United Conveyor Supply

November 14, 2011

My husband, Doug has a friend from college who works as a business office manager at a local manufacturing plant. His friend, Calvin was over this weekend and like guys do they started talking about work. CD as Calvin goes by was talking bout how his company had started using fly ash handling from United Conveyor Supply to help in their transferring of materials around the plant. Well being a kind of geek and liking to know how everything works Doug started reading the United Conveyor Supply website and found out many interesting things the United Conveyor Supply provides. 

He found out that the company provides transferring and transportation equipment of the highest quality in all manners and forms. Some of these methods include pneumatic, mechanical, vibratory and hydraulic. The types of clean running options included fly ash, bottom ash, mill rejects, dry sorbent injection, reagent handling and economize ash. If you work in field that can use these services or products make sure to check out United Conveyor Supply, a company with over 90 years of experience in six continents and over sixty nations.


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