October 14, 2011

We moved twice in a row from one State to another State. It was very stressful and took a lot of work to pack all our belongings, twice in a month. My husband was working so I had to do quite a bit of it by myself. It took most of my free time and with a baby to take care of it was really hard. My husband suggested to me that we hire movers but I refused to. I’m just stubborn as a mule as they would say here in the United States of America. The second time that we moved down here to Arkansas I broke down and hired movers. The movers were very careful when they moved our appliances into the truck. They were careful with all our possessions like glassware and collectibles. Not only were they careful but they were quick. It took us hours of sweat and hard work but it took them less then two hours to have us loaded. Not only did it save time but we were in a much better mood as we were not all sore and tired for days like we were the first time we moved. Take it easy on yourself and look into http://hire-movers.com/ before you move.


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