Daughter Called

January 01, 2012

The article written by Alonso Kramer

My daughter called me up the other day to tell me she didn’t really feel safe in her house, and there are few things a father wants to hear less than that. It seems that a few weeks ago one of her neighbors had a break in, a fact she had conveniently forgotten to tell me, and now she was scared to be there alone. She often was, too, since her roommate was at her boyfriend’s house most of the time. The first thing I did was look into home security systems Santa Barbara to price out alarm systems which ended up being totally affordable. I then called her local police station and asked them to monitor the grounds at least a couple of times a night, which they said they would be happy to do. Now Sarah feels a lot better at home but I’m a basket case. Why did she have to tell me her neighborhood was totally unsafe? And why on earth did I let her buy that house?


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