Great Gifts for a Great Price

August 31, 2011

Christmas is just few months away and some of you already started shopping for Christmas gifts for your loved ones. No matter what any occasion is you can buy gifts for someone you love, like leather gifts. I’m looking forward to buying some this Christmas.  Red Envelope has a wide selections of gifts of any occasions for men, women, baby and kids. All the items are very cheap and you will be happy what you can get for a great price.

I Appreciate It

August 29, 2011

I really appreciate that my husband changed our bed sheets last night. I was surprised when I walked into our bedroom and he was holding pillow cases. Most of the time, I am the one changing our bed sheets, putting our clothes on the washer, rinse the dishes before I put them on the dishwasher and other household stuff. The reason is: I like to do it on my way. Oh well, I really don't have much words to say tonight. Just want to type a short post for today.

San Antonio Orthodontist

I don’t see any problems with my teeth. Living in the Philippines we did not have anything in the way of dental care. I’ve never been to a dentist to get my teeth cleaned or checked. My husband keeps trying to convince me to go and get a checkup and to get my teeth cleaned. I know dental care is very important to our general health. Next week, my husband will have a root canal done. It would cost us out pocket if he did not have a good dental insurance plan through work. My husband’s dental plan has a list of preferred in network dentist. You can though choose out of network, if you do though you have to pay quite a bit more. 
If you do not have dental coverage or your plans allow you to choose any dentist you want check out San Antonio Orthodontist. San Antonio Orthodontics have a great professional dental team to get your smile back. Upon reading on their website, it makes me think more about visiting a dentist to have my teeth cleaned. I’m thinking though to have my teeth Invisalign. I’ve never use any braces before but Invisalign sounds like a wonderful way to fix any problems with your teeth.

Assisted Living Ohio

August 26, 2011

I’m almost on my 4th year of living here in the United States of America. On my few years of living in here, I realized and have a better understanding on how many Americans and other individuals lived from day to day. That someone has a job to provide our family needs. I know how hard it is to leave someone at home so you can go to work and get paid in the end. You have to sacrifice as well leaving your older parents at home or other family members. My husband had an Aunt and an Uncle who both had to go into an assisted living situation over the last two years. It is of vital importance that those who are in this situation find a place who provides not just for their physical needs but also for their emotional, spiritual and psychological needs as well. 
You may well never do anything as important of helping those you love find the perfect place to stay.  While we would all love to give in home care to those of our family it is at times simply not just an option. That is where  places like Assisted Living Ohio come into play. Give them a look and see the quality and level of care they have available to help you and your loved ones.

Yehey! It's Friday

Since my husband started to go back to his job at school, it feels like every day is a very long day. There are days wherein he arrives at 5 o'clock because he has to wait for the kids to get pick up after Wrestling practice with their parents or he has to drive a kid home . At least Saturday and Sunday we can spend time at home or maybe do some shopping or take Charles to the park. The weather has been nice for the last few days but I am a little worried for my friends who lives in Virginia. They just moved from North Carolina to Virginia and as of now they have Hurricane, Irene. Who happens my friends name is Irene also. I hope these couple are okay.


August 23, 2011

Most of the time we believe that we are healthy but deep inside we could be very sick. Exposure to certain chemicals without our knowledge can harm our body. Like Asbestos, a silicate material that was used in building constructions to insulate houses and buildings. It is very cheap that is why it’s was used in construction for many years and decades. Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer and is caused by asbestos exposure. If you or you have loved ones who’s been working on the construction business and was diagnosed with mesothelioma you maybe entitled for compensation. It would be great to help you out with your medical expenses. To learn more about mesothelioma you can visit this website


My toddler was a little bit naughty today. He spilled his strawberry milk on the floor and climbed into the kitchen counter. He was about to get stuff inside the cabinet. Luckily I heard the noise while I was cleaning in the bathroom. When we were playing outside this afternoon. He threw his baseball into the ditch and was trying to run away from me. Charles doesn't like taking his nap anymore. Now, he's asleep in the couch. Once I am done working on my blogs I will go to bed pretty soon.

Diet Pills

When I saw the Breaking News Earthquake in Virginia, I spoke to my friend who lives in Williamsburg, Virginia to checked how they are doing after the quake. I am glad they are all safe but Irene was a bit nervous though she had some exciting news. Irene and her husband Josh has been taking diet pills for the last two months and they are both happy with the results. I knew this couple had been trying hard to loss weight so they can get a chance to have a child.  I am very happy for their success.

The World News

August 22, 2011

I arrived here in the United States November 27, 2007. At first, I did not  like to watch anything on Television. My husband always encouraged me that I need to watch shows on Television or listen to the Radio as well as spending time on the computer. Now, I spend many hours watching Television shows or News on CNN. It would help on my vocabulary skills and the way I communicate to other people. I have become quite a news addict. I love to watch national and international news and even the local news. I have found the world a much more enjoyable place once I have started to understand the world and what is going on in the world. 
I have recently branched out decided to watch more of The World News. I have found my favorite news site to now be Eagle16. has loads of interesting news stories and links of all sorts. There is breaking world news like the revolutionaries taking Tripoli, sporting news and entertainment news like the Kardashian wedding. I just love the site and have it bookmarked to visit each day. Give it a try I am sure you will love it too.

Tough Day

It's been a tough day this morning. Charles started crying as soon as I looked at him carrying his chair on the way to the kitchen. I didn't say any word but I knew what he's going to do with the chair. He will use it to climb into the counter top and get things on the cabinets. Yesterday, he got the jars of my sugar and flour and spilled it on the counter. I knew it's irritating sometimes but my husband always says, he's a toddler and that's what kids are. Now, Charles is asleep and I'm sure when he wakes up he wants to play outside with his friends. At least the weather today isn't very hot unlike yesterday.

