September 12, 2011

I know how hard it is when someone we love could not stop smoking cigarettes. My father is a smoker and it pains me whenever he lights up a cigarette. It makes him angry when he cannot smoke right after he is done with one he wants another. We are torn apart by his smoking addiction because buying cigarettes can be so expensive and rice farming does not make that much money. We know he’s not in the best of health and we want our father to quit smoking. I knew he tried to quit once before but now he is  back at it again. I know it’s not too late for my father to try to quit again. 

Upon reading on this website, I have hope for my father, cigarrest reviews are great and has helped millions of people to stop smoking around the world. I want my father to be one of them. It would be great if my father could try one of these cigarrest chewable tablets, cigarrest gum, vitaguard smoker’s vitamins and watch cigarrest program dvd. Smoking is one of the leading killers in the world and  also can hurt those around you like my niece, Sophia.

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