Very Excited For His Presents

December 21, 2012

Doug had ordered another Christmas present for Charles and it was in the mail yesterday. As I wrapped the present he was so excited when he learned the present is for him and he wanted to open it. Though I can’t resist his big smile he has to wait to open all of his Christmas presents on Christmas Day. Growing up we never really had Christmas gifts to open on Christmas Day and birthdays as well. Christmas Day and birthdays are just an ordinary day for us nothing special. 

Our parents had never given us any gifts and we are used to that kind of situation. As a mother I always told Charles how lucky he is to have all the things he has for such a young age. Charles needs to take care of all the things he got from us and his aunts. When we were kids we really did not have many toys to play with and when we want something we had to worked for it like doing chores in the house.

Charles' Hot Wheels Jeep

December 17, 2012

Charles already opened his huge Christmas presents from his aunts yesterday. He was so excited when he knew he got a Jeep. Doug and I put the Jeep altogether yesterday and Charles already drove the car. He was all smiling. Later today when the weather is not too cold out I will let Charles drive again.

Homes For Sale In Vero Beach

If you are like me and live in an area of the country with harsh winters, snow and low wind chills you may dream and plan to move somewhere with less harsh weather. My husband, Doug and I both like Florida. While we love Florida we do not want to live in the much busier and higher priced South Florida. Doug and I both prefer to live in the Central Florida Area, we especially like the city of Vero Beach. 

So we have begun to look for good homes for sale in Vero Beach. I can only imagine how nice it will be to wake up to sunny and warm days and take a quick trip to the beach. Doug also began teaching me golf last summer and Florida is well known for their year long golf courses. Charles also loves to play outside though he likes making snowmen and snow angles as well.

Are You Needy To Accept 0.50 Payout Rate?

December 10, 2012

It has been a long time since I have taken any opportunities from IPL. While checking at the website this morning, geez the payout rate hasn’t changed 0.50 and asking 700 plus words article with PR4. Are you really that needy to accept 0.50 payout rate with 600 to 700 plus words article? Wake up fellow Blogger. Advertiser’s are taking advantage of you to market the advertiser’s product, company, and services in your website. And for another publishing site I don’t have any leads in a long time. I’m glad two of my favorite publishing sites never forget to include my blogs in sending out assignments and grab bags. Though sometimes it is very upsetting when I am about to grab a task it has been taken by another blogger or the site is taking too long to respond. The app that I am using from one of the publishing site is not working lately. Last night, I missed a grab bag and I am very disappointed.

Tarni Boots

I am really upset on how JUSTFAB works their customers. Yesterday I got an email about the credit that has been issued and is waiting in my boutique. It can be used any time to purchase the item of my choice. What in the hell? I skipped not to buy shoes and bags for the past couple of months because I don’t see any interesting items that catches my attention. What if I don’t have enough funds in my bank account? I will be charge an overdraft fee which is not fun at all. 

Yesterday, I had decided to ordered the Tarni boots. This is the item that I would loved to buy in the next few months though JUSTFAB had already credited into my account. Once I receive the item I would be delighted to cancel my account and call it quits.

I Freaked Out

December 07, 2012

Yesterday while I was watching the Today Show in the morning, I heard noise inside our water heater room. I freaked out as I was wondering what was the noise all about and how could it had happened. I called Doug a couple times and sent text messages to let him go home right away. No neighbors around to help me check what’s inside our water heater room. Around noon when Doug arrived home and when he was about to checked the room he forgot his phone inside the car to use as a flashlight and got my broom. 

Before Doug got back inside from the garage a bird flew out from the water heater room. Doug said the bird came inside from the vent outside our roof. Geez I was really scared and I am very thankful it didn’t happen today as Doug is doing a Wrestling Tournament in Springdale and tomorrow as well. Charles was very supportive and kept on telling me, “there’s nothing to be afraid of mommy”. I’m glad Charles is not afraid of any noise unlike his mama who always freaks out when I hear noise.

Cigars From Famous Smoke Shop

My father is a smoker though he has not tried any cigars in his whole life. I wonder whether he will be interested to try any single cigars from the Famous Smoke Shop. All the cigars are very affordable plus they will make great gifts for the holiday. I can also use coupons from the store when I purchase online which makes my shopping more rewarding.

Charles' Advent Calendar

December 05, 2012

Charles was playing Starfall’s Learn to read with phonics on my laptop and he was doing the calendar thing. I had realized I have not had his Advent Calendar out so tonight I told Doug to get it out. Though we already missed 4 days in a row we let Charles open 5 windows including tonight. He was so happy when he got a penny for each window. 

How much more when he opens his huge Christmas presents from his aunts? I’m sure he’ll be too excited when he see’s what he got as his presents.

United Environmental Solutions

December 01, 2012

If you are like me you really despise regular tap water. Recently, I went on a web search to find a way to get good clean water with some type of filtration device. I found a great system that is made by United Environmental Solutions. The United Environmental Solutions company makes two high quality water filtration systems in the berkey water system and the kooltek water coolers. I want a system that is strong enough to remove impurities and at the same time to make the water taste pure and clean. 

What makes the Berkey Water System so great is that it is portable and can work without electricity on almost any natural water source. In times of disaster, black outs and even just camping you can take your system with you as it is portable and easy to use. I cannot wait to order my own water system soon.

I Like Our Christmas Tree

It is going to be a busy weekend for my husband. He is hosting a Wrestling Tournament today and I would love to see his team wrestle. Though he needs to pick doughnuts for breakfast and be at school early in the morning to keep the things ready for the tournament. At that time Charles is still sleeping and myself still laying in bed wide awake. I hate getting up early though when I see grab bag on my phone that’s the thing that keeps me going and always jump out of bed to turn on the laptop.

Anyway, we had our Christmas Tree decorated. Charles helped decorate our tree but when I asked him if he likes the tree he said “NO”. Doug and I really like our Christmas Tree specially when the tree is lit up. It has fiber optic lights which makes the tree looks beautiful like I am…just kidding! How about you did you decorate anything for Christmas?

How To Reformat Hard Drive

November 26, 2012

If you have ever sold or given away your personal computer or desk top you may be giving away more then you think. Even if you know how to reformat hard drive you are in danger of giving away your personal information, files or finances to anyone who eventually gets possession of your old computer. You need to find a real successful way to permanently clean your computer to protect yourself first.

My Wreath :)

Christmas is just couple of weeks away and I already feel like Christmas. Have you started to put up your Christmas decorations? As for me, I hang our old wreath on our front door after Halloween and Dough think I‘m crazy hehe. When we went to Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago I told Doug that I want to make my own Christmas Wreath as they are way expensive when you buy the decorated ones. 

Last night, while watching Real Housewives of Atlanta I made my own Christmas Wreath and added the ornaments. I enjoyed making the wreath and didn’t mess it up as it was my first time to make one. I am very proud of myself the way it looked. Doug and Charles loved it just like I did. For our Christmas Tree we are going to decorate it tonight when Doug gets home from school. He always complained that he needs to help decorating the tree so we are going to wait for him after school.

Just Got Back Home From Kansas City

November 24, 2012

I just got back home from Kansas City after visiting for Thanksgiving. I really had a great time seeing my husband’s family and we all really enjoyed our visit. Everybody was happy to see each other especially Charles who brings joy to the family. We’re about to shop Thanksgiving night when my sister-in-law Connie, Charles, and I drove down to Target and we saw many people waiting in-line all the way from JCPenney. Geez I don’t want to wait for 2 hours just to get good deals at the store. Then we head down to Walmart and I was amazed the store was not crowded outside. 