Free TV Online

August 20, 2011

Who doesn't like getting stuff for free? I know everybody does. As a mom I like to get stuff for free. When I don't have shows to watch on TV, I spend my time browsing on the web. Recently, I found a Free TV Online shows that you can watch on the computer while your browsing on the web or paying your bills online. All the shows are family friendly so everybody can enjoy and watch the show. If you miss your shows on Television you can find it here on Spreety TV.


Not to be mean but I despise someone who will take handicap parking spot and the driver is not handicap at all. Tonight, I saw a woman park on the handicap area and I couldn't see any physical problem on her. Her license plate don't have a disable sign at the back. But I'm sure next time she'll be caught by doing this kind of action.


Recently my husband, Doug was looking around the internet looking at historical and current military weapons. When doing so he ran across something called Airsoft guns. What is Airsoft guns, you may ask. Well Doug is kind of a history geek and used to be involved in World War II re-enacting and collecting World War II gear, including many World War II weapons. He was kind of excited while looking upon these Airsoft guns because many were historical in nature and they looked realistic. Doug was talking about how cool these guns were and how they were affordable and legal to won almost everywhere in the United States of America. The best website we have found so far while looking up Airsoft guns is

They had every type of weapon you could imagine from Thompson Sub-machine Guns to Ak-47 to Beretta Pistols. They also had shotguns, protective supplies, even Airsoft Grenades. It seems that there are all kinds of tactical and reenactments using Airsoft around the world. The godfathersoft site had everything anyone would need to get involved in Airsoft. So if you are still confused about what Airsoft is look up the site and you might just find your next hobby or in Doug’s case obsessive hobby.

Car Accident

I have a friend from Cleveland, Ohio named Jill. Just last spring she was rear ended in a car accident. She needed a good, trustworthy law firm to handle her case. She was referred by one of her friends to truck accident law firm in Cleveland, Ohio the Ryan, LLP. The Ryan, LLP aggressively fought for her rights and compensation in the case. The other driver was on a suspended license and was at fault in the accident but had no insurance. Though not seriously injured Jill did receive minor injuries and extensive damage to her car. The Ryan LLP won for her all she asked for. Jill always talks good about them and highly recommends them if you need a law firm in the Cleveland area..


August 18, 2011

With my husbands family having so many incidents of cancer I have recently began to research about ways to improve not just Doug’s health but Charles’ as well. I recently came across Biothera an immune health company. This company, Biothera specializes in increasing people immune systems to help fight off diseases of all sorts even cancers. I have been so scared  with the future health of my family and the research and advancements in immune boosting health services is great and exciting news. If you too are worried about these issues make sure to check out Biothera, it will make you sleep easier for sure.

My Baby is Sick

August 16, 2011

I've done nothing today except laying down in the couch with my baby. Charles has a fever and he does not want to eat anything. Though he likes to drink chocolate milk and strawberry milk. I am sad when Charles gets sick. I wish it's just me not my baby. Well, my husband already ordered his Football Sets online. Hopefully it will be here any day from today. For his party utensils, when we looked up the other night it was out of stock but it will be back this week.

Green Technology

August 14, 2011

As a mom, I teach my toddler how to recycle our trash from papers, cans and bottles. That's the only way I can help save our mother nature. Nowadays, we are so lucky to get the information we need on the internet how to live by going green. With so many website all over the internet it's ideal to know that there is one site that you can visit when you have time to read. Green Technology is very informative website when it comes of going green. With so many inventions of technology people should be aware of what they are buying on the market whether it's helpful to the environment or not.

I'm Glad My Husband is Here

August 11, 2011

I'm glad my husband is back from work. He can watch Charles in the bedroom while I am cleaning the house. Well, got some tasks done today and I will have make two other tasks from other paying site. There are available opportunities to do but the payout rate is only 50 cents. I know it's better than nothing but for now I will just wait on other tasks. Also I submitted my blogs to other paying sites but never heard anything from them.

PC Desktops

I have my own laptop. I don’t like the keyboard and it gets hot right away even with just a few minutes of use. We also have a pc desktop but sometimes I have to wait for my husband to get done reading on his message boards. Recently I have been browsing the web looking for pc desktops and found the one that I want as my next pc.  Having a laptop is fine but a desktop is much more reliable and easier to type and watch media on.

Busy Monday

August 08, 2011

It's gonna be a busy day today. I have to clean up the house, do some laundry and fold our clothes. Well, it's only Charles and me in the house. My husband is back to work at school though the kids will be back next week. Charles was sad when I told his dad is not in here. Every morning when Charles woke up he wants to be cuddle with his dad. Anyway, I noticed my PR 2 changed to PR 1. I am not upset about it. I'm still glad it's not PR 0....

Nice Weather

August 05, 2011

The weather yesterday was very nice. We went to the park and Charles loved it. There was a creek beside the park and the water was very clear. We walked through the creek and Charles shorts got wet. Anyway, I'm feeling so much better since yesterday. I don't have my migraine and didn't throw up at all. Hopefully this will continue of getting better on me. Migraine was affecting my daily chores and I get so irritated easily. When it comes to my blogs I don't have any tasks to do. Though there are 50 cents available opportunities to do but I don't feel like doing it. The payout rate isn't fair enough to write a good review.

Hello August

August 01, 2011

Today is the 1st day of the month. I'm hoping it's gonna be a good month for my blogs. Oh well, I've been busy for the last couple of days. I've been shopping and eating out lately. Though it's very, very hot outside. Anyway, yesterday I spend more time on the computer trying to figure out how to renew my domain. On the other blog, I couldn't log in because I couldn't remember my username and password. This other account will expire by December so I want to renew this account before it expires.