China Sourcing Agent

September 30, 2011

If you are a small to medium sized entrepreneur or business owner and would like to save money on the bottom line you should look into a China sourcing agent. The best outsourcing provider I have found on the internet is When doing some research I have found out that the China Performance Group has been on site in China since 1978. The company has provided thousands of companies and businessmen a way to save as much as fifty percent on the production and manufacturing of products. Not only does the company provide a way to enter the Chinese manufacturing field but it is user friendly to United States companies as well. 

The company provides 24/7 customer support from the United States, New jersey to be exact. The company brings years of experience and can help find the perfect fit for your needs. So help your self and your business out and make sure to do a little research on the strengths and issues surrounding outsourcing. If you are interested make sure and give a look. Good luck and good fortune awaits. 

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Costa Rica Villas

September 29, 2011

I have seen wonderful places in Costa Rica through House Hunters International on HGTV. While browsing on the web, I am even more astound with the Costa Rica villas I have seen. They are absolutely stunning. With great locations and spacious rooms you could not ask for anything more in a vacation villa. Stay at Costa Rica’s vacation rentals of Luxury Condominiums, Premium Condominiums and Private Homes. What a perfect getaway to enjoy with your family and friends. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with great beaches, weather and wonderful views. The countryside is beautiful with lush vegetation as well as sweeping mountains and many wondrous sites. 

I love Eco-tourism and there are plenty of parks to see local flora and animal life. The bird viewing alone is worth a ticket. Even better is the fact that Costa Rica is not over priced and is not a tourist trap. Of course to top it all off is the wonderful people of Costa Rica who are very friendly and love having visitors into their country. So please give a look and see what magic you can find in Costa Rica.

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Of Becoming a US Citizen

My husband was flipping through channels last night when he got his attention on the show "Citizen U.S.A.: A 50-State Road Trip." I was inspired the show last night. These are immigrants from 150 countries who applied for Citizenship here in the US. They were very happy when they got their certificate. Their stories are very inspiring. I want to be one of them to be a US Citizen. Even before Doug told me that I need to change my citizenship but I refuse his suggestion. Last night, while watching the show, I felt excited! I know I can change my citizenship without any hesitation. I may pass the test or not at least I will give it a try. I want my family back in the Philippines to live here in the US. There are great opportunities that my family would love and enjoy when they are living in here.

Infinity Shoes

September 27, 2011

I can’t quit looking at the Infinity Shoes on their website, I was first interested in the Infinity hoes when I saw my sister-in-law, Mary Jane wore her new minnetonka shoes during my son, Charles’ Third  birthday party last weekend. They have a unique style and she says they are very durable.  
I also love the style of the sorel shoes, especially the plaid ones.  The style is flashy and new but at the same time is very practical. I like how the sorel shoes are rugged and reliable but don’t sacrifice styling. If you are looking for a new pair of shoes give Infinity Shoes a look.

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Charleston Real Estate

September 26, 2011

Finding your dream house takes a lot of time and work to find the perfect home for you and your family. Meaning your Real Estate Agent must be patient enough for all of your needs when looking for a house. It is also important for them to be willing to negotiate with the seller when the home buyer makes a fair and good will offer. Real Estate In Charleston SC has been on the business since 1994. Whether your searching for Real Estate, New Homes, Rentals, Commercial, Relocation or Communities. Carolina Real Estate is the company with the realtors that you have been looking for. 
Carolina One Real Estate is inviting you to visit any of  their 35 South Carolina new home communities available for you to settle in with your family. The Charleston area is a beautiful and growing area.  Carolina One Real Estate has a wide variety of homes for people of vastly differing budgets. The homes available range from the mid 100’s to a half million or more. The communities are as varied as well. The thing they all have in common is that they are all represented by a great agency, Carolina One Real Estate.

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Publish Your Own Book

September 23, 2011

I am not a book lover but I knew a friend Genevieve, who wants to write  Romance Novels. When we were in High School, she always let us read all of  her manuscripts that she was writing to make her first novel. I’ve never heard about where you can publish your own book at your own pace and time. I knew how Genevieve had been looking for a book publishing company in her city but she could not find the company that she really liked or trusted. I remember she found one book publishing company but they were asking too much money and she could not afford to pay their asking price. 