After visiting Walmart my sister-in-law Connie drove around Zona Rosa. It is just pretty when you visit Zona Rosa at night when the Christmas lights are all lid up. Though we didn’t go to the Plaza to see the Christmas Lights lit up. Very cold out and the wind was blowing really bad. On Black Friday, we went shopping and I got some great stuff for Charles and I. We also took Charles to see Santa Claus at Metro North in Kansas City and Charles did a wonderful job in sitting in Santa’s lap. After that he got a chance to ride on the train which made him very happy.

Chemical Investments

November 21, 2012

My husband has a good friend from college who is an investment banker. John was over visiting this weekend and of course things turned to work. John is moving more into the field of Chemical M & A (merger and acquisition). Chemical companies have continued to make good profits even in the last few years downturn economy. The fact that chemical mergers and acquisitions have continued to move forward at a brisk pace is a great indication of the strength of the chemical field. 

Investments in chemicals though is very advanced and you really need help either be it a chemical investment bank or a good chemical advisory. Of course financial news has been on a general uptick with the exception of the fiscal cliff fiasco in Congress. If chemical companies and mergers have been so strong in a weak market and economy many, like John are licking their chops with a strong economic base in the country.

ERP Software

November 18, 2012

If you are looking to improve your company or business production and profit margin you need to look in every nook and cranny of your enterprise. You may find a way to save through many ways but make sure to check out your ERP software for sure. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is software used by businesses to help the information and flow of the business from within. Simply the more efficient your business is from within the more profitable it is. 

Besides communication and organization software you may also need to update your Manufacturing Software as well as your Distribution Software. The more streamlined your manufacturing capabilities the less down time and wasted time you will have. Distribution software is a key cog in many ways. Distribution is needed to have your material ready to be sent out to your subsidiaries as well as your customers. Keeping your customers happy is of course the key to any business.

I Would Like To Have Personalized Templates

November 17, 2012

I have been on the blogosphere for couple of years now and realized it can be irritating sometimes. Just the other day, I wrote about leather jackets in a blog post and only to find out it had been rejected by the advertiser. For the reason, “not a high quality blog“. Geez! The advertiser’s website isn’t a great template either though he has the money to pay for the campaign and he can reject the blog that he doesn’t like. It was my first time having an advertiser reject my blog post in about 3 years of blogging. I could not edit my blog post and make some changes as it was being rejected right away after submission. I know my template is not good enough but as you read on my blog post do you think I have poor grammar? English is not my primary language in the Philippines and when I speak English people will look at me and think I’m crazy. 

Most people in the Philippines are very judgmental specially when you are speaking in English and you pronounce it incorrectly. So better to speak the language that you are comfortable to speak with so you don’t get in trouble. Anyway, I have been browsing on the web looking for templates and for some reason I am having problems on where to upload the html codes into my blog. Spending a couple hours on the computer makes my eyes sore so I am planning to hire someone who can make a personalized templates. I got the layout already and the fonts and colors that I would like to have on my templates. Hopefully I can get it done before the year ends.

My Chicken Strips

November 16, 2012

My legs are sore. I have been in the kitchen cooking our dinner but it was worth it. My chicken strips tasted really good. After we ate our dinner we went to the Asian store, A’Chau Oriental Market. I got a huge milk fish, long beans, mangoes and avocado. We also went to Walmart and got some groceries just enough before we go to Kansas City. Oh well, I can barely open up my eyes as I did not have a good slept last night. Charles slept for about an hour last night and went back to sleep around 2 o’clock in the morning.

Money Puzzle

If you are looking for a great way to give a gift on money or a gift card but want to make the gift more special you really need to look into a money puzzle. Money puzzles allow you to but cash or cards into a puzzle that your gift recipient will have to solve to get the gift. These puzzles make your gift even more special and long to be remembered.

Zona Rosa Outdoor Shops

November 14, 2012

Only one week from today and we are going to visit Kansas City for Thanksgiving. We are all looking forward to see every body and spend quality time with my husband’s family. We only get to see them occasionally though we always talk to them on the phone. There are so many reasons why I am looking forward to this trip down to Kansas City aside from seeing my husband’s family. I just loved the Christmas decorations all over the Zona Rosa Outdoor Shops. They are just beautiful to look at and I’m sure my son, Charles is going to like it just like his mama. Last night, we’re on our way to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts and noticed a few houses had already decorated their Christmas lights outside their house. 

At Pinnacle Hills Promenade Outdoor Shops had also decorated with Christmas lights and it is lovely. Though we didn’t drive around to see the lights as we are going to get some doughnuts and Krispy Kreme had already closed. I am a little bit disappointed as I really want to eat glazed doughnuts but I guess I will have to wait until Thanksgiving. My husband’s sisters are making desserts and I am looking forward to eating my request for Thanksgiving which is Lemon Bars. I am also excited to see Sofia the First Once Upon A Princess on Disney Junior. I maybe a little old to watch kids shows but I just loved Disney Movies. 

Besides, I didn’t grew up watching kids shows when I was kid. We did not have a cable television and we only have two channels that are working on our Television which were ABS-CBN and GMA. We can’t watch television all day long because we are worried about the electricity bill could go up high. Now, Charles and I can watch television shows for about 4 hours together without worrying our electric bills. Letting Charles watch kids shows on television helps his learning skills physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Patio Chair Repair

November 12, 2012

We had quite a storm yesterday and our neighbors lawn and patio chairs were blown away into our backyard. The couple just bought the patio chairs this summer and it was very comfortable to sit in. I wonder whether the couple are going to restore the chairs or buy new ones. As for me, I am the type of person who will look for solutions first before I spend the money on anything around the house. Just the other day I was reading on the web about patio chair repair from Patio Guys. Patio Guys' have a  highly trained team of  patio furniture refinishing experts that  take damaged, worn out, faded, and mis-matched patio furniture and refinish each item to look better than new using all types of colors, fabrics, and materials. 

Every piece is custom designed to suit taste, and outdoor patio look needs. I love buying new things but at the same time I also love saving money. Getting things repaired or reconditioned is a great way to have something new without the cost of buying things from a store. I know my husband did the same thing with his wrestling team. They had an old mat that he really needed to either by replaced or reconditioned. In case you did not know wrestling mats are really expensive. A new mat can easily run ten thousand dollars and more. Doug though saved big bucks by getting his old one refurbished. It cost him only like five thousand instead. 

Just like our neighbors patio furniture and my husband’s wrestling mat it makes a lot of sense to get things repaired and refurbished as long as the product is still great. Like my husband’s wrestling mat Patio Guys will get you your furniture back as good or even better then when it was new. I will tell Matthew and Jeanna to make sure and check out Patio Guys as what I have seen and heard from their website has me really convinced of the quality of their product and services. Now we just need to get some good weather back before winter sets in.

I Am Disappointed :(

November 09, 2012

I am really disappointed that my page rank of 2 dropped to 1 on this website. Couldn’t understand how page ranks are being ranked for every website across the blogosphere. When I checked my alexa rankings I noticed on this website I have these numbers 10,136,686. For my Beautiful Life, 4,831,433 and OK2BU 5,335,123. How in the world this website is so very far behind compared to my other two web sites? I guess I need to work my butt off and visit other blogs on the web. Also, I tried to put the links of my non-paid post to get some page views for my website though it isn’t showing on the news feed of my Facebook page. 

