not only were they careful but they were quick. It took us hours of sweat and hard work but it took them less then two hours to have us loaded. Not only did it save time but we were in a much better mood as we were not all sore and tired for days like we were the first time we moved. Take it easy on yourself and look into before you move.

Yes your Majesty

I asked Charles to help me carry the trash outside and he replied to me "Yes your majesty." I was laughing out loud. I can't believed it came out from his mouth. I guess he got it from the Television shows that he had watched. It was funny though. The other night while we are here on the computer checking out pictures Charles said to me, "Mommy your a beauty." My husband heard it from the living room and he think it was so sweet. My boys makes me happy and I'm very lucky to have a wonderful husband.

Food Preparation Jobs

In today’s highly competitive job market, millions of people are looking for employment. Food Preparation Worker Jobs are one field in high demand even in this economy. Lets face it many families never sit down anywhere and eat that traditional family supper. People living a fast paced life, love to eat out and it has become the norm for many today. The restaurant and food business continue to trend up in numbers of jobs and future growth and stability are great.

Toshiba Computers

Toshiba computers are absolutely wonderful. My husband has this kind of laptop computer and he really likes it a lot. It has a bright clear monitor and the keyboard is easy to type with. The battery lasts for hours of usage and it does not get warm when in longer use. If you searching for a new toshiba computers is a great brand to check into.

Croatia Yacht Charter

October 12, 2011

If you own a business, big or small you know how important it is to have a feeling of teamwork and unity in your workplace. Whether it be for your executives or for your general members being a vested and happy employee makes any business a much better environment. Oh and happy, united workers also equals improved profits, which is a nice side effect for sure. If you are interested in making a huge difference in your group you ought to consider a trip to beautiful Croatia were an exciting company has been in business since 1985, the Croatia yacht charter. You may think what does a yacht charter have to do with helping my workforce? Well this yacht club specializes in tailoring incentive and team-building activities for any group. 

The Croatia Yacht Club will design for you a special time with whatever you need for your group. The Club has of course beautiful yachts and clubs for your meetings. They also provide meeting facilities for groups of all sizes. The service is all inclusive including travel, accommodations, meals and leisure activities. Whether you want to see cultural sites, bask in local traditions and culture or want sporting events everything you need is available. Please check out the website for more info on this great opportunity.

Time to Shop for Christmas Presents

October 10, 2011

I can’t believe Christmas is just a few weeks away. I know some of you have already started to shop for Christmas presents for your loved ones. As for myself, I have not started yet. Every year we have exchange gifts and I already knew what to buy for my sister-in-law Mary Jane. Of course it must be pink so I’m browsing on the web looking for plus size clothing. I just loved this site I have found. They have the widest selections of Clothing Line, Work Wear, Shoes and Boots, Coats and Jackets, Lingerie, Dresses, Suits, Leather Jackets, Jewelry, Beauty and Accessories. 

Check out their clearance blowouts that help you save up to 70% off in season fashion. I love how easy it is to shop online and especially when the website is so well organized. This website also offers secure servers and a safe shopping experience. Offers free shipping and secure shopping when you shop online. Sign up for emails to receive a 40% off coupon in your inbox. Please feel free to look around I know you will love what you find.

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It's Gonna Be a Good Night

October 09, 2011

I am looking forward for tonight's show on Television, Kim's Fairytale Wedding and Season Finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey. The wedding starts at 7 o'clock and the Season Finale at 9 o'clock. Anyway, the domain of this blog will expire this month. I am so glad that I already renewed this blog before it expires. The other blog will expire in December but I already clicked on the renew button. Oh well, better get off in here. I will have to cook food for our dinner. My husband wants Beef Fajita and I am not really a fan of this food.

Underestimated on the Job?

October 08, 2011

This is the time of year where companies and stores look to hire additional employees for the upcoming holiday season. Speaking of holidays it is just a few weeks away. Companies and stores will be having their employees work man hours of overtime. There are some employers that take for granted the hours and personal time that all this overtime adds up to. I remember when I watched Crime Inc. on CNBC. The employer portrayed was paying under the minimum wage on his employees while working their butts off. Plus the fact that these employees were illegal immigrants. 