I know she will be happy when I recommend this web site to her. This is her chance to be known as a great Romance Novelist. I know she has the talent as I was impressed how she wrote her stories. If you are looking to get your book published you can visit instant The site has an  easy to use interface for beginners like you.

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Proud Mommy

September 20, 2011

I had a very tiring day. We just got back home from grocery shopping and we also had Charles hair cut tonight. I was very proud of him. He did not cry at all unlike the last hair cut that he had at Shear Madness in Kansas City. Tomorrow is Charles 3rd birthday and my husband bought him some presents that I need to wrap later at night. I know how much Charles likes all the toys that his dad bought for him. Anyway, I have other task to do for my other blog and I need to submit it tonight.

Patagonia Vacation Packages

September 15, 2011

Recently I have been thinking of great places we can travel to in the summer. Of course we will return to the Philippines and maybe stop by Hong Kong for a few days. I would though go to some place I have never seen that has great things to see but at the same time is not a tourist trap. I have been fascinated by the things I have found about Chile. There are many great places to visit in Chile. From beautiful cities like Santiago to Deserts and Mountain tops. Chile travel is pretty easy as there are regular flights to the country and Chile tours are available for all kinds of interests. Patagonia vacation packages are a great value and much safer then a holiday Mexican tourist site. 

Chile travel is easy as there is plentiful public transportation and the exchange rate is good for the dollar. My husband is of course a history nut and would love to see the ancient ruins in the Atacama, myself I am more interested in the beautiful south pacific beaches. We both would love to travel and see the sites of the Andes Mountains, the Western Hemispheres greatest mountain range. So if you are interested in Chile like I am check out to see what Chile has to offer.

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Flipping Out

September 13, 2011

I like to watch reality shows on TV. It makes me sad when my reality shows was over like Flipping Out and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But anyway, I still have few great reality shows that I'm looking forward to watch every day. I've been a fan of all The Real Housewives, so my nights are just getting better and better. There are other shows that my husband and I watch together. Like the Restaurant Impossible, Top Chef and Chopped. Tonight, the Chopped Champions was very disappointing.

Term Life Insurance

Give your family the security that they deserve. Buying term life insurance is a great place to start your financial future. One of the best places I have found on the net for term life insurance research is Whether it be an unforeseen accident or just beginning and building a financial portfolio life insurance is a secure and low cost way to prepare for your future. Make sure to give Wholesale Insurance’s website a look to see what is available to you and your family.           

Graphic Tees for Men

I admire men who know how to mix and match their outfits. It just makes someone stand out of the crowd. Ed Hardy has great designs for mens t shirts. More colors to choose from, which is great if you want to buy many different designs. They also have women’s apparel, kids, hats, shoes and accessories. If you want to try something new Ed Hardy is the right site for you.  


September 12, 2011

I know how hard it is when someone we love could not stop smoking cigarettes. My father is a smoker and it pains me whenever he lights up a cigarette. It makes him angry when he cannot smoke right after he is done with one he wants another. We are torn apart by his smoking addiction because buying cigarettes can be so expensive and rice farming does not make that much money. We know he’s not in the best of health and we want our father to quit smoking. I knew he tried to quit once before but now he is  back at it again. I know it’s not too late for my father to try to quit again. 

Upon reading on this website, I have hope for my father, cigarrest reviews are great and has helped millions of people to stop smoking around the world. I want my father to be one of them. It would be great if my father could try one of these cigarrest chewable tablets, cigarrest gum, vitaguard smoker’s vitamins and watch cigarrest program dvd. Smoking is one of the leading killers in the world and  also can hurt those around you like my niece, Sophia.

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I Want to Keep It

It's gonna be a busy day for me. Just started our laundry on the washer and I need to clean up on Charles room. It's difficult to keep our house clean because we have a toddler in the house. Yesterday my husband picked up Charles toys that was on the living room but few minutes had passed by Charles got them all out again. I could not understand what's on toddler's mind. He also wants to keep his poop I don't know why? Every time I will change his diaper he will cover up his front diaper with his hands. Yesterday, he kept tackling on me and pulling my hair while he was playing his Football. It hurts every time he pulled my hair and he knew what's next. He had his time out but it seems like he was happy with it. When the time out was over he will say, another time out? It's crazy to have a toddler around but it makes us happy thinking our little one growing up so fast.