Anyway, Charles asked me whether we are going to pack our clothes today and I said, yes. Though we are going to pack our clothes next week. Charles said, that’s what I want to hear about. I laughed as he really wanted to pack his clothes and toys now. At his age now he is more excited riding in the car and seeing so many cars on the road. Whenever we are walking at the parking lot he knows a lot of car makes.

Debt Relief Law Firm

November 08, 2012

Financial problem are a huge burden that could affect your whole life or even take a toll between your spouse and lead to a separation. Don't wait for the time to happen where you could lose someone because of your debt. Whether you have a problem about debt settlement or asking for debt relief, Cockburn & Associate LLP, is your Canadian Debt Relief Law Firm. Sheila Cockburn is a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who has been helping clients get out of their debt for many years. 

Seeking debt help could help you get back your financial stability and freedom to live as you wish. Put those pesky phone calls behind you, sleep a peaceful night again and clear your conscious with real debt relief. Never again go to a check cashing or pay day loan store. Take charge of your future with the help of Shelia Cockburn and her associates.

Charles Is So Eager

I got our luggage out the other day and Charles is so eager to pack his own clothes. At his age of 4 it is hard to say whenever we are going somewhere else because he wants to go right away. Over the last two days now he never forgot about his luggage and packing his own stuff and he kept on asking about it over and over again. As a mother I showed the calendar that we are going to Kansas City on the 21st after his dad’s Professional Development meeting at school. Charles is the type of kid that never forgets when I say a word to him. 

Just like when he wants to eat a dessert but we have a rule to eat his meal first then dessert. As much as I like to give his dessert every meal I don’t think eating ice cream after his breakfast is a good thing specially when he drink his milk. Stuff like that would be long day for Charles to keep on asking for his dessert and he won’t forget it which is quite humorous most of the time. A couple of days ago I was in the bathroom taking my shower and when I got out from the bathroom I saw Charles eating M&M’S and Kit Kat Bars in our bedroom. 

I asked him “How did you get it?” as these candies where on the top of the refrigerator. Charles said, “I knew you’re in the bathroom so I got them.” Charles is very smart and knows what to do for himself when I am not around. He just makes us laugh. The other day I told him “I can’t believed you were inside my tummy. You’re getting tall.” Charles said; “Why did you eat me?” He always asked me why, “Did you eat me?” every time I say you were inside my tummy when you were little which is very funny.

Check Out IFA Auto Insurance

November 05, 2012

Just the other night we’re on our way home after we watched a High School football game where my husband works. We were at the stop light and we already got the green light when the other car ran the red light. I guess the driver on the car was not paying attention and not looking at the stop light. Luckily, my husband was driving not so fast with our car. I despise texting, and talking on the phone when someone is driving a car on the road. 

Just like my husband he gets many texts from the wrestling team at school so I always end up replying to many of those when he is driving. It only take a seconds for an accident to happen. Do not wait to let it happen to you. Distracted drivers are just around the corner. You need someone on your side in case you have a problem with other drivers. I suggest you check out IFA Auto Insurance as they are very well respected and have great coverage.

distracted driving infographic from ifa auto insurance
Presented By IFA Auto Insurance

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I am so excited for tonight’s season premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Last night, I had watched Real Housewives of Atlanta and I really enjoyed watching the show. During the commercials they showed Shahs of Sunset, and the show will be aired in December. I do really like watching reality shows on Bravo. It’s my guilty pleasure watching these men and women act like crazy individuals. Perhaps they have the money to spend and live comfortably, drive nice cars though any of these people never realized they are ugly. 

Its amazing how money works for someone to get surgery done but still it makes you look like a robot. How much more when the surgery didn’t go so well as you expected? Just like the mother of Marysol, Elsa of Real Housewives of Miami. Geez the first time I saw her on the show I was a little bit scared of her. It was scary for me to watch her.

Bar Grilles

November 03, 2012

Since we moved into our new home this last July we have been making small improvements around our house. Doug says the next thing he wants to improve is the bar grilles in the ceilings. If you are not familiar with bar grilles you might think of them as vents for your air conditioning or heating. While looking for new bar grilles Doug has talked to his friend, Allan who runs his own business. Allan last spring had remodeling done in his main store so Doug decided to ask him about what he used in his store. 

Allan suggested that we get our bar grilles from Airflex Industrial Inc. Allan has been very happy with his whole remodeling project including his grilles. Airflex has many types and styles of bar grilles all made to the most rigorous professional standards. They come in many materials including brass, aluminum and stainless steel.

I Am So Grateful

November 01, 2012

I am used to typhoon and flooding in our area when I was in the Philippines. It also sucks when we don’t have electricity for a month and we have to use lamps. There are times we have to walk to the next Barangay and get across the floods so we can go to school in town. Remembering those days was not scary getting across the flooded area. It was fun being in the water and hurricane Sandy reminds me a lot way back in the Philippines. Over the last few days now I have been watching coverage on CNN and NBC Network about the hurricane Sandy. 

It makes me sad knowing millions of people are affected by this aftermath. This will take months or years for these people and businesses to recover with their lives and things will never be the same again. I am so grateful we are not affected by this hurricane and makes me realize how lucky we are. Yesterday, I told my husband to get more Halloween candies before he gets back home so I can give it to the kids for trick or treating. Halloween only happens once a year so why not give more candies to the kids? Though we only have 4 kids and a mom showed up on our door last night so we still have plenty of candies.

Charles' Halloween Costume is here

October 25, 2012

Charles and I were watching Guess How Much I Love You, on Disney Junior when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door I saw a small box and thought it was my order at JUSTFAB. At first I wasn’t very pleased by how the box looked and asked myself, is this the bag that I ordered online? I thought I got the wrong package. So when I opened the box it was Charles’ Halloween costume. Thanks to NASCAR Store for fast shipping! As it was Doug’s biggest worry, not getting Charles Halloween costume on time before Halloween. Charles tried on the costume today and he’s looking very handsome. What more can I say he’s my baby.

Golf Clubs as Christmas Presents

Lately, I have been browsing on the web looking for Christmas presents for my husband. With so many great things available online I think new golf clubs and golf wedges would be perfect gifts to give him as his Christmas presents. Doug loves to golf but has not golfed much since we got married. Doug has many times talked about how he would lie to “hit the links” or wanted a new driver. 

He has also talked about teaching Charles and me how to play. We have played putt putt golf and we all enjoyed it but I have yet to play a real game of golf. I am interested in being out on the beautiful courses and Charles, well he just loves all sports and being outdoors. Luckily for us last winter was warm enough to golf even through the winter. I am hoping for another year like that so we can use the new clubs I hope to buy.

Great Shoe Designs from Miz Mooz Otis

October 23, 2012

The weather has definitely been getting colder and it is time to start wearing layers of clothing and warmer footwear. If you’re in need of great quality shoes and boots without over spending on your budget, Miz Mooz Otis has a great selection of designs and colors of shoes available to you. To look great and fabulous doesn’t mean you have to spend a thousand bucks every time you shop. All you have to do is shop for quality products for a great price that also make you look great and fabulous. 

Of course though while winter has great shoes like boots and closed heels I love the wide array of shoes available through Miz Mooz Otis that are great for warm weather as well. Having been raised in the Philippines were it was always warm I really love the different seasons here in the United States. I also love all the different designs of shoes, clothing and accessories that I get to buy for the different seasons.

