Drop Down Deals Coupons

January 30, 2012

I was fascinated by Extreme Couponing on TLC and began couponing myself about a year ago . As a mom, I like saving money for every thing we buy at the store or even at the restaurant. You can get huge savings by using dell home coupons at dropdowndeals if you are looking to buy your next computer. Buying this electronics can be very pricey but you can save a lot by using these deals. For me, I’m so glad to have my Dell Laptop in case I need coupons I know where to go.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I am looking forward for tonight's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion. My husband don't like the show. He thinks they are horrible people lol. There is one show that we both like to watch on Television, Storage Wars. I am fascinated what's inside the storage unit and the value of each items. The other night, I find myself watching Storage Wars and I am getting into it. Then here comes the Kardashians. Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Last night was the season finale and I am looking forward for another show Khloe and Lamar. How about you?

Advantage SEO

January 29, 2012

Online Marketing is the simplest way to promote your company, products and services on the web. Advantage SEO is a company that provides Online Marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization and Website Promotion both at a very affordable price. This online marketing services provides free marketing tools for free links and link building tools as well. 

Online Marketing is the simplest way to get your products and services noticed and increase your online sales. If you’re interested about Online Marketing, you can visit their website to see what‘s available for you. The site is easy to use and navigate. Get a free quote now.

Give a Gift

January 25, 2012

If you own a business it is of vital importance that you do everything you can to foster a great relationship with your clientele. One of the easiest and best ways to build those tight relationships is by showing your appreciation for the business that you serve. One way to do this is through a Corporate Gift or a Business Gift. Corporate and business gifts are tokens of appreciation given to either an individual or through your entire clientele. 

Having the Best Corporate Gift at the proper time can foster a relationship that can prove long term benefits. Some may think only of Christmas gifts but these gifts are actually usable throughout the year.

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Lack of Information

January 24, 2012

I received an email today about form 1099 and saw my earning of last year from Blog Advertising site. This is my first time to received this form so I have no idea this is coming. Wish they informed their bloggers early about Tax so we could have waited before we submitted our Income Tax Return. Just like the other blog advertising site, they have info about Tax and income for a blogger to file his or her returns. We already knew how much our tax refund is but adding my self employed income from blogging is going to affect on our tax refund.

Have a Laser Surgery

January 23, 2012

My husbands friend Rick a couple of years ago had major lower back surgery. Rick was out of work for well over a half year. Thank god Rick was in a union and had services that helped him through that time. I wish he had access to a more cutting edge techniques like back surgery laser treatments and others. Minimally invasive technique are becoming more and more popular with doctors as well as patients. Other types of techniques are available as well such as, removing or fusing bone fragments to relieve press and stress on back nerves. Make sure to research all the new techniques available for your back pain.

Baby Blankets

For expectant moms, shopping for a new baby's needs is an exciting part of pregnancy. If you are searching for Baby Blankets and Swaddling Blankets, check out babyblankets.com. This site has a wide selection of both girl and boy baby blankets. There is a wide variety of colors and patterns from which to choose-all at affordable prices. These Cute Baby Blankets are made of soft fabric that will not irritate your baby's delicate skin. This page also offers baby blankets made from wool, fleece, cashmere, and organic materials.

Visit the website to see all the blankets available to cuddle and comfort your newborn. Babyblankets.com is a great place to shop for any baby shower you may be attending as well as for your own baby's needs.

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My Splurged

Charles enjoyed shopping yesterday and he was very good while I was looking every products at the mall. Just want to share a good deal that I had at Victoria's Secret. I bought two Dream Angels Eau De Parfum for $15 each. Original priced at $62 and it was 75% off retail. I also have two Fragrance Mist for just $3 each. Original priced at $12 each. I also bought underwear which I know I will not wear of for the last few months because I have plenty already. They were on sale so why not! Then we had Charles his hair cut and he was not happy with it.

Make life easier with oleophobic coated eyeglasses

January 21, 2012

My husband, Doug has worn glasses for 30 years. Just last year he got new no line bifocal lenses with an Oleophobic coating. If you are not familiar of Oleophobic coating it is a non reflective coating that can be applied to eye glass lenses. This coating is useful in many ways. If you wear glasses like Doug does you know how irritating fingerprints and smears are on your lenses. The same goes for relaxations that can appear in your lenses. Oleophobic coating solves both these problems at a great cost. Zenni Optical for example offers Oleophobic coating and has the best cost that I have seen for prescriptions lenses. Zenni Optical has low prices like $6.95 prescription eyeglasses. For a low price you can have a great product as well as great performance. Anti-reflexive lenses are not just useful though for fingerprints and reflections while driving. 

