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July 14, 2011

My husband is a Teacher and a Head Wrestling Coach. Even though he has never been jobless it still worries me. I remember when his teaching position was cut last year and he had to try to get another position. He applied to many jobs and had many interviews but things were just not working out. Thank god he did find a position, and a great one at Heritage High School to teach and coach. I already told him before to get his masters degree. offers in Education which I think would be perfect for my husband. I really wanted him to teach in College. Master of Public Health would be great for him. This course focuses on health planning and policies, environment, education, ethics and financial management.

Being a college grad doesn’t mean you get a job right away. It’s a real competition when you look for jobs these days. The more trained and attractive you are to an employer the better. Aside from that getting education at Walden University is within your reach. It’s accessible from your computer and still you can do your household chores. If you are a mom you don’t have to be away from your kids.

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