Dubai Tourism

December 14, 2011

My husband and I have never gotten a chance to travel outside the United States since we were married. Doug has traveled a little bit and I was born in the Philippines and we cannot wait to head back to visit my family. Of course it is in our plans to travel to another country for just a couple of days before heading to the Philippines. I have seen Dubai on Television and I am astound by the World's tallest building, deserts and great shopping destinations. For the last couple of months now, my husband has been surfing on the web looking for information on Dubai tourism. He found this great site, This site is very informative and will guide you through all the great things available in Dubai.

 It’s good to be informed and knowledgeable before you travel to another country. You need to know what is available to see, do and to inform yourself on local customs and culture. Learn a few  phrases, know the layout where you are going and know about the local food. I mean seriously who wants to travel to eat the same fast food you eat at home.


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