Beaver Lake

October 19, 2012

I had quite a busy day today. We drove down to Beaver Lake and I love seeing those trees. Though Charles did not care about the colorful trees and he wanted to go home while we’re on our way down to Beaver Lake. 

We also looked at some furniture as we are going to buy a new bed for Charles. Since September 1st of this year Charles began sleeping in his own bed inside our bedroom. I really don’t like the idea of letting Charles sleep in his own bedroom by himself. His bedroom is across the hallway and I am kind of a little bit nervous. 

On Military Washers

October 18, 2012

Since we moved into our new house this July we have been planning on building a new addition to the fence and a new backyard raised patio. Doug has been researching many aspects of this major project for the last month. He has found a nice schematic for the design we both like. He also has found the perfect type of wood and finish for that wood. Lastly, Doug has looked up and found a place for the fittings for his project. 

Doug said he needed to find the best washers, nuts and bolts he could to put his fence and patio together. Doug found them at The Superior Washer site has the best in washers for every application. They even have military washers that are well enough made to the specification of the military. Be like Doug, if you are doing a project that requires washers buy the best that you can find on

I'm Kind of Disappointed

October 15, 2012

Over the last few days now I noticed I hardly get some tasks for my three blogs unlike in the past. I used to get three opportunities offered for my three blogs everyday and sometimes I can get another task to do from other publishing sites which are great. Anyway, I was about to buy the totes handbag and boots that I really like when I noticed these items are sold out. I’m kind of disappointed as I have been saving money and now I have to wait until it is back on web. 

Oh well, I barely see the words that I am typing now. I didn’t sleep last night and my son, Charles did not sleep as well. He’s got a cold and today he has a runny nose. Charles keep on asking me, “Why his runny nose keeps on coming?”. My husband and I told him to blow his nose and Charles doesn’t know how to blow his nose. Hopefully, tonight Charles can sleep much better than last night.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Omaha Nebraska

My husband, Doug’s good friend Gerald just recently went through a bankruptcy in Omaha, Nebraska. Gerald and Doug are friends from high school and played football and wrestled together. Gerald recently went through a divorce from his wife of many years, this after a bout of unemployment for almost a year after his factory he worked in shut down. After living in Northwest Missouri about an hour from Omaha for most of his life Doug has many contacts in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. 

Luckily for Gerald, Doug knew of a reputable nebraska bankruptcy attorney in Omaha. Mr. Skrupa, the attorney is an expert on filing bankruptcy in nebraska. If you are not aware bankruptcy laws can be quite complex and differ in each state. Whether you are filing a Chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcy you need to make sure that the chapter you are filing is the right one for you. Bankruptcy is never easy but given the right help it may be what you like Gerald need to look into.

Tonight's Dinner Caldereta

October 10, 2012

I thought it was going to rain on us today but I was wrong. But that’s what I saw on the local news yesterday. Anyhow, Charles, and I had a very good day today. The weather was perfect so my boy really enjoyed playing football and rolling out on the grass. So when we got back inside the house I felt like I was so tired and did not want to do anything so I decided to lay down in bed. It was about 5 o’clock when I realized I had to cook our dinner.

For tonight’s dinner, I  cooked Caldereta and my husband really likes this food. He also loves Chicken and Pork Adobo, Rice Noodles (Pancit) as well. And for my son Charles he only likes Adobo and on Rice Noodles he prefer the yellow thick noodles (Lo Mein) at the Chinese restaurant.

Social Media Optimization

October 09, 2012

Advertising your products, company, and services on television is very expensive even for just a very short period of time. Question is: Do you really get the right audience target while advertising on television? Maybe not. Viewers will skip every commercials on television and how much more when someone records the show on their DVR. If you are a business owner and wondering how to make more profit for your business, social media optimization is the best way to market your company. Showing the incredible  products, and services to the consumer in a way that reaches the most viewers. 

Over the years search engine marketing experts have been helping business individuals market their products, company, and services without over spending their budget. Keeping your business in the spot light in this fast pace economy is very important and a search engine marketing firm is what you need. Take advantage of all the tools that you need in marketing of your business. Social media is here to stay and it just keep getting better and better every day.

I Want These Satchel Handbags For Christmas

October 08, 2012

Christmas is just a  few months away and I am so excited to shop for my Christmas present. Just a couple of days I bought a satchel handbag online and I really like it a lot. In fact I am planning to buy a totes handbag from the same website where I purchased my satchel handbag. I do also like the way they shipped my order, totally 100% customer satisfaction. And for this Christmas I couldn’t decide which one to buy whether Michael Kors Medium Grayson Logo Satchel or Michael Kors Grayson Signature PVC Medium Satchel. These handbags are around $300 I know it is quite expensive so I need to save some more money before Christmas. For once I need to splurge besides its Christmas right?  

G and L Clothing Store

October 07, 2012

I can’t believe my son, Charles is already 4 years old. He has definitely outgrown most of his clothing and shoes. I am interested in checking out the G and L Clothing online store. They offer men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. They also have winter and light weather clothing. What a perfect store to shop for the whole family as they have Big and tall Clothing and Levis Jeans for my husband. It is not easy finding a store that offers children’s and men’s big and tall whether online or in a storefront. 

Aside from good quality clothing the store also offers free shipping on orders of $100 or over. They also offer an easy return policy plus customers can track their orders online. Avail of great brands of clothing like Carhartt, Levis, Dickies, Timerbland, and laCrosse. Now that the weather is getting colder shopping online is so convenient, no more braving the cold, rainy or snowy weather.

Increase Your Strength Use Creatine

October 06, 2012

My husband, Doug when he was younger was quite an athlete. After finishing his athletic days as a college football player he continued to work out. Doug’s primary workouts continued to be lifting weights. If you want to get stronger and grow muscle mass he says you may want to use a supplement like creatine. Creatine is a totally legal and proven way to increase your muscle mass and your strength.

I Love These Totes Handbags

I was so excited when I got the satchel handbag, The Nile that I had ordered online. I do really love how JUSTFAB wrapped and shipped the item. Total 100% customer satisfaction. Now that I know they have a great customer service I would love to order a Totes Handbag. I do love these colors so I need to save more money for these before I order online.

Arc Systems

October 04, 2012

My sister in law Mary Jane is a nurse and her cousin Linda is a hospital administrator. I like hearing them talk “shop” about work. Mary Jane tends to talk about what goes on in the floor or emergency room while Linda of course talks about the business side of the hospital. Just last weekend they were talking and Linda mentioned that they had bought a new piece of machinery that had an Arc Systems Inc. motor. Linda told Doug about the machine because Arc Systems also produces Aerospace and Military engines. 

Linda and Doug both thought it was pretty cool that medical engines were made by a military and aerospace company. Obviously making products for military use and aerospace use means that they have to be very reliable and made of only the best materials and design. Doug especially knows much about the military and military equipment specifically. Linda was happy for her hospital to get the best machinery available.

This Plant is Five Years Old

October 03, 2012

I can’t believed this plant is already five years old now. My husband got this plant from his mom’s funeral and it is absolutely looking healthy. It’s rarely bloom its flowers so when I saw the bud a few weeks ago I was so excited. Spraying with ammonia keeps the plant healthy and the gnats are gone from the soil.

