It's Memorial Day

May 30, 2011

Today is Monday and it's Memorial Day. It seems like it's Sunday to me. Oh well, my husband will go to work tomorrow. He will be done at school until June 8, 2011. I'm looking forward for this weekend. My sister-in-law Connie and her husband Max are coming to visit us. I'm sure Charles would be happy to see them. Nothing's new about for this blog. My site are still unranked and I couldn't get any tasks at all.

Customized Vinyl Banners

May 26, 2011

My son's birthday is few months away. I've been shopping lately for all the stuff that we need for his birthday party. Yesterday, we attended a kid's birthday party and I was interested of the customized vinyl banners of the celebrant. It was very stylish and the vinyl came from a very good material. The picture of the kid looks so real and love the fonts they used. I got the idea of getting customize vinyl banner for Charles. I'm sure Charles would be delighted when he see himself on the banner. Oh well, if you want to have your personal banner or do you own a business and wants to get some buzz to the public you can visit this website They have a wide selections of vinyl banners of any occasions. It's very affordable and you can customize it for yourself that suits your personality or business.

Oprah's Surprise Spectacular

May 23, 2011

I've been watching Oprah Show for almost 4 years now. It's sad as a viewer that her show will come to an end for 25 years on Television. Today, I watched Oprah's Surprise Spectacular. I had a teary eyes while watching the show. Though I didn't watch before it's over because we don't have satellite signal. It's been raining all day and it keep missing up on our TV. Also, we don't have internet connection so I was so irritated by it. I told my husband better change our internet provider. Besides we've been paying too much for the service and once it started raining really hard we don't have internet connection.

Looking for Reliable IT Services?

May 21, 2011

No matter how tough our economy right now it can't stop you from starting a business of your dreams. To get your business started and stay competitive on the market you need IT support services to start up with. By hiring the right IT support services will surely makes your business stand out on today's market. As you know running a business is very hard. To make your life easier and hassle free, IT support systems will be on your side. If you're interested to know more about IT support services you can visit his website

Laptop Bags

May 20, 2011

My husband and I will go on a trip for my sister-in-law's wedding this July 2, 2011. They have a computer at home but I will surely take my Laptop so I can check my blogs anytime I want to. Since I don't have a bag for my Laptop I'm doing my online shopping so I can find one. I am so delighted to have found cool computer bags that I really like. I love the colors and designs of these gorgeous computer bags. Not only I'm shopping for myself, I will also buy for my husband. This would serve as his Father's Day gift. If you're looking for a chic and cool computer bags you can visit this website They have a wide selections of Computer Bags, IPad Cases, Messenger Bags, Functions and Laptop Accessories. Avail of their free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Yehey! They're Coming To See US!

May 16, 2011

Few months ago, my husband and I has been planning to visit his sister's and attend the 25th Class Reunion. As we all know, gas prices are soaring high. Almost $4 a gallon and it would cost us for the trip. Good news is: my husband's sister Connie and her husband Max will come and visit us for their Wedding Anniversary. I really like my husband's family. They are very nice and cares family so much. I'm sure Charles would be happy also to see them. Oh well, it's been few weeks now that I don't get any tasks for my blogs. I have Opportunity Available to You but All Posts are Fully Reserved. It's so impossible why I couldn't reserve on these Opportunities.

Don't Ignore the Snores

May 13, 2011

Lousy sleep not only makes you cranky; it may also warn that you're on the road to metabolic syndrome-a cluster of symptoms (including high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, and excess belly fat) linked to heart disease. In a recent University of Pittsburgh study, people who complained of trouble falling asleep had an 80 percent greater chance of developing the syndrome three years later. "Disturbed sleep can contribute to inflamation, raise stress hormones, and alter appetite-regulating hormones," says lead author Wendy Troxel, Ph.D. Loud snores had a still-higher risk: Even if they didn't have sleep apnea (ID'd as a possible link), their odds were doubled. Vibrations caused by snoring may change blood vessel walls, leading to plaque buildup. So while your P.M. troubles may not seem serious to you, tell your doctor, who might recommend sleep-hygiene practices, weight loss, medication, or a visit to a specialist. She will also need to more closely monitor your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

I Hate Monday!

May 09, 2011

I really don't want to get up early today but my son wants to eat on his cereal. Today is Monday and I hate it! My husband is working so it's only me and Charles in the house. Living here in the United States is so different in the Philippines. I really miss in the Philippines. Lots of stuff to do like Fiesta and meeting family members. Oh well, I had a great time yesterday. My husband took me to dinner at my favorite restaurant. Charles was so excited when he saw the "Pancit" on the plate. He thinks it was spaghetti. He also ate a lot last night. I was afraid though maybe he might be sick while eating too much Pancit and Ice Cream.

No Available Opportunities!

May 05, 2011

It's been few days that I hadn't post my blog for this site. I wasn't feeling very well lately. Few weeks ago, I had migraine and a week after Charles and I had a flu. Also, my husband has been coughing lately. I'm glad we are all feeling so much better now. Tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully it's nice out so we can take Charles to the park. Last, it's been awhile that I don't have any task for my blog. There are opportunities available to me but all posts are fully reserve. I keep checking on the site but it seems to me all these opportunities won't be available to me. I'll just wait next time...

Atlanta Washer Repair

May 01, 2011

In this tough economy, many Americans are using strategy to save money on household appliances. I am not a tightwad. I just like to figure out things first whether they can be fixed or not before buying a new one. I remember when I was doing laundry and our washer quit working on that day. My husband was working at school, he teaches high school and coaches so is gone long hours.  That day I  had to wait long hours before he got back home. At that time, I was thinking of buying a new washer. A new washer, a new fancy expensive washer that I  really liked!  Now my husband makes a good wage and all but living on a single income with a child and having moved in the last year things can be tight. We just did not at the time have enough budget to buy a new one. My husband decided to take our washer to Atlanta washer repair. Atlanta washer repair had reliable and experienced technicians for all types of household appliances, like our washer. Ever since getting our washer back it has been working as good as new. Atlanta Appliance & Air Conditioning Repair, offer same day washer repair which is good. They also offer free estimate with repairs so you won't have to keep on worrying how much you will have pay at the end of the day, we all hate those surprise bills at the end of repairs.

Don't just buy new appliances because you are afraid of your old reliable machines. Help save yourself by taking your old appliances that's been sitting around the corner to Atlanta Appliance for repair. Not only can you save money you're helping the environment by reducing landfill. Oh and those savings well there are a lot more things then appliances I can enjoy to spend that saved money on.