Will Gonna Miss You Guys

June 07, 2011

My sister-in-law Connie and her husband visited on us for their Wedding Anniversary. We really had a great time with them. On the first day of their visit we went to War Eagle Cavern which I think very neat. Charles doesn't want us to hold on him. He was very independent while we're walking on the way to the Cavern. Then we went to the Hotel where my sister-in-law stays. The room was very clean and the pool was cute. Charles really likes to go swimming. In fact, when we're about to leave he said "I want to stay here". Oh well, Con and Max just left today on the way back to Kansas City where they live. I knew Charles is sad so am I. Hopefully next week when my husband take the kids for Wrestling Camp, we can visit Connie.

After that, will be visiting my husband's other sisters for the Wedding. I am so excited about that. Charles is gonna be a ring bearer but I have no idea if he'll gonna like it. Lets wait and see. I know for sure he's excited to go swimming lessons this summer.


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