Travel Century21 Contest: Enter to win a 2-night in NYC and a $500 C21 wardrobe makeover!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CENTURY 21 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
My husband Doug, and I, never really got a chance to visit places here in the U.S. after we got married. I got pregnant right away and it is hard to travel when you have a kid. Now that our son, Charles is getting older and ready to travel we would love to visit New York City. I am fascinated by the tall buildings in New York and most of all the great shopping destinations. I can't wait to visit NYC and check out Century 21 in person. I would love to buy some high end designer clothing and shoes from Georgio Armani, Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Georgio Armani Kids for my son, Charles. If you are interested what Century 21 has to offer you can also visit and become a member for free as well.


I just signed up on their website and I am interested to buy the Derek Lam Frederica Sunglasses. They look cute and pink ismy favorite color. Visit the Century Facebook page and enter the Empire Hotel sweepstakes for a chance to win a $500 C21 wardrobe makeover and a two-night stay at the iconic Empire Hotel in NYC. With two Manhattan store locations at Lincoln Square, 1972 Broadway, and Downtown 22 Cortlandt Street, you sure to find the perfect clothing for you.

Best in Pediatric Neurology

October 01, 2012

My husband’s family has many members who are involved in the field of medicine. My sister in law, Mary Jane is a registered nurse and her cousin Linda is a hospital administrator. The family always gets good medical advice from it’s members of the medical field. I have been having migraines for years and just recently decided to get advice from Mary Jane and Linda. They both say that migraines are a neurological problem and that I may need to see a neurologist. I am worried that my son, Charles may develop these headaches as well in the future. 

I decided to research where to go if we ever needed for Charles to see the best in pediatric neurology. The place I have found with the best word of mouth is the Department of Neurology at Beth Israel Medical Center who is a leader in the treatment of brain disorders and diseases of the nervous system. They specialize in Adult epilepsy, pediatric, neuromuscular, and neuro-opthamology to name a few. Not only do they have the best in pediatric neurology but also treat adult neurological troubles as well. Maybe in the near future I will finally get some respite from these horrible migraines.

Not All Mommy Wants, Mommy Gets

My son, Charles just turned 4 last month. At his age now he knows what he really wants and do not want what I really want for him. Just like last week, we bought him a new pair of shoes though only my husband Doug, and Charles really liked the shoes. I really liked the black Skechers shoes for him but Charles insisted to get the blue pair of Adidas shoes. So he got them! And for Halloween, Charles wants to dress up like Captain America and that’s what he really wants. As for me I really want him to dress up like Iron Man, Thor, or a NASCAR driver. 

But it looks like Charles is getting what he really wants a Captain America costume for Halloween. Now that my husband Doug, and I, planning to get him a bed though my husband wants to buy a low loft bed for Charles. I am not a big fan of a loft bed and I want a real bed for him so it is going to be a discussion first. I guess when we have a daughter I can decide all I want for her without asking my husband like clothing and shoes hahaha.

Cigarette Addiction is Keeping Our Family Apart

September 28, 2012

My father has been a smoker as far as I can remember. He gets mad when he’s out of his cigarettes and his anger is focused towards his family. He would rather have his cigarettes lit up all around the house then to have food in his stomach. His cigarette addiction is keeping our family apart and it is getting worse. I know he’s not in the best of health but that is what he wants, he wants his cigarettes. He’s been coughing over the last few years now and he does not want to get himself checked out by a doctor. When I told my family that my husband Doug, and I, are expecting our first child my father tried to quit from his smoking habit. 

His addiction to cigarettes didn’t help when he quit for about a week and now he’s back to his addiction which is of course his cigarettes. We really want our father to quit his cigarette addiction for good so I am interested in this new website I found, I am really interested in the Eagle cessation study for people who are motivated to quit smoking. I know how my father really wants to quit at this time for the sake of his grandson, Charles.

Fish City Grill

September 26, 2012

We had a great dinner at Fish City Grill in Pinnacle Hills Promenade. For our appetizer we ordered Honey Chipotle Shrimp. This appetizer tasted really good. For my entrĂ©e I had Tilapia and Shrimp. And for my husband he had Serafin’s Fish Tacos.

Honey Chipotle Shrimp

Tilapia and Shrimp

                                              Serafin’s Fish Tacos

Cable Organizer

As a mom the best thing I can do for my son, Charles is to keep him safe all the time. Being 4 years old gets him all over the house and sometimes at the back of our television stand getting his toys out. Being a mom I always freak out when he’s near with all the cords laying around. Upon browsing on the web this morning I saw this cute cable organizer which I think is the best solutions to our cords everywhere. This will keep our cords looking neat and organized especially on my husband’s home theater system. 

I do really like the cableslaps pink one my husband not so much on that color. Pink is my favorite color and this would be perfect for my laptop as well. Really there are more spots then just the TV, home theater, X-Box area. Our computer desk has many cords as does our laptops in the living room. Charles, Tablet and other electronic devices need protecting too. It is amazing how much technology we use every day.

How a Wine Tastes Like

September 25, 2012

I have no idea how a wine tastes like though I heard it is good for your health. No wonder Kathie Lee Gifford, and Hoda KOTB, drink wine every day during the fourth hour of Today Show. I have never drank any wine in my whole life and it makes me feel that I want to try and see what it taste like. I know when I order my drinks at the restaurant the server would probably ask my I.D. which is kind of embarrassing because I look like a kid even though I am older then I look. 

I am really interested in trying the Red Wine Cabernet Sauvignon, and White Wine Sauvignon Blanc, or Chardonnay. If I could buy wine online and for every bottle I buy I can make a donation to the charity of my choice. Buying wine online is surely a great experience, getting the wine you want and also knowing the store is making a donation as well. 

Scholastic Printables

September 24, 2012

As a mother it is very important for my son Charles, to learn his basic education before he goes to school next year. So far he’s doing pretty good on learning ABC’s, reading and counting numbers. Thanks to my sister-in-law Connie, who provides educational things for my son Charles. Well, Connie is a Special Education teacher and she knows how much math worksheets for 2nd graders are important for kids development. Today, Scholastic Printables has free sample of 2nd Grade Math Worksheets that you can try at home or in your class. As a mom, I would definitely try these worksheets for my son Charles.

Inside The Fresh Market

I was excited when I saw these cheeses at The Fresh Market. I have only seen this kind of cheese in Around The World in 80 Plates show on Bravo. So when I saw it today I decided to take a picture. White American and Parmesan Cheese are my favorite ones. My sister-in-law Connie, loves cheese and I’m sure she will buy one. I also love the orchids. I think they are pretty flowers.

Charles Walk Through the Creek

September 23, 2012

Seems like last weekend was a very long wait for Charles’ birthday and now it is over. Over the weekend we went to the park to have our picnic but soon as we arrived at the park many people were already there. All the tables were occupied so we had to use a table that was in the middle of the park where the sun was shinning upon us. It was around 79 degrees so it was kind of hot. We all liked it even though many flies were flying around us and our food. Then I let Charles walk through the creek though the water was a little bit cold. After that, we went swimming at the hotel where my sister’s-in-law stayed at. I thought Charles would enjoy more on swimming but he didn’t want to do anything in the pool. The last time we went swimming Charles really enjoyed it and had a really good time.