If you’ve been taken for granted by your employer and they never pay the right amount for your work, California Overtime is the company you need to check out. There website lays out the services that you an employee need to protect yourself from predatory business practices. The website is well laid out and easy to navigate. Inform yourself and seek protection for yourself and your family. Enjoy this year without the worries about rather you have been treated fairly. Check out California Overtime today.

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Sexy Apparel

October 07, 2011

With Halloween coming up so soon I was searching the internet recently to find myself an outfit to take my son, Charles Trick or Treating. While browsing the web I came across an odd named website for Halloween costumes, Of course I had to see why they were linked to Halloween. Once getting to the web page I understood why they were linked to Halloween. The site is full of great Halloween costumes of all sorts. There are a huge assortment of different costumes on the website. Ranging from Fairies, Sports, Historical and Animal costumes to name just a few. 
Of course given the name of the site they also have many items of Sexy Apparel.  Thing is though there are many sexy items this is not a pornographic or fetish site of any manner. The costumes are all fun and sexy but not over the top. There are also a large number of men’s costumes. The costumes are good for so many occasions for fun at parties or at home. Given the site a look and you will see what I mean, enjoy.

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Triton Renovation is Your Damage Solution

October 06, 2011

Have you ever had water in your basement or had a leak in your home or business establishment?  Having storm damage and water damage is bad enough having the aftereffects of mold growth and that horrible musky scent is just as bad. Things happen when we least expect them. If you live somewhere in Houston, Texas and have problems with water damage, mold damage, fire and storm damage get it fixed quickly and reliably. Triton Renovation provides restoration services of any damage to your home or business establishment. If you’re a home owner or have a business establishment that has water damage, Triton Renovation can do the job for you. 

In today’s economy keeping your bills lower is on of your top priorities. With water damage houston tx it needs to get fixed. With great quality service and being available 24/7 there is always a professional ready and willing to service your needs. Triton Renovation also offers free estimates so you won’t keep wondering how much money you will spend for your repairs. With Eco-Friendly equipment it’s even safe for the environment.

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Dark under-eye circle skin cream

I’m not getting any younger. Lately, I noticed I have dark circles under my eyes. A friend of mine shared one of her beauty secrets. She’s been using Vivexin skin cream specifically for dark under-eye circles. It’s clinically proven and uses patented ingredients from France. With 90 days money back guarantee you cannot lose.

Kardashian Week on Today

This week is the Kardashian Week on Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Kahtie Lee, is doing her Play in Seattle for this month so she's out for awhile. Among the Kardashian's, I like Khloe a lot. She is very opinionated and honest. It's one of the reason why I got up before the show starts so I can prepare our breakfast. My son is still asleep in our bedroom. I'm hoping he will not cry when he wakes up. Oh well, better get off in here so I can start cooking our breakfast. 

Best Maintenance Software

October 05, 2011

When running a business it is very important to be able to accurately and efficiently be able to keep track of important information. Things such as keeping track of and managing assets and inventory. Tracking and managing work orders, service and maintenance requests are also keys to help prevent costly down times and slowdowns in productivity. Being able to handle these important procedures is much easier when you use Maintenance Software.  Recently I came a across a website that provides all these services and more all through the ease of a web browse. The ease of use of a web based browser means that anyone can quickly be trained to manage important assets to the success of your enterprise. 

One of the greatest applications in this field is how easy it is to form a preventive maintenance department that does not just respond to problems but that can actually solve issues before they arrive. As any business owner can tell you downtime is a killer for productivity and hurts the bottom line and profits more then just about anything. Head on over to and review the programs available for yourself.

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How People Are Saving Money in These Tough Day

October 04, 2011

I’ve never been to a doctor to get my eyes checked. I know there’s something wrong with my eyes because it hurts when I read for long periods on the computer. My husband convinced me to get my eyes checked but I decided not to. I was worried about the cost of prescription glasses as my husbands no line bifocals are quite expensive. I was also worried about how I would look with glasses. I knew we can afford to buy prescription eyeglasses, I may need when I saw Zenni Optical on CNN. It was featured on the American Morning show on CNN an interview of Howard Clark, an HLN Money Expert. It’s amazing how Mr. Clark was wearing inexpensive eyeglasses even though he makes loads of money at his job. Zenni Optical is very affordable and for sure my husband would be relieved when I get my eyes checked. My fears of how I would look and stylish looks was answered when I looked up Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical has the widest selection of prescription eyeglasses and with great quality designs and many colors to choose from.  $6.95 prescription eyeglasses, for that price I will be able to see better and no longer get headaches it is a win win situation for me.

