March 01, 2011

My husband is a Teacher and Head Wrestling Coach. Few days ago, my husband attended a State Wrestling Tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was Charles and Me in the house last Thursday night. We had a good time together. Around Friday night, while I was here on the computer checking the Wrestling results, I heard the door knob clicked. It thought it was Charles playing the door knob but it wasn't. Somebody outside was trying to put the keys on our front door. I was very scared. Called my husband but he didn't answer the phone because he was on the middle of the Tournament. I forgot to call 911 when that incident happens. If I wasn't very scared I will go outside when the car drove away so I can get the license plate. Anyway, Charles and I was so happy when my husband arrives. Next time, I will not let myself and Charles stay in the house by ourselves.


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