Baby Sling Carriers

December 30, 2011

My husband’s good friend Todd and his wife Tara had their new baby boy in  October. I wonder if they already have a baby sling for their new bundle of joy, Ian who got his name from Olivia’s brother on Nick Jr. If you or someone you love is expecting a child, baby sling carriers are great gifts for a baby shower.

Its convenient and easy to wrap around your body while on the go. Baby Sling carriers are very stylish, durable and are made from great fabrics. The also offer a soothing effect to your child while you are on the go and are hassle free.

My Hubby is Back

I am glad my husband is back from Holiday Wrestling Tournament in Springfield. Charles was so excited when he heard the garage opened. He said, it's my dad then Charles went into the kitchen and said again, this is taking so long. Anyway, tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we will be in Springfield with my husbands friends. Last year, the weather was very cold and rainy. But for the last few days now the weather has been pretty good and I let Charles drove his bike outside.

December 28, 2011

Are you planning to take a vacation in Canada this summer? Then you probably need to look at houses for rent in Calgary. Well, I just spoke to my classmate in Elementary Marlon and his wife Bernadette over Facebook and they are inviting us to visit their place in Barlow Trail, Calgary. They just immigrated from the Philippines and would love to see my family. 

Hopefully we can get a decent tax refund this January so we can get a chance to visit in Calgary, Alberta. If you’re looking for a place to rent while visiting in Canada, you can visit this website They have new property listings and are very affordable on your budget. 

Our New iPhones

What do you got for Christmas presents? Me, I got JC Penny and Gordman's gift cards. Charles and I shopped yesterday and he did a great job shopping while my husband was watching a movie War Horse. My husband got a new iPhone 4S and I got iPhone 3GS. I know my iPhone is outdated but I got it for .99 cents with 2 years contract. My husband already ordered my cellphone case online and I am looking forward to see it. It's a Hello Kitty iPhone case and my wallpaper is Hello Kitty as well. My old phone is still working pretty good but I got it for four years.

Anyway, the weather in here has been great for the last few days now. Charles is looking forward to see some snow but I don't think it's going to happen before the year ends.

December 26, 2011

Recently my husband, Doug has been having a root canal at his dentist. We are not happy with how much the procedures cost, even with his work's dental plan. I have begun to look around for a better plan for all of us. My favorite I have found is available through Ameriplan and their website, They have great dental plans for those with no plans or to help you save money over a plan that you may already have. 

Checkout their website as they have all you need to know about their plans including testimonials from patients and full plan layouts for you. They also offer plans that include vision and other medical health.

Charles New Drum Set

We all had a great Christmas. Charles got lots of presents from his aunts and uncles. He was so excited when he saw his Hot Wheels bicycle beside the tree. He also got a drum set from us and coolest gift ever was Innotab. It's an E-Reader, Games, MP3 Players, Art Studio, Organizer, Photos and more. I guess Charles will not use my husband's cellphone that he got his Innotab now. Though my husbands phone needs to be replaced. Charles spilled water on the phone the other day and it's not working very well. We already checked a new Iphone at the store tonight and we will go back again tomorrow and do some shopping from our Holiday Gift Cards.

Dereon Shoes

December 23, 2011

I had never heard about Dereon shoes before, so I had to look them up on the web. Oh my god! has the most fabulous, stylish designer shoes you could ever possibly want to see inside your closet. Since it’s my 32nd birthday this January, I would love to receive a new pair of shoes as my birthday present from my husband. I love the pink Dereon Blush. Perfect to show off my nail polish. 

If you’re looking for the most stylish designer shoes that won’t break the bank, has it all. The site is easy to use for a fast and better shopping experience.

Coffee Equipment

December 22, 2011

Millions of people drink coffee everyday and I‘m one of them. My husband thinks I’m crazy because I drink coffee anytime of the day and put coffee on my rice. Brewing coffee is a good business to start up and you will need commercial coffee equipment . While there are some large corporate coffee businesses there are also very successful local and smaller coffee houses throughout the country.  I myself prefer the local small coffee houses. 

Challenging Day

I had a very challenging day today. Charles was very naughty and it makes me cry because I am frustrated with him. My husband always says, it's a challenge having a three year old toddler. The thing that I am more frustrated about is when he asked food and when the food is ready he doesn't want it anymore. Sometimes, I asked myself how other mom can do all things at once? Having one kid is already a challenged how much more when you have two or more kids? Oh well, we are ready to see my husbands family. But before that, we need to stop by in Kansas City to meet my husbands good friend Todd and his wife Tara and their daughter Lily. They have a new baby boy and I am looking forward to hold the baby to see what's Charles reaction would be like.

