My son is sick

March 28, 2011

It's really hard of being a mom when your child is sick. The other day we took Charles to the Urgent Care. He had a high fever and until now it just going back and forth. He has another tooth coming. I guess that's the reason that's make him sick. He doesn't like to eat on the foods that I offered to him. He already threw up twice today and it was very sticky. At least he decided to ate Popcorn with his Dad. I'm also having a hard time to let him take his medicine. It's tough because it's only me and Charles during the day. My husband is working and we are very far with his sister's. I hope he feels better

Internet Connection is Back!

March 25, 2011

We don't have internet connection yesterday. Some jokers messed it up when they installed cable wires of our neighbors. Oh well, I was a little busy this week. I drove our car yesterday and I was happy about it. Though I need to take the written test and driving test in the future. As of now,  I need to practice more so my husband would be willing to buy my own car. Anyway, it's already summer in here but the weather is still cold outside. So far, I am enjoying my husband's spring break but tomorrow he will go to school to attend his class for Arkansas History.

Potty Charles

March 21, 2011

Tonight was the Season 12 Premiere of Dancing with the Stars. I like the show tonight. Hines Ward and Kirstie Alley, did a pretty good. Although I was looking forward for Kendra. I really like her. She's honest and straight forward. I didn't finish watching the show. My son was trying to poop on his potty chair and he's been sitting in there for about an hour. My husband was helping Charles so he can pushed a little harder. He's having a hard time pooping tonight. Hopefully, next time he will gonna like to sit again on his potty chair.

Need Flooring Estimates?

March 15, 2011

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Historic Wedding at Ladyannes

March 14, 2011

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On Soundproofing

I don't like when it's noisy. That's the only thing that my husband and I don't agree with. My husband loves to play on his x-box and it is very loud especially we have surround system in the house. We both agree we need soundproofing so he can play on his x-box the loudest as he can. Also, I don't like hearing the shower while he's taking his bath. Since I don't have a job, it's my duty to go online shopping and find soundproofing that we need. Already found this website they have all the accessories for soundproofing, materials and other solutions that we need for the house. If you want a quiet and relaxing mood it's best to sound proof your house. You can hear each other while your talking.

Wedding Venues in York

I met a new friends at the Asian Store the other day. She is from the Philippines and about to get married his Fiance Jason. They also plan to have their honeymoon outside the US. Since she kept asking from  me about our wedding, I told her what if you'll get married outside the US and have your honeymoon as well. She likes the idea of  wedding venues in York. The place is gorgeous. They just want a simple wedding and invite few friends. If you plan a weekend getaway you can check this website It's very affordable on your budget, so book now!

Phoenix Real Estate Agents

March 09, 2011

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Web Design Companies

March 08, 2011

I'm a stay at home mom with my toddler. My husband and I already discuss that our son will go to school next year. I know I'm not yet ready for that situation but he needs to. I've never been away with my son even for a short period of time. Since I don't have a job, I will keep myself busy and engage into something wherein I can be productive. I'm keeping three blogs  but I'm not really happy with my templates. I'm interested to have another website wherein I'm very happy with my  design and I can sell a clothing line, jewelry or shoes. I am interested about web design companies which offers great designs to their clients. The designs are easy access for shoppers like me.

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Bankruptcy Lawyer

March 07, 2011

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Fabulous Villas in France

March 04, 2011

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How to Make Your Business Stand Out

March 03, 2011

As we all know driving for a long trip is boring. To keep our trip more fun and exciting, my husband and I will look at on logo's of the establishments that we passed by. We always have our opinions on the things that we see on the highway. We're both fascinated of business logo design. For me, it attracts prospective buyer to come and buy your merchandise. Not only that, having your own business logo design makes your company stands out from the rest. If you're starting a business and have no idea what type of logo's to use you can visit this website

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Kids Unattended

We have a new neighbor who just moved in few days ago. I noticed their kids kept playing outside and most of the time they are on the middle of the highway. When the car is coming, the driver has to stop to let the kids go into the other side of the curb. For me, why having lots of kids when you couldn't take good care of them? Just hoping for the best on these kids that no accident will happen to them in the future while playing outside.


March 01, 2011

My husband is a Teacher and Head Wrestling Coach. Few days ago, my husband attended a State Wrestling Tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was Charles and Me in the house last Thursday night. We had a good time together. Around Friday night, while I was here on the computer checking the Wrestling results, I heard the door knob clicked. It thought it was Charles playing the door knob but it wasn't. Somebody outside was trying to put the keys on our front door. I was very scared. Called my husband but he didn't answer the phone because he was on the middle of the Tournament. I forgot to call 911 when that incident happens. If I wasn't very scared I will go outside when the car drove away so I can get the license plate. Anyway, Charles and I was so happy when my husband arrives. Next time, I will not let myself and Charles stay in the house by ourselves.