They also make your glasses much better in photographs as you will no longer have to worry about ruined photos. Zenni Optical has a great website that is easy to navigate and to order from. They have a huge selection of fully customizable frames and lenses for whatever needs you have. The selection is very stylish and is perfect for work or personal appearance. Being a well respected leader in prescription lenses, Zenni is also reliable so you have no worries about the quality of their products.

ACM Merchant

January 20, 2012

If you have a small private or start up business, one of the biggest decisions you have is whether to accept credit cards as payment. Accepting cards is in all actuality a must in today’s modern economy. Many people never carry cash and with exorbitant checking fees checks are slowly dying as well. The wave of the future and the current is to have merchant accounts with cheaper transaction rates for your credit card customers. 

In searching for the best credit card processing business you need to look into ACM Merchant. They specialize in providing credit card service for all types of business as well as providing a source of credit card swipes.

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Server Not Found

Last night, I was about to type a blog post for this site and I got this error; Server Not Found. I don't have any problems opening my site but last night it happened. When I have free time, I need to address this issue to my web host provider so see what's going on. Lately, I've been receiving emails about my submitted blog post not found by automatic checker with one of my Blog Advertising Site.

Half Pipes Ramp

January 18, 2012

My son Charles is only 3 years old and he wants me to buy a skateboard for him. While browsing on the web looking for skateboards that are appropriate for his age I came across this website, https://www.ocramps.com. I found out that there are different types of ramps that you can use for skate boarding. I am more comfortable buying half pipes ramp. This is perfect for a beginner just like my toddler. This half pipe ramp is available from 8 to 12 foot wide which makes it easy for him to practice without any worries about him hurting himself. 

It’s easy to install which is great, specially since my husband doesn’t like doing DIY projects. OC Ramps have the widest selections of Quarter Pipes, Grind Boxes, Skate Paint, Custom Ramps and other products like clothing, helmets and pads. OC Ramps is accredited by Better Business Bureau so you do not have to be worried about their quality.

Hospital Computer Carts

January 17, 2012

My husband’s sister and their cousin Linda works at the local hospital in Fairfax, Missouri. I wonder if they have stylish hospital computer carts like at the Howard Medical website. These carts are absolutely great and stylish. Very lightweight so it’s very easy to move around the corner. If you are interested in looking into new hospital computer carts, cabinets and accessories you can visit on their website http://www.howard-medical.com.

Earthquake in Leyte, Philippines

I was reading on Facebook and found out the earthquake in Leyte, Philippines. I have not heard anything from my family in Leyte. I'm sure they are scared of what's going to happen next. My family lived closer to the beach, around 15 minutes drive from home with a motorcycle. My mother is the only one living in the house. My brother and younger sister are already married. 

My younger sister, Richel is in Manila doing her medical. Hopefully there won't be any problem with her medical so she can get the job in Hong Kong. She already have her employer in Hong Kong but she needs to have her medical done and other training in Manila.

Argan Shampoo and Conditioner

January 16, 2012

I had never heard of Argan Shampoo before I read about them on the web. It amazed me what the extract was that they are using for this shampoo and conditioner. That secret ingredient is seaweed. I used to eat seaweed when I was in the Philippines but never imagined it provides great benefits like moisturizing your hair and scalp. Argan Shampoo and Conditioner are available in unscented and scented products.

CGU Australia's Leading Insurance Provider

I was browsing on the web looking for annual sales when I caught my attention on the CGU Insurance website. I remembered I have not had health insurance for more than a year now. My husband was about to renew my insurance policy when our insurance provider denied my coverage. It scares me not having my insurance. God forbid if an accident happens this would cost us a lot of money. So protect yourself from being uninsured.

CGU Insurance Australia has been around for years and provides insurance from small to medium and corporate businesses. CGU has insurance advisers to guide you through what type of insurance that is best for you and your budget as well. 

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Still Up!