Wide Calf Boots

September 10, 2011

Like most women, I love a good deal when it comes to shopping. I’ll take my bargain hunting to the next level by going online and researching for the special sales at local stores. As we all know the temperature outside is getting cooler now and you know what it means, deals are in the air and available. Time to get our boots out from our closets or shoe boxes. Oh well, if you want buy a new pair of Wide Calf Boots as an early gift is not a bad thing at all. You can get great deals online at They also have clothing, shoes, bras and lingerie, coats, bags and accessories, home furnishings, and men’s big and tall. Aside from that check out their clearance items, they could save you up to 80% off of these many great items. It’s great to be in-style and fabulous. 

Even better when they are at an affordable price just like on So if you are interested in great prices on great items all from the comfort of your home the internet is the place for you to shop. With low overheads prices are incredible online. So please give a look, I am sure you will love what you find.

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King Size Direct

September 09, 2011

I know how frustrating it is when you want to buy something new for yourself but couldn’t find it on your size. My husband is big and tall. I felt sad every time we went to the mall and he really wants to buy something for himself. Most of the time, he leave at the mall empty handed. I know Tall Mens Clothing are very pricey and hard to find. I know my husband can afford to buy them but he hates paying for overpriced clothing. Recently, I found this website They have the widest selections of big and tall clothing, shoes and belts, underwear and sleepwear. They also have watches, jewelry, cologne, laptop bags, luggage and wallets. Check out their Denim Event buy one, get one 50% off.

It’s good to know they carry Levi’s Denim which is my favorite denim jeans of them all. Even better then just the great price and selection is that you can shop from the comfort and security of your home. Many like my husband hate walking the mall or outlet stores. He much prefers to shop from home while watching a game or listening to the radio. Good luck on your search for that perfect fit for you.

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A Pill for Period Problems

For women who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding, a new birth control pill may be the medical fix they've been hoping for. In a multicenter study of 190 women, menstrual flow was completely normalized in 44% of participants taking Natazia, compared with just 4% of those who were given a placebo. "If you're healthy, of normal weight, and don't smoke, this pill may be a way to avoid surgery," says lead author Jeffrey Jensen, MD., of Oregon Health & Science University. "What's more, you'll know within one or two cycles if it's going to work for you."

Bedspreads and Comforters

September 08, 2011

I’m loving my new found website They have the widest selections of Bedding, Bath, Kitchen, Small Electrics, Storage, Furniture and D├ęcor, Window, Plus Size Living and Entertaining products. Wow that was a packed sentence and that should tell you something. This site is loaded with great products and great deals. While browsing on the web waiting for my friend to get online, I was amazed at the marked down prices that is was seeing on Like the Georgia Cotton Throw Bedspread, 50% off. It is soft and beautiful. A great looking product at an amazing price plus they have my favorite color, which is pink. 
It’s amazing when my husband and I both agrees on this Bedspreads before buying it. My favorite products advertised are the Bedspreads and Comforters, Bryanlane Home is the site to look around. Even better is that they have loads of great things like lamps, decorations and everything to give your home a new look. You’ll be amazed how great a price all of their items are. Avail of their free shipping on orders of $50 dollars or more and save even more. To get the latest trends on their products, you can even request a free Catalog.

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Tour Booking System

September 07, 2011

Being a relatively new resident in the United States I am very curious to see many of the great sights and attractions available her in the United States of America. Of all the places I want to see I am most interested in traveling to and seeing things in and around Washington D.C. and Southern California. I have a couple of friends that live near me in the Springfield, Missouri area. My husband, Doug and I are thinking about arranging a tour that will take us all my dream vacation spots along with my friends and their family. Any time you plan and travel a family or in our case a multiple family vacation it helps to have professionals be there for your convince. Finding a good Online Tour Booking System and Online Tour Booking is by far the easiest way to do this. 
The Online Tour Booking System is by far the easiest and best system I have found yet. It is so much easier to look for hotels, restaurants, tours and attractions online then calling each hotel, restaurant and attraction by itself. With an easy to navigate site, with easy to use site and with good prices too book Bookeo is perfect for your Online Tour Booking needs. Now I can save more time to decide where to go and do not have to seat the little things on our trip.

