San Antonio Orthodontist

August 29, 2011

I don’t see any problems with my teeth. Living in the Philippines we did not have anything in the way of dental care. I’ve never been to a dentist to get my teeth cleaned or checked. My husband keeps trying to convince me to go and get a checkup and to get my teeth cleaned. I know dental care is very important to our general health. Next week, my husband will have a root canal done. It would cost us out pocket if he did not have a good dental insurance plan through work. My husband’s dental plan has a list of preferred in network dentist. You can though choose out of network, if you do though you have to pay quite a bit more. 
If you do not have dental coverage or your plans allow you to choose any dentist you want check out San Antonio Orthodontist. San Antonio Orthodontics have a great professional dental team to get your smile back. Upon reading on their website, it makes me think more about visiting a dentist to have my teeth cleaned. I’m thinking though to have my teeth Invisalign. I’ve never use any braces before but Invisalign sounds like a wonderful way to fix any problems with your teeth.


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