Feels like Christmas

September 01, 2011

It's September, meaning Christmas is just few months away. I really miss how we celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. You can see Christmas decorations everywhere and Christmas songs being played on Radio stations. During Christmas Eve, my mother will cook food for us. To me it was special having Pancit, Bread, Chicken Adodo or Caldereta on the table. On Christmas Day, we don't have presents to open. Unlike here in the US wherein we have presents from my husbands family. Here in the US, they usually decorates their house after Thanksgiving and take the tree down after Christmas. In the Philippines, you can start decorating your house few months away before Christmas. Christmas in the Philippines is a long celebration that's why everyone wants to go home in the Philippines during Holiday season. I want my son to experience how we celebrate Christmas and Fiesta in the Philippines. It's fun and very entertaining. How I wish we can be in the Philippines this Christmas...


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