Charles Celebrated his 4th Birthday

September 21, 2012

I had quite a busy day. Charles celebrated his 4th birthday and he got lots of presents. We also had spaghetti and meatballs as Charles really wanted it for his birthday. Tomorrow we are going to have a picnic and for our dinner Charles gets to choose which restaurant we are going to eat at. Charles is very lucky to have all his aunts in his life. They are the nicest people I have ever meet and along with our other family members as well.

Web Design Toronto

Technology has certainly evolved in our everyday lives. Today, millions of people use their computers and smart phones whether it’s for leisure, shopping for products, business, or looking for services. Online marketing is a great way to get more profit for your business and increase your sales. Whether you are a local business owner or planning to own a nationwide business you need to have your own website. Having a great website design will surely boost your presence and in the long term your income. Well, today there are many webpage designers offering to create your website and Web Design Toronto is one for you to check out. Having a knowledgeable team of professional web designers is a must in creating your website. My husband, Doug has a friend Jason whose wife, Jackie is a webpage designer. The other day Doug and Jason were talking and I was there with Jackie. Eventually our discussions turned to my blog and to how I would love to improve my blog. Well I asked Jackie about how blogs and websites are becoming more advanced and she told me it was becoming more and more important to have a professionally done website. I talked to Jackie about who is the best designers out there and she mentioned Web Design Toronto as a provider she was very impressed by. I have since looked up their webpage and have to say I agree totally. Web Design Toronto providers every possible service for your web design. They specialize in web design, web marketing, web videos and even provide studio rentals and acting for videos on your site. Having a great and dynamic web site that grabs a surfers attention from the moment they hit your page is one of the keys to grabbing customers. You never have another chance to make a first impression.

My All Time Favorite Pescado Guerrero

September 20, 2012

I had a very tiring day today. We went to Party City and got Charles’ party decorations. We didn’t get NASCAR decorations because they don’t have any so Charles picked which one he really liked. He picked Thomas which is one of his favorite shows to watch on Netflix. Then we headed to Toys R US and my husband got him some presents. We had our dinner at Abuelos and I really loved my food. I had Pescado Guerrero which is my all time favorite at the restaurant. For our last trip we went to Wal-Mart for our grocery shopping and to get Charles Lego’s. Later when my son Charles is asleep I am going to wrap all of his presents. Surely it is going to be a long night ahead of me. Tomorrow is Charles 4th birthday and he is super excited and so are we.

Great Quality Chairs

If you are looking for comfortable worship seating you can find it at Chairs 4 Worship. Every chair is designed of great quality and will last for a long time. Whether you are a congregation or just an individual having a nice comfortable spot will make your worship time even better. If you are constantly uncomfortable you simply will not be as focused on your service as you will want to be.

Charles' is my little helper

I am glad I am feeling so much better today. I got a lot of stuff done today like cleaning up the house and vacuumed the carpet. All the rugs are in the dryer and my son Charles, helped me clean up the kitchen floor. Charles was excited to help wipe the kitchen floors. When I put the table cloth on our dining table Charles, sat while drinking his milk. He thinks he’s at the restaurant which is funny. We also cleaned the fish tank and got all that green algae out of the tank as well. I guess he is just too excited to see all of his aunts on his birthday so we had to clean up before they gets here tomorrow. Funny though Charles' kept on asking, "When are the girls coming?".

Houser Shoes

September 19, 2012

Christmas is just a few months away and I know some of you have already began shopping for Christmas presents for our loved ones. Well I have for sure. Over the last few weeks now I have been browsing on the web looking for great deals online. My online searches have not disappointed me as I have recently found the most amazing deals. I have found unbeatable prices on the web for all kinds of products. I was really excited when I found this website This site sells all types of comfortable and stylish shoes for women, men, and kids. Houser Shoes is known for their comfortable sandals and quality shoes and most of all very affordable prices that won’t break your budget. Whether you are looking for men’s and ladies shoes online make sure to check out Houser Shoes website. Aside from the most amazing deals on the web the store offer free shipping on any orders of $49.88 or more. 

Now that we are also on the lookout for Charles’ new shoes, I found the ones that I really want to get for him. Though I need to make sure my husband Doug, and I will agree on the style of the shoes.  I like a new pair of tennis shoes, some sandals and some winter snow shoes for Charles. Doug seems to favor more flashy colors and styles while I prefer more solid base colors. We do agree though that Charles needs more shoes as he is growing so fast. Just this week we measured him and he is 40 inches tall and not yet four years old. Charles really could care less for now but when it gets cold, rainy or snowy out he defiantly will be happy to have some shoes that fit that are not sandals like he has worn all summer.

I Thought of Acting Opportunities

September 17, 2012

I can’t believe my son, Charles will turn 4 this Friday. Time flies really fast and soon he will go to pre-school. I don’t know whether I will be ready when the time comes but I have to prepare myself. Charles and I have never been away with each other and I have no idea how things will work out for both of us. Over the last few years I have been thinking of what I am going to do once my son is in pre-school. 

With so many things to do I still need to find out what’s really my passion and stick with it. One thing I have always thought I would love to do is some smaller acting. I do not dream of being a mega star or anything but just to act in some way. Acting Opportunities are fun and is a great way to earn a decent amount of money and hopefully make a career of my passion.

My Top 10 Play Lists

It is going to be a busy day so I need to play songs on my laptop while doing household chores. I am not a really a big fan of my husband’s taste in music. I did not like most of them when I first heard them though many of them I really like now. Here’s my Top 10 music play lists:

1 Aenema by Tool
2 Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
3 Phantom Of The Opera by Nightwish 
4 Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
5 Let It Be by Beatles
6 Remember Tomorrow by Iron Maiden
7 Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
8 Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce
9 Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses
10 The Chain by Fleetwood Mac

It has been raining

September 15, 2012

It has been raining since yesterday though I kind of like it because I could not hear any sound of crickets last night. I planned to go to the A’Chau Oriental Market earlier but I have changed my mind. I don’t feel like going anywhere out today so I will just have to watch some football games today. I know I should be doing household chores to keep our house clean. I am not saying our house is very dirty but I just want to keep our house clean, mostly just Charles’ toys. I do though want to have everything picked up before my husband’s sisters visit us on Charles birthday this Friday. We plan to have a picnic on Saturday and hopefully it is not going to rain. Well at least tonight should be good as we are eating steak and we get to watch Mizzou’s game tonight.

Bariatric Products

My husband has type 2 diabetes and I feel sorry for him every time he injects his insulin every day and night. Having this type of condition has limitations on the foods that he really wants to eat which are chocolates, cake, ice cream, spaghetti and other delicious meals. Being a father to almost 4 year old son, he really wants to keep himself healthy as possible, it is a struggle. Of course he is not getting any younger and neither am I. Well, there are so many products at the store that he tried over the last couple of years. Many of these products had helped him greatly when it comes to keeping his blood sugar under control and keeping himself healthy while eating. Most of the products that he tried are still high in sugars and carbohydrates which are not a good thing. I am more interested in all the bariatric products online. They have a huge selections of slim products, protein foods, vitamins and supplements and most of all slim weight loss plan to keep my husband in check. Bariatric Choice products are very inexpensive way to keep yourself eat healthy food. The store offers free shipping on any orders of $49 which is a good thing.

Free Online Accounting

Are you a small business owner or manager? Running a business can be stressful and time consuming especially if you are not using the right tools for your business. Today there are so many tools that you can use like free online accounting and budgeting software or other electronic organizing tools to keep your finances on tract and more profitable in the long run. The days of hand kept accounts are long gone and soon to will be programs that run in just your own office or network. Having extensive online support, backup and technical help is the wave of the future in running and organizing your business. 