Ecommerce Solutions

In today’s world there has been over the last ten plus years a substantial change in how businesses and corporations market their products. The days of store front only stores are long gone and internet sales are growing every year. It is interesting how things have came full circle. The catalog department stores like Sears and Montgomery Ward of one hundred years ago have been reborn in a new modern sense with online internet shopping. To help get you started you need support from someone who understands ecommerce solutions.

With their motto of “We build businesses, not just websites.”  Ecommerce Partners is the best place for those either starting or looking to improve their ecommerce footprint. Do not just trust me but look at the businesses and outlets who have given solid Ecommerce Partners a glowing, ecommerce partners review. Giants like CNN, Perry Ellis, Time Warner and many others have profiled and experienced the help that is available through Ecommerce Partners. Do not pay someone to design a webpage for you, find someone to build a profitable business for you.

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Custom Flowers

December 21, 2011

Our wedding anniversary is on December 29. I would be delighted to receive flowers on that day to make me feel important and loved by my husband. Doug has done this in the past as well as on Valentines Day. I of course was looking on the internet for custom flowers and found, I just love their flowers, arrangements and vases all deliverable to your loved ones at any time.

You Tube on X Box Live

Just yesterday my husband updated his X Box Live account. He then had me come watch some crazy Honey Badger video. It seems I can now watch You Tube on our Home TV through his X Box. There is a lot of cool things to watch on You Tube and now I can watch them on my couch. I have already watched some funny videos and my favorite Pinoy Christmas song and videos like, Sa Araw ng Pasko by All Star Cast. I am sure Charles will enjoy it too with his favorite songs and monster trucks.

Forgot to Watch my Shows

December 19, 2011

I was typing my blog and noticed the links are not working. Well, almost midnight in here and need other stuff that needs to be done. I want to wrap Charles presents when he's asleep. As of now, my toddler is watching Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and he doesn't look sleepy at all. Just remember I forgot to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight and Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Anyway, I can watch them again tomorrow or the next day.

Serenata Flowers

December 18, 2011

I would be so delighted if I get flowers from my husband for our 4th wedding anniversary this December 29. I know he is gone for the Holiday Wrestling Tournament but who knows he might surprise me if or when he order flowers online. I love flowers, and the vases they go in. My husband knows what I really like and it makes me feel totally appreciated and loved by him. 

If you're looking for fresh flowers of any occasions with gorgeous arrangements, you can visit this website, They have the widest selections of fresh flowers at a very reasonable price. The site is easy to navigate for fast and better shopping experience. 

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Excited for Christmas

December 17, 2011

Christmas Day is just few days away. I know a lot of you will be traveling to see your loved ones. For me, will be visiting my husbands sisters. We are all excited to see them all. Its been a while that we have not seen them since Thanksgiving. There's a family get gathering on Christmas Eve which I really loved. Family members will bring food and I'm still thinking what am I going to bring with us. Last year, I made a vegetable spring rolls (Lumpia) and they loved it. The other reason why I am excited about Christmas is opening presents especially for Charles. He always get a lot of presents from his aunts even though it's not Christmas. My husbands sisters will send package for Charles and he likes it. Oh well, I think tomorrow we will go shopping for Charles presents. Hopefully my husband is not so tired when he get back home tonight from the Wrestling Tournament in Oklahoma. It's good to shop till you drop...just kidding!

December 15, 2011

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Dubai Tourism

December 14, 2011

My husband and I have never gotten a chance to travel outside the United States since we were married. Doug has traveled a little bit and I was born in the Philippines and we cannot wait to head back to visit my family. Of course it is in our plans to travel to another country for just a couple of days before heading to the Philippines. I have seen Dubai on Television and I am astound by the World's tallest building, deserts and great shopping destinations. For the last couple of months now, my husband has been surfing on the web looking for information on Dubai tourism. He found this great site, This site is very informative and will guide you through all the great things available in Dubai.

 It’s good to be informed and knowledgeable before you travel to another country. You need to know what is available to see, do and to inform yourself on local customs and culture. Learn a few  phrases, know the layout where you are going and know about the local food. I mean seriously who wants to travel to eat the same fast food you eat at home.

Christmas Break

I am so excited! My husband's Christmas break is on the 16th though they have a Wrestling Tournament on Saturday in Oklahoma. And next week, will be in Tarkio for Christmas. We're looking forward to spend time with my husband's family. They are very nice to me. Well, its been raining in here and it's dark outside. I guess I will do some clean up and start packing our clothes. When I'm not too lazy later, I will browse on the web and look for templates for this blog.