Lazy Monday

October 03, 2011

I don't feel like getting up from bed today. My body is achy and I don't want to get sick. I have lots of stuff to do in the house like cleaning up and folding our clothes. Just want to make a quick post for this blog. I have to cook for our breakfast and my son wants to eat Pancakes and Bacon. I am happy that Charles wants to eat other food aside from Macaroni and Cheese. It's pretty nice outside and planning to play soccer in the afternoon.

Online dating

Author: Joyce Mccall

I went to a wedding on Saturday for a friend of mine from work. Her husband is the only man she has ever dated. She told me their love story one day at work and it really is a sweet story. A friend of hers signed her up for an online dating website as a joke. She was so embarrassed and swore she would never log on to look at it. After her dad switched to satellite internet that he had found on a website, she decided she would get online and check out the profile that her friend had set up. After spending hours sifting through the responses she got to her profile, she came across a really nice looking guy that lived really close to her. She figured she had nothing to lose and contacted him and they decided to meet for coffee. The rest is pretty much history. They hit it off right away, dated for six months, got engaged, and now they’re married. They are the sweetest couple and they are perfect for each other. I guess you really can find love online.

Advantage Life Insurance

October 02, 2011

Company Offers Life Insurance, how many times have you seen that in advertising? Investing in our family’s future is of vital importance to the long term financial security of our family. Life insurance is an easy and low cost way to invest in your future while preparing for the worst case scenario you could face. Comparing online quotes and terms from insurance providers is time consuming, frustrating and many times very confusing. 

Advantage Term Life is an insurance company that provides policies for Term, Whole Life, Group Policies, Universal, Mortgage and Smokers. They offers free comparisons of different plans. It takes a confident and upfront company to offer comparison rates to their competitors. Give Advantage Term Life a look and see what they have to offer.

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Youth Juice

October 01, 2011

I’ve been wanting to change my theme to WordPress but I can’t stay too long on my computer. My eyes gets sore and it makes me dizzy in the end. I do though admired those blogs who have great themes on their blogs. Great themes are likely to get noticed by readers and advertisers. Youth Juice has the perfect themes for your blogs in almost any categories. They are  clean and fresh and unlike any you have seen with other blogs on the web. Youth Juice is a WordPress site that you can check for your blogs. If your theme is boring and you want to get noticed make a switch to Youth Juice.

China Sourcing Agent

September 30, 2011

If you are a small to medium sized entrepreneur or business owner and would like to save money on the bottom line you should look into a China sourcing agent. The best outsourcing provider I have found on the internet is When doing some research I have found out that the China Performance Group has been on site in China since 1978. The company has provided thousands of companies and businessmen a way to save as much as fifty percent on the production and manufacturing of products. Not only does the company provide a way to enter the Chinese manufacturing field but it is user friendly to United States companies as well. 

The company provides 24/7 customer support from the United States, New jersey to be exact. The company brings years of experience and can help find the perfect fit for your needs. So help your self and your business out and make sure to do a little research on the strengths and issues surrounding outsourcing. If you are interested make sure and give a look. Good luck and good fortune awaits. 

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Costa Rica Villas

September 29, 2011

I have seen wonderful places in Costa Rica through House Hunters International on HGTV. While browsing on the web, I am even more astound with the Costa Rica villas I have seen. They are absolutely stunning. With great locations and spacious rooms you could not ask for anything more in a vacation villa. Stay at Costa Rica’s vacation rentals of Luxury Condominiums, Premium Condominiums and Private Homes. What a perfect getaway to enjoy with your family and friends. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with great beaches, weather and wonderful views. The countryside is beautiful with lush vegetation as well as sweeping mountains and many wondrous sites. 

I love Eco-tourism and there are plenty of parks to see local flora and animal life. The bird viewing alone is worth a ticket. Even better is the fact that Costa Rica is not over priced and is not a tourist trap. Of course to top it all off is the wonderful people of Costa Rica who are very friendly and love having visitors into their country. So please give a look and see what magic you can find in Costa Rica.

