Stop Loss Underwriting

November 09, 2011

The medical field continues to be a growing and profitable business in the United States of America. There are though many pitfalls to the medical provider business model. These problems include many legal issues like malpractice suits, insurance claim issues and governmental audits. To help navigate these minefields you need someone on your side with experience, savvy and a great reputation. Advanced Medical Strategies or AMS for short is just that company you need. Advanced Medical Strategies provides a full lineup of services needed to help protect yourselves from the sharks swimming around your business. Services provided include Clinical Reviews, Negotiations, Audits, Consulting and Specialty Audits. 

Now many can provide services but what makes AMS special is their level of professionalism, skill and results. AMS provides one on one counseling as well as a full line of interactive online resources including the impressive, Dr. Stacy Resource Library. If you are interested in these services or the company be sure to check out their website at, The AMS website is full of information and easy to use. Stop Loss Underwriting today and make sure to check out, Advanced Medical Strategies.


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