It's already midnight in here but we are still wide awake. Charles and his dad are eating chocolate chip cookies. I am very happy that Charles likes to eat when his dad is eating on his food. Tonight we had Beef Burrito and Charles ate it. Oh well, today is holiday but my husband will go to school for Professional Development meeting. At this time of the year my husband is very busy for the Wrestling season. I know he's happy with job in here and I'm very supportive with him when it comes to his job.

Treat your acne with Luminaze

January 15, 2012

I get acne once in awhile and it bothers me when it hurts really bad. My acne usually appears before my menstruation and I always complained about it. A friend of mine, Stacey suggested to me that I need to use luminaze. She’s been using luminaze for a couple of months now and her face looks younger and more radiant.

Luminaze is catalytic skin tone illuminator and clinically proven to help reduce dark spots and provide younger looking skin. I am interested to luminaze myself and see what the result are. I guess my son will love me however I look but no one likes to have skin problems, especially on your nose or chin. 


January 14, 2012

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I Loved my Template

January 11, 2012

It's hard for me to let go of my old template for the reason that I really like it a lot. It was very simple and clean. Tonight, as you can see I changed my template. I loved it so much. Hopefully, I can figure out how to put tabs on the top so I can save some space at the bottom. I asked my husband and he likes it too. It's very simple just like my old template. Oh well, its very cold in here. Our heater is set to 70 and we probably get some snow tomorrow and Charles is very excited.

Also, my husband has been working on our desktop all day today. The other night, when my husband was trying to tracked his order online he got an email from USPS saying his order is undeliverable. When he clicked the linked from the USPS, it was Trojan virus. Our desktop computer had crashed and all of our important files was hidden somewhere.


January 10, 2012

Being an immigrant to the United States and having family involved in business from my home in the Philippines, I know how important it is to have a clear precise and accurate translation of thoughts, schedules and legal paperwork from different languages. A worldwide leader in the field of business translation, Rosetta Translation is just what you are looking for in a business translation agency. Rosetta Translation is a business translation company centered in London and with offices around the world in Shanghai, New York, Paris and Luxembourg. The heart of our business translation service is our philosophy, “we get it right so you can get on to business.” Rosetta Translation will provide you with a business translator who can help you reach a global, multinational translation. 

It is important to get your message out as it was intended with nothing lost in translation and with little to no distortion of your message. Rosetta Translation provides expertise in the fields of legal, financial, technical and medical fields. Some of the languages provided are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese and many others. Besides simple translation services Rosetta Translation also provides services in court, liaison, consecutive, sign language, telephoned, whispered and simultaneous interpreting.

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I hate Computer Virus

January 09, 2012

Last night, my husband on accident opened a Trojan Virus onto our desktop. The Trojan is called USPS and masks itself as mail from the United States Postal Service. It is tricky as it somehow had the date we had a package mailed to us. The Trojan prompts you to open an adobe form to turn into the post office to get your undeliverable package. Doug was mad at himself as he has been on the net since the 90's and has never allowed himself to be hit by something like this. The Trojan makes it appear your HDD is gone and your files, desktop and start menu are not available. In actuality they are still on the computer just hidden. Doug is currently working to clear up this mess. So be careful of the USPS Scam.

I want this bag

January 08, 2012

I've been browsing on the web looking for Annual sales and found this bag. I want this for my birthday and other stuff that I have found on the web. It's my 32nd birthday. I think I need to splurge a little bit for my birthday, what do you think? Just kidding! And then, I'm planning to sign up on their web site so I can accumulate 200 points for every $1 spent and I will receive $10. The good thing is: You can double your points on your birthday which is wonderful. 

I really want this Audra Large Fold-Over Satchel from Guess. It's only $59.99 though I couldn't see any free shipping when you spend a certain amount on their web site. Anyway, I'm still undecided which restaurant to eat on my birthday. I like Copeland's, Abuelos and Chinese restaurants because they have rice and rice noodles (pancit). These restaurants offers discounts and free dessert on your birthday.