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Of Becoming a US Citizen

My husband was flipping through channels last night when he got his attention on the show "Citizen U.S.A.: A 50-State Road Trip." I was inspired the show last night. These are immigrants from 150 countries who applied for Citizenship here in the US. They were very happy when they got their certificate. Their stories are very inspiring. I want to be one of them to be a US Citizen. Even before Doug told me that I need to change my citizenship but I refuse his suggestion. Last night, while watching the show, I felt excited! I know I can change my citizenship without any hesitation. I may pass the test or not at least I will give it a try. I want my family back in the Philippines to live here in the US. There are great opportunities that my family would love and enjoy when they are living in here.

Infinity Shoes

September 27, 2011

I can’t quit looking at the Infinity Shoes on their website, I was first interested in the Infinity hoes when I saw my sister-in-law, Mary Jane wore her new minnetonka shoes during my son, Charles’ Third  birthday party last weekend. They have a unique style and she says they are very durable.  
I also love the style of the sorel shoes, especially the plaid ones.  The style is flashy and new but at the same time is very practical. I like how the sorel shoes are rugged and reliable but don’t sacrifice styling. If you are looking for a new pair of shoes give Infinity Shoes a look.

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Charleston Real Estate

September 26, 2011

Finding your dream house takes a lot of time and work to find the perfect home for you and your family. Meaning your Real Estate Agent must be patient enough for all of your needs when looking for a house. It is also important for them to be willing to negotiate with the seller when the home buyer makes a fair and good will offer. Real Estate In Charleston SC has been on the business since 1994. Whether your searching for Real Estate, New Homes, Rentals, Commercial, Relocation or Communities. Carolina Real Estate is the company with the realtors that you have been looking for. 
Carolina One Real Estate is inviting you to visit any of  their 35 South Carolina new home communities available for you to settle in with your family. The Charleston area is a beautiful and growing area.  Carolina One Real Estate has a wide variety of homes for people of vastly differing budgets. The homes available range from the mid 100’s to a half million or more. The communities are as varied as well. The thing they all have in common is that they are all represented by a great agency, Carolina One Real Estate.

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Publish Your Own Book

September 23, 2011

I am not a book lover but I knew a friend Genevieve, who wants to write  Romance Novels. When we were in High School, she always let us read all of  her manuscripts that she was writing to make her first novel. I’ve never heard about where you can publish your own book at your own pace and time. I knew how Genevieve had been looking for a book publishing company in her city but she could not find the company that she really liked or trusted. I remember she found one book publishing company but they were asking too much money and she could not afford to pay their asking price. 

I know she will be happy when I recommend this web site to her. This is her chance to be known as a great Romance Novelist. I know she has the talent as I was impressed how she wrote her stories. If you are looking to get your book published you can visit instant The site has an  easy to use interface for beginners like you.

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Proud Mommy

September 20, 2011

I had a very tiring day. We just got back home from grocery shopping and we also had Charles hair cut tonight. I was very proud of him. He did not cry at all unlike the last hair cut that he had at Shear Madness in Kansas City. Tomorrow is Charles 3rd birthday and my husband bought him some presents that I need to wrap later at night. I know how much Charles likes all the toys that his dad bought for him. Anyway, I have other task to do for my other blog and I need to submit it tonight.

Patagonia Vacation Packages

September 15, 2011

Recently I have been thinking of great places we can travel to in the summer. Of course we will return to the Philippines and maybe stop by Hong Kong for a few days. I would though go to some place I have never seen that has great things to see but at the same time is not a tourist trap. I have been fascinated by the things I have found about Chile. There are many great places to visit in Chile. From beautiful cities like Santiago to Deserts and Mountain tops. Chile travel is pretty easy as there are regular flights to the country and Chile tours are available for all kinds of interests. Patagonia vacation packages are a great value and much safer then a holiday Mexican tourist site. 

Chile travel is easy as there is plentiful public transportation and the exchange rate is good for the dollar. My husband is of course a history nut and would love to see the ancient ruins in the Atacama, myself I am more interested in the beautiful south pacific beaches. We both would love to travel and see the sites of the Andes Mountains, the Western Hemispheres greatest mountain range. So if you are interested in Chile like I am check out to see what Chile has to offer.