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Asian Stores of NWA

I love going to the Asian Store. That's the only way I can eat Filipino foods far away from home. If you're an immigrant here in the United States, for sure you want to eat foods from where you came from. Here's 3 Asian Stores that you can visit.

This store is manage by a Vietnamese.  When I went to the store the other day, I noticed they are expanding which is a great plus. They sell fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. Though they only carry few goodies from the Philippines.

A-Chau Oriental Market
115 N. Dixieland Road
Rogers, AR

Hong Son Oriental Food Market is managed by a Vietnamese couple. The sell fresh vegetables and fruits though the store needs some lighting to brighten up the store. These couples are nice. They often asked me if I'm a Vietnamese...

Hong Son Oriental Food Market
702 W. Cypress St.
Rogers, AR 

Manna Oriental Market is managed by a Filipino couple. They are very friendly. Charles likes talking to them. The store is clean, all the items are arranged properly. You can buy lots of goods from the Philippines.

Manna Oriental Market
907 S Pleasant St.
Springdale, AR

Walden University

I recently saw some startling statistics, 10 millions Americans are unemployed and having a hard time to get a new job. This worries me all the time with my husband. My husband is the only one working in the family to support our needs. Now that our son is a toddler and will go to preschool, I want to pursue my dreams like going back to school and having my own career. I am looking at classes from It's accessible for a mom like me and still I can spend time with my toddler.

 I am most interested in Walden University's online degree programs. My husband can pursue his Masters Degree online without being away from us as well. To learn about Walden on you can start your new career you can visit this website or call 1-866-492-5336

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Kids Clothing Store

September 06, 2011

Autumn begins on September 23rd. Now is the best time to shop online or at the mall. Store owners wants to get rid of their summer clothes and make room for fall and winter clothing. Marked down items could save you from 40-50% off which is a great deal for many great items. I am a bargain hunter, I like to buy clothes when they are on sale plus I can use my valuable coupons. Yes you can use coupons for clothes even though the price has been marked down already. It’s just like getting your clothes for free. I love Aeropostale stores they are easily one of my favorite shopping spots.

This is the kind of store that I love to shop around because I can find clothes for myself and my toddler in one spot. I love their designs and the quality of clothing plus it‘s very affordable. Aeropostale is your kids clothes stores all in one. They have all kinds of kids tops, kids bottoms, kids dresses and skirts, kids outerwear and accessories. Available for your boys and girls. Sign up for free today to receive p.s rewards and get cool stuff like free birthday gift and earn points for every purchase.

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Embossed Graphics

September 02, 2011

I was excited to find this website They have the widest selections of stylish and trendy party invitations of any occasions. These occasions are for formal occasions like weddings and showers and for less formal occasions such as parties and birthdays. I am fascinated by their Embossed Graphics Collections. Shopping on their top selling Embossed Graphics Stationary Items look great and with a low price as well.

Feels like Christmas

September 01, 2011

It's September, meaning Christmas is just few months away. I really miss how we celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. You can see Christmas decorations everywhere and Christmas songs being played on Radio stations. During Christmas Eve, my mother will cook food for us. To me it was special having Pancit, Bread, Chicken Adodo or Caldereta on the table. On Christmas Day, we don't have presents to open. Unlike here in the US wherein we have presents from my husbands family. Here in the US, they usually decorates their house after Thanksgiving and take the tree down after Christmas. In the Philippines, you can start decorating your house few months away before Christmas. Christmas in the Philippines is a long celebration that's why everyone wants to go home in the Philippines during Holiday season. I want my son to experience how we celebrate Christmas and Fiesta in the Philippines. It's fun and very entertaining. How I wish we can be in the Philippines this Christmas...