January 06, 2012

I want to share with all my friends online a truly great website that I came across recently. This website is the perfect place for anyone who likes incredible deals and sales everyday. The name of this site is nomorerack.com the site is by far the most exciting and eclectic mix of sales goods I have seen on the world wide web. Basically nomorerack is a site that specializes in having short term sales that last only a day or two. These sales last until the item is sold out or the time expires. Items are sold at an extreme discount. It is common to see items 50-60% off, sometimes items sell for a whopping 80-90% off retail. For example as I write this sale items include, a monster component cable at 87% off retail, woman’s sports jacket at 75% off retail & sexy lingerie at 65% off retail. Items already sold out in this days sale included leather wallets at 69% off retail, an amethyst ring at 76% off retail and a titanium link bracelet at 75% off retail. The way nomorerack.com can make such great deals is that they sell overstock items with little to no overhead, aka they are an online store with no overhead of a storefront or other frivolous expenses. They can then pass there savings onto the customers.

These deals are short in time as they move a huge amount of goods in all consumer categories. This type of daily sales make for a new shopping experience EVERY time you log on to check the site. There are though other things that make each visit exciting. There are occasional Insanity Deals at absolutely ridiculous slashed prices. Recently there was a $1500 Sony Bravia 52” HD TV sold for less then $60 Dollars and 160 GB Playstation 3's sold for less then $30. There is no telling what you will find in an Insanity Deal each time you log on. To make things even more incredible the shipping for nomorerack is a flat $2 for each item. As a final perk you can gain friendrack points for referrals that friends purchase. You can then use these friendrack points to help purchase things for free. This site is just an incredible find make sure to head over to check it out.

Is Your Electrician a Pro?

January 05, 2012

Even the handiest of handymen leave electrical work to licensed, professional electricians. Electricity can be dangerous in a home that's improperly wired, has overloaded circuits or has exposed or defective wiring, receptacles and switches. Even if the job seems simple, it's better to call an experienced electrician to do it. Most electricians have hours of on-the-job training under the supervision of a more experienced electrician and have passed the exam. So don't leave your electrical work to your handyman, your brother-in-law or yourself. The money you spend hiring a professional will more than pay off in peace of mind and a safe home.

Kentucky Derby Betting

January 03, 2012

A few months ago I watched the movie Secretariat with my husband, Doug.  I loved the movie and even more I loved the excitement of the races. When Doug explained how betting worked I became even more intrigued. Well this year I decided I want to be involved in the race through a wager. Kentucky Derby Betting is how I plan on making my wager this year.

The website is easy to use and navigate. It also has an extensive listing of the horses in this years race as well as the history of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby races of the past.

Thanks to our friends at http://www.kentuckyderby.org/ for supporting my blog.

My iPhone Case

What a lovely day outside.The sun is shining so bright what a perfect weather for the start of the year. Oh well, I was sorting papers and noticed my Passport is about to expire this February 12. I think we will just renew my Passport when my husband is done at school in May. Though it's a long drive on the way to Chicago just to renew my Passport. Philippine Embassy is located in Chicago so it's not a fun trip at all. Also, we need to get Charles Passport. 

Oh well, I took a picture of my Hello Kitty iPhone case. Charles likes it and he thinks his mommy is cool... Charles is my biggest fan. I can ask him about my looks and he will say I'm stylish or not stylish when he doesn't like my clothes. He is a good shopping buddy without any complaints when I'm taking so long shopping around.

Daughter Called

January 01, 2012

The article written by Alonso Kramer

My daughter called me up the other day to tell me she didn’t really feel safe in her house, and there are few things a father wants to hear less than that. It seems that a few weeks ago one of her neighbors had a break in, a fact she had conveniently forgotten to tell me, and now she was scared to be there alone. She often was, too, since her roommate was at her boyfriend’s house most of the time. The first thing I did was look into home security systems Santa Barbara to price out alarm systems which ended up being totally affordable. I then called her local police station and asked them to monitor the grounds at least a couple of times a night, which they said they would be happy to do. Now Sarah feels a lot better at home but I’m a basket case. Why did she have to tell me her neighborhood was totally unsafe? And why on earth did I let her buy that house?

How's Your New Year's Day?

How's your New Year's Day? Me, I was too lazy this morning. Well, last night we just stayed at home and did not go to Springfield for New Year's Eve celebration. We were looking forward to see some fireworks on the bedroom but we could not see any fireworks at all. Though we opened our bedroom door and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It's not cold at all unlike last year. Oh well, I already got my Hello Kitty iPhone case and I loved it so much! Charles think it's cool.