August 20, 2011

Recently my husband, Doug was looking around the internet looking at historical and current military weapons. When doing so he ran across something called Airsoft guns. What is Airsoft guns, you may ask. Well Doug is kind of a history geek and used to be involved in World War II re-enacting and collecting World War II gear, including many World War II weapons. He was kind of excited while looking upon these Airsoft guns because many were historical in nature and they looked realistic. Doug was talking about how cool these guns were and how they were affordable and legal to won almost everywhere in the United States of America. The best website we have found so far while looking up Airsoft guns is

They had every type of weapon you could imagine from Thompson Sub-machine Guns to Ak-47 to Beretta Pistols. They also had shotguns, protective supplies, even Airsoft Grenades. It seems that there are all kinds of tactical and reenactments using Airsoft around the world. The godfathersoft site had everything anyone would need to get involved in Airsoft. So if you are still confused about what Airsoft is look up the site and you might just find your next hobby or in Doug’s case obsessive hobby.


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