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Flipping Out

September 13, 2011

I like to watch reality shows on TV. It makes me sad when my reality shows was over like Flipping Out and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But anyway, I still have few great reality shows that I'm looking forward to watch every day. I've been a fan of all The Real Housewives, so my nights are just getting better and better. There are other shows that my husband and I watch together. Like the Restaurant Impossible, Top Chef and Chopped. Tonight, the Chopped Champions was very disappointing.

Term Life Insurance

Give your family the security that they deserve. Buying term life insurance is a great place to start your financial future. One of the best places I have found on the net for term life insurance research is Whether it be an unforeseen accident or just beginning and building a financial portfolio life insurance is a secure and low cost way to prepare for your future. Make sure to give Wholesale Insurance’s website a look to see what is available to you and your family.           

Graphic Tees for Men

I admire men who know how to mix and match their outfits. It just makes someone stand out of the crowd. Ed Hardy has great designs for mens t shirts. More colors to choose from, which is great if you want to buy many different designs. They also have women’s apparel, kids, hats, shoes and accessories. If you want to try something new Ed Hardy is the right site for you.  


September 12, 2011

I know how hard it is when someone we love could not stop smoking cigarettes. My father is a smoker and it pains me whenever he lights up a cigarette. It makes him angry when he cannot smoke right after he is done with one he wants another. We are torn apart by his smoking addiction because buying cigarettes can be so expensive and rice farming does not make that much money. We know he’s not in the best of health and we want our father to quit smoking. I knew he tried to quit once before but now he is  back at it again. I know it’s not too late for my father to try to quit again. 

Upon reading on this website, I have hope for my father, cigarrest reviews are great and has helped millions of people to stop smoking around the world. I want my father to be one of them. It would be great if my father could try one of these cigarrest chewable tablets, cigarrest gum, vitaguard smoker’s vitamins and watch cigarrest program dvd. Smoking is one of the leading killers in the world and  also can hurt those around you like my niece, Sophia.

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I Want to Keep It

It's gonna be a busy day for me. Just started our laundry on the washer and I need to clean up on Charles room. It's difficult to keep our house clean because we have a toddler in the house. Yesterday my husband picked up Charles toys that was on the living room but few minutes had passed by Charles got them all out again. I could not understand what's on toddler's mind. He also wants to keep his poop I don't know why? Every time I will change his diaper he will cover up his front diaper with his hands. Yesterday, he kept tackling on me and pulling my hair while he was playing his Football. It hurts every time he pulled my hair and he knew what's next. He had his time out but it seems like he was happy with it. When the time out was over he will say, another time out? It's crazy to have a toddler around but it makes us happy thinking our little one growing up so fast.

Wide Calf Boots

September 10, 2011

Like most women, I love a good deal when it comes to shopping. I’ll take my bargain hunting to the next level by going online and researching for the special sales at local stores. As we all know the temperature outside is getting cooler now and you know what it means, deals are in the air and available. Time to get our boots out from our closets or shoe boxes. Oh well, if you want buy a new pair of Wide Calf Boots as an early gift is not a bad thing at all. You can get great deals online at They also have clothing, shoes, bras and lingerie, coats, bags and accessories, home furnishings, and men’s big and tall. Aside from that check out their clearance items, they could save you up to 80% off of these many great items. It’s great to be in-style and fabulous. 

Even better when they are at an affordable price just like on So if you are interested in great prices on great items all from the comfort of your home the internet is the place for you to shop. With low overheads prices are incredible online. So please give a look, I am sure you will love what you find.

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King Size Direct

September 09, 2011

I know how frustrating it is when you want to buy something new for yourself but couldn’t find it on your size. My husband is big and tall. I felt sad every time we went to the mall and he really wants to buy something for himself. Most of the time, he leave at the mall empty handed. I know Tall Mens Clothing are very pricey and hard to find. I know my husband can afford to buy them but he hates paying for overpriced clothing. Recently, I found this website They have the widest selections of big and tall clothing, shoes and belts, underwear and sleepwear. They also have watches, jewelry, cologne, laptop bags, luggage and wallets. Check out their Denim Event buy one, get one 50% off.

It’s good to know they carry Levi’s Denim which is my favorite denim jeans of them all. Even better then just the great price and selection is that you can shop from the comfort and security of your home. Many like my husband hate walking the mall or outlet stores. He much prefers to shop from home while watching a game or listening to the radio. Good luck on your search for that perfect fit for you.

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