Anyone even home users who have ever had a crash, trojan, virus or any other type of malware can attest to the time and therefore profits that can be lost dealing with computer issues. Of real concern as well is hackers who can get into your system and raise havoc or even worse can steal funds or secrets from your accounts. Having a professional reliable company and support from that company is a must as we head deeper into the 21st Century. Join the wave of the future and begin using online accounting and improve your bottom line and profitability.

Replacement Windows

September 14, 2012

I have a friend that lives in Virginia, that is planning on remodeling her house this fall. It is exciting to remodel a house and give it a new design and appearance. It is not just appearance though that Brianna is looking to improve but also the quality and worth of the house. Brianna, decided to find good replacement windows virginia beach. She decided to use Pella Windows, the best on the market. Pella is rated highest in customer satisfaction by J.D. Powers and Associates.

Finally! A Quiet Night

Finally! I can have a quiet night tonight. It rained all day and the temperature has dropped. It is much cooler outside and the crickets for sure are hiding which is a good thing. Oh well, today is Friday and it is High School Football night. Since High School Football has begun we haven’t been to any of the games. We always have rain every Friday, and it is very frustrating. All I want to do is be able to get out inside the house and do something like watch football and other things for us to enjoy our weekend. I know my son, Charles would love to watch football games at his age now. 

Every time when my husband plays his Madden, and NCAA Football Charles, will always play with his football during the game as well. Now that the College Football and NFL season has begun, My husband Doug, and Charles love watching the games and most of the time Charles will say” Touchdown Raiders” even when it is not a Raiders game. I do like watching football though its hard to watch when my favorite football team is losing the game. How about you, what is your favorite sport to watch?

In Need of Title Loans?

September 13, 2012

During these last few years there have been many many people who have faced really hard economic decisions. While some of these problems like foreclosures, layoffs or defaulted loans are huge decade long problems, other financial woes are much shorter term. If you need quick short term cash loans and do not want to go the way of payday loans, which by the way are total rip offs and predatory, then you have other options. 

If you own your own car, boat or motorcycle then you can look into title loans. One such company that is online and offers quick loans is Title Loans Ocala. Though centered in Florida, anyone from the nation can apply for and get a title loan online or by phone. Service is quick and seamless. So if you need a boost in cash flow for car repairs, medical bills or just to get you to the next paycheck look at all the tools available to you. Oh and you get to keep and drive your car while the loan is active.

Holden Beach NC Real Estate

September 11, 2012

Are you looking for a new home, commercial property for your business, or land for your dream home? Holden Beach NC real estate can help you with your real estate needs. With a professional team of realtors each have access to all the homes and properties that you could ever want to view in Holden Beach, North Carolina. It is good to have a knowledgeable realtor in your search for your next home or property.

I Miss Having Charles in Our Bed

I began to let Charles to sleep in our bed when he was 4 months old. I know it was not the safest thing that I did letting a newborn child sleep with their mother. I am from the Philippines and that’s how things work for the mother and the child. Anyway, it was Charles’ decision to sleep in his bed this September 1st . He has been sleeping through the night and we are so proud of him. Though I miss  having him in our bed and laying on my shoulder every night. My husband Doug, and I thought Charles would sleep with us until he is 7 years old but were wrong. Just like on nursing with Charles he just quit on his own when he was 1 year and 10 months though I tried to let him quit from breast-feeding. And then on his potty training my husband and I trained him but on our first try he was constipated so I guess it scared him. Then one day Charles just did his potty on the regular toilet and I was so happy for him. I felt bad every time he goes potty while standing up in the corner and doesn’t want to be around with us for almost an hour. For mom’s out here reading this post don’t be a pushy mom. Your child will do things in there own way when the time is right. So far every thing is working great with Charles and he will turn 4 this September 21st. We are all excited. My husband’s sisters and his uncle Max, are all coming for his birthday. We already looked for his cake and we found a NASCAR decorations at Walmart.

My Magazines

September 10, 2012

I have a couple of magazines to read but I don’t feel like reading any of them. My eyes has been hurting again today so I just laid down on the couch and did noting at all. Anyway, I got my free subscriptions for some of my magazines from my sister-in-law Connie, and the other from my husband’s My Coke Rewards points. I had another magazine subscriptions but I have no idea when it is going to arrive into our mail box.

Types of Pulleys

September 09, 2012

Last night, my father was telling me that he need a new V-Belt Pulley for his rice farming operation. I had no idea what type of pulleys he was talking about so I had to look it up online and I am going to show him some pictures. I am amazed how very inexpensive these pulleys are for the great quality that you recieve. I would definitely buy one to help out for my father.

Yummy Spaghetti

I barely slept last night. The crickets won’t stop from chirping in our backyard and it was driving me insane. Oh well, it is a beautiful day today. The sun is shining so bright and I am planning to let my son, Charles play outside later in the afternoon. Anyway, I have not done much yet today aside from cooking my husband’s  whole wheat spaghetti. I had my brunch so I am not hungry for spaghetti right now. I know Charles would love spaghetti but he had just ate his Apple Jacks cereal for breakfast.

Shrimp for lunch

September 07, 2012

I have not been feeling very well over the last few days now. I am nauseated and my eyes are hurting really bad. I don’t feel like doing anything today though I need to cook something for my lunch. Shrimp was very easy to cook and I just put it inside the oven and added salt. The shrimp tasted great and it looked so good I took a photo of it for you to see.

online games

September 06, 2012

I admit I am getting addicted to online games and I am enjoying it. I can play online games on my iPhone, laptop, and my husband’s iPhone as well when I need to earn points on the game. Not only myself is getting addicted to online games. My husband, Doug is definitely a huge gamer himself and our son, Charles is into games also. I am interested to try the snail  game online. This is the type of game that I can play online while I am doing nothing and it is free. And for my son, Charles I am sure he is going to love the racing game, Mad Trucker 2 and Chess. My son loves NASCAR racing and he also collects NASCAR Cars and Hot Wheels as well. As a mom I was worried when my son began playing games online. Though I realized playing games  online helps him develop his mental skills and solving the game through his mental ability while playing many of his games. Whether he wins or loses the most important thing about playing the game is to have fun and enjoy it. Playing many of his games has helped Charles learn to read and count, heck he is even adding right now and he is only three.

Industrial Microwave

September 05, 2012

My husband, Doug yesterday took his careers class to a local factory to tour their facilities and offices. While there he was really impressed by the huge machinery and complex machinery used in the production of the food production products.  Living in Northwest Arkansas in the same county as Wal-Mart headquarters there are many many businesses that are in our immediate area. Luckily for the schools the businesses are usually very proactive and community friendly when it comes to the schools. 

Well back to Doug’s field trip, he was most impressed by the massive Industrial Microwave that was used in the plant. He also talked a lot about the RF Heat Sealing Equipment. I had to look up what RF Heat Sealing Equipment was and ends up it is used to help weld together various plastics and other material in industrial production facilities. I have always been interested in the complexity of factories and how they work.

Began Sleeping on his own

September 04, 2012

I began to let Charles sleep in our bed when he was four months old. He has continued to sleep with us until the last day of August this year. My husband Doug and I kept on asking Charles when he is going to sleep in his bedroom and he kept on saying in September. Since September 1st Charles has began to sleep in his bed all night without waking up and moving into our bed. Oh well I better get off here because I want to watch the Democratic National Convention. I am looking forward to watch Michelle Obama’s speech.

