Asian Stores of NWA

September 07, 2011

I love going to the Asian Store. That's the only way I can eat Filipino foods far away from home. If you're an immigrant here in the United States, for sure you want to eat foods from where you came from. Here's 3 Asian Stores that you can visit.

This store is manage by a Vietnamese.  When I went to the store the other day, I noticed they are expanding which is a great plus. They sell fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. Though they only carry few goodies from the Philippines.

A-Chau Oriental Market
115 N. Dixieland Road
Rogers, AR

Hong Son Oriental Food Market is managed by a Vietnamese couple. The sell fresh vegetables and fruits though the store needs some lighting to brighten up the store. These couples are nice. They often asked me if I'm a Vietnamese...

Hong Son Oriental Food Market
702 W. Cypress St.
Rogers, AR 

Manna Oriental Market is managed by a Filipino couple. They are very friendly. Charles likes talking to them. The store is clean, all the items are arranged properly. You can buy lots of goods from the Philippines.

Manna Oriental Market
907 S Pleasant St.
Springdale, AR


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