My iPhone Case

January 03, 2012

What a lovely day outside.The sun is shining so bright what a perfect weather for the start of the year. Oh well, I was sorting papers and noticed my Passport is about to expire this February 12. I think we will just renew my Passport when my husband is done at school in May. Though it's a long drive on the way to Chicago just to renew my Passport. Philippine Embassy is located in Chicago so it's not a fun trip at all. Also, we need to get Charles Passport. 

Oh well, I took a picture of my Hello Kitty iPhone case. Charles likes it