Palm Beach Probate Litigation

September 02, 2012

I would really love to eventually move to Florida. I have a friend, Ernelia who lives in Palm Beach and I would love to live down there like she does. There are though many things to take into account before moving. Doug would need to have a good job and we would have to research what schools we would want for Charles. My husband and me have also talked and now have a local lawyer that we are planning our future with. 

We would need to find a new Palm Beach probate litigation attorney that could help us with our future estate and trust planning. You know a good lawyer and law firm are actually really important to have on your side. While our family is not ever in any legal problems every family could use legal council. We have so much to plan for in our future. Of most importance is preparing for Charles’ future.

Football Season Has Begun

September 01, 2012

Well we are all happy that football season has begun. Doug is a huge fan and though he says he does not miss coaching football after 16 years of doing so he is always watching or reading about it. Charles loves to play football as well.  Yesterday while it was raining all day he wanted to go outside and play in the rain. I had never seen football until five years ago and now I love to watch it as well. We were supposed to go to the high school game last night but we did not want to take Charles to a game were it would rain all night. We watched a couple of games at home though last night. Today I am excited to watch the Missouri game. Doug has found where it will be streamed on his X-Box. Then next week I get to add NFL games. I like the Giants but Doug is a Raiders fan. This year we have the NFL ticket on DirecTV so we get all the NFL games.

Hair Games For girls

August 29, 2012

I didn’t grow up with lots of toys to play with. As far as I remember we had one doll and I had to share it with my sister, Richel. Today, there are so many games that you can play online especially game for girls. What mom or aunt does not  like to play hair salon games with your daughters? Even though I don’t have a daughter we used to play hair games for girls with my niece, Sophia and she liked it a lot. This is the type of games for her to get creative and use her imagination while having fun playing the game. I really am intrigued by the Dressica website. It has many online girl games, it is great to have that many choices of games that you and your girls would love to play. Playing games with your girls is another way of getting to connect with your kids and to know more about your kids. It is a great way to connect with your kids through their imagination and creativity in choosing what she would like to look like. My sister in laws were talking last Christmas when we were visiting Tarkio about an old game they used to love playing, Mystery Date. It was remarkable all these years later how they laughed and had a great time talking about that game. If you never played Mystery Date you put together a random guy and girl that you represented. They loved talking about the clothes and hair styles that their dream guys and their personifications got to wear. Playing with dolls and Barbie’s were also something that they loved to talk about. Dressing and shaping their dolls to be what they dreamed and loved to do. Don’t be a stick in the mud and have those memorable times with your daughters.

Christmas Present for Me

Christmas is just 4 months away and I am eyeing a Michael Kors Grayson Large Satchel Logo for my Christmas present. Though I am a little apprehensive maybe the handbag online is fake so I have to check it first at Dillard’s and buy it at the store. But before that I need to save money first hehe… so I can buy the present for myself. Anyway what have you been up to or any plans for the remaining days of the month? As for me, we are planning to watch high school football when if it does not going to rain on us on Friday. Its kind of sucks I’m sure Charles is going to enjoy more in watching football than before. I wonder if  he will not yell touchdown Mizzou or Raiders when we are watching the game.

Charles Loved Mac & Cheese

August 28, 2012

I am glad my husband is home early tonight. For our dinner we had ham, corn, and macaroni and cheese. Charles loved the macaroni and cheese and he ate almost all of his food. My husband and I tried to let him eat the ham and corn and as usual he refused it. At least though he likes macaroni and cheese and he can eat it 3 times a day. Well, I have other stuff to do later after working with my blogs. Did some laundry earlier and it needs to be folded. Luckily, my husband always helps me in hanging up his shirts and putting our clothes in the closet and to my dresser. And my little helper Charles always is there to help us out in any way he can.


My husband Doug, and his friends are all huge gamers. You name it and they play it, board games, poker, card games, X-Box, computer games and even role playing games. In fact, once a month they have a get together with his friends just to play any games available. One thing I know is Rick, one of his friends loves to play sudoku games and he is into the game big time. Rick bought sudoku games at the store to keep him busy while waiting for his friends to come over and when he had back surgery a few years ago. Today, you can find free printable sudoku on the web without spending even a dime. Playing games like this are great brain boosters to test your knowledge and to work your brain out. The more you use your brain the better you can remember and think quick. I have been playing as well on my husbands phone. I have been playing sudoku and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Even our son, Charles though only three loves to play games that test his skill and quick wits. There is nothing like learning and making yourself better while at the same time having a blast playing a game.

Yummy Pakbit

August 27, 2012

I am glad it didn’t rain during the Frisco Fest here in town for the last two days. My husband and other wrestling parents did a fundraiser for the wrestling fund and they sold snow cones. I like snow cones and it reminds me of the ice scramble in the Philippines that I used to buy after school. Oh well, just a few days left and August will come to an end. This September is Charles’ 4th birthday and we are all excited. All of his aunts already bought him gifts and Charles wants to know what they are. Of course it is a surprise for him. Anyway, I cooked my vegetables, squash and bitternut squash for lunch and it tasted really good. I put shrimp instead of pork though my son Charles, didn‘t eat it because he does not like shrimp and vegetables.

physics game

With so many games popping up on the web or on your smart phone it is hard to resist any of the games. I know you like me have many things you need to work on, but heck we all need to have some fun as well. My husband Doug, is one of those that loves playing games. Before bedtime he always checks his games on his iPhone first before anything else. Even our son Charles, is getting addicted to playing games on the laptop and both of our iPhones. Well Doug has a new game he loves to play on our laptop called happy wheels game. Doug loves playing this game though he says it is really too violent and intense for Charles who is only three years old. In the game you play as a comic character trying to get to the end of levels and eventually the game. Unfortunately or I guess I should say fortunately for Doug you can get mauled, disemboweled or decapitated as you try to finish the levels. Doug howls with laughter as he tries to complete the levels. Even better he says is when you watch your attempts end with some horrific death. Doug loves this game as much as any I have seen him play.

Charles Rode on a Ferris Wheel

August 25, 2012

I had a very tiring day today. We went to the Frisco Fest here in town and my husband helped some parents to sell snow cones for a wrestling fundraising. I know how my husband is getting all the help from wrestling parents and he is very happy about it. Then we checked out some rides and I am glad Charles liked it so much. In fact, Charles and his dad rode on a Ferris Wheel and Charles was all smiling. The other ride that they rode together was the Teacups. Though Charles doesn’t like when his dad keep on spinning the wheel. Some of the rides are not that kid friendly so we only had three rides that we really rode in. 

Use Insulated Concrete Forms

August 21, 2012

We moved into this house more than a month ago and I am shocked when I saw our electricity bill just a couple days ago. It is way too high for our monthly usage compared to our previous electricity bills we had in the past. For sure this property is not using any insulated concrete forms for the foundation of the house. How much more during the winter when we use the heater? We would definitely triple the amount of our electricity bill and it is not a good thing. 

We’ve been trying to save money so we can take our vacation next year to the Philippines. Oh well, if you’re planning to build your dream house make sure to do some research first before you hire a home builder. Today there are so many ways where you can save money like using insulated concrete forms. It is an energy efficient and eco-friendly home building material. Not only will you save money you are helping the environment as well.