Patagonia Vacation Packages

September 15, 2011

Recently I have been thinking of great places we can travel to in the summer. Of course we will return to the Philippines and maybe stop by Hong Kong for a few days. I would though go to some place I have never seen that has great things to see but at the same time is not a tourist trap. I have been fascinated by the things I have found about Chile. There are many great places to visit in Chile. From beautiful cities like Santiago to Deserts and Mountain tops. Chile travel is pretty easy as there are regular flights to the country and Chile tours are available for all kinds of interests. Patagonia vacation packages are a great value and much safer then a holiday Mexican tourist site. 

Chile travel is easy as there is plentiful public transportation and the exchange rate is good for the dollar. My husband is of course a history nut and would love to see the ancient ruins in the Atacama, myself I am more interested in the beautiful south pacific beaches. We both would love to travel and see the sites of the Andes Mountains, the Western Hemispheres greatest mountain range. So if you are interested in Chile like I am check out to see what Chile has to offer.

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