Motor Home Repair

December 13, 2011

My husband’s friend Dick lives in a Motor home. Living in a Motor home is quite a luxury. He can go anywhere he wants and enjoy the scenery while on the go. Though the disadvantage of owning a Motor home is that when it breakdown on the road. Good thing is that motor home repair is on your side when you have a  mechanical breakdown.

Steel Building

My husband’s school where he works at is building a tornado shelter. To keep the shelter stable from storms and tornadoes they will need a steel building to have a superior shelter. Olympia Steel Building can design and customize for you a steel building that suits your needs. If you’re planning on building a new garage that would lasts a lifetime, a steel building is what you need.

December 12, 2011

I spoke with my sister-in-law, Cheryl and she asked me what I want for my Christmas present. I’m still undecided what I really want for my present so I’m browsing the web looking for that perfect gift. I definitely need a new pair of jeffrey campbell shoes. They are  flat, durable and most of all they have my shoe size which is five. 

I just love wearing designer shoes. It makes me feel good inside when I wear them. I found another perfect gift that I really want for my Christmas present. I love the Elastic Hi Wedge Sandal in a Black Fabric from tory burch shoes. They are perfect to show off my toe nails when I have them polished.

Ready for Pick Up

December 10, 2011

I'm so glad that our car is fixed and ready for pick up. Unfortunately, my husband can't get the car today because he has a Wrestling Tournament going on. Well, I had a busy day today. Cleaned up Charles room and hang up our clothes that was sitting on the laundry basket. Tomorrow is Sunday and I have no idea whether we will go to Walmart for our grocery shopping. I know my husband is tired and having a two days tournament is a lot of pressure. Half of his wrestling team are freshmen and I know they will get better in the future.

I Miss our Car

December 06, 2011

I am a little disappointed today. Our car is not yet fix even though its not a major damaged. They have to order the mirror at a BMW dealership. For the last few days now, my husband is driving a rental car which is covered by our insurance provider. Its a Chevy Malibu, kinda small and don't have much room inside. I just love our  BMW car better. I miss my warmer seat specially on this kind of weather which is colder than before. Hopefully we can have our car back this weekend so we can enjoy more on driving around looking for Christmas lights.

My husband and I has been talking about what to buy for Charles’ Christmas  presents. We definitely need a bigger size for his clothes. We live close to an outdoor mall but on this kind of weather, which is cold is not a good thing to shop outside. Here I am browsing on the web looking for a children’s clothing store. I found a cool site, tea They have all kinds of clothing for newborn baby girls and boys, girls and boys clothing for your older children, women and gifts for all.

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December 04, 2011

As we all know many Americans don't have car insurance. Protect yourself from a financial catastrophe when an accidents occurs. Just last week my husband had a little accident with our BMW X5 car. Until now, our car is still in the shop. Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday we can have our car back. The cost of repairs and liability are covered by our insurance provider. I know how safety my husband drives on the road. 

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Undecided for my Present

Christmas Day is just few weeks away. I can't decide what kind of present to have for Christmas but I'm thinking about gift card or Hello Kitty. I like Hello Kitty but every time I looked the price tag I don't want to spend money for the item. Oh well, its kinda boring today. It has been raining and its very cold outside. Later in the afternoon I will go to the Asian Store. Hopefully they have crabs at A Chau. I've been craving for crabs and shrimp for the last few days now.

America Life Quotes

December 02, 2011

Millions of Americans don't have insurance coverage across the states. When accidents happens our loved ones are left behind with nothing to help pay for cost of care or God forbid funeral expenses. Its not too late to protect your loved ones financially. If you're shopping for Family Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Best Rates Life Insurance, Insurance Quotes and Cheap Life Insurance, America Quotes have all the coverage you would ever need. 

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Finding a special perfume for my wedding

Guest post written by Lizzie Male

I'm getting married in a few months and it still feels that I have almost no time to get all of my stuff together. I finally have my dress picked out but as far as everything else goes that I'll be wearing, I'm pretty clueless. One thing that I do want to pick out is a really nice smelling perfume scent to wear. I don't normally wear perfume, so I thought it would be nice to wear it on my big day as another way to spruce myself up.

I've been looking online for some good perfume recommendations. i want something that smells fresh and sweet so that it won't overpower all of the peopel that I'm going to be hugging. Whiel I was online looking for some perfume selection suggestions, I ran across some TV Internet Bundles and forwarded them to my fiance. I think that we're going to sign up for one of them for our new home.

I have found a few different perfumes that I think would be perfect. But I think that out of all of them, I'm just going to choose DKNY Pure. It smells fresh, but clean and sweet, which is exactly what I want for my wedding day.