Carnival Cruise Line

October 28, 2011

The good thing about social networks like Facebook is that you can connect with your family, friends and classmates from High School and College. Recently I talked to my classmate in High School, Arnold through Facebook. It’s amazing how far he had come from his job as a sailor. He is one of the sailor’s at Carnival Cruise Lines. I knew how gorgeous Carnival Cruise Ships are. I’ve seen one on the Today show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda KOTB. It was fun and the people on the Cruise Ship were enjoying their trip.

Oh well, my husband and I have never been on a Cruise Ship but are planning to take one some day. Now that I know I have two classmates in High School Arnold and Alan are both working on a Cruise Ship, it’s time to book our trip for carnival cruises. I’m sure both of them would be helpful when I ask some discounts for the trip. If you want to spend your holiday around the world, carnival cruises offers great deals when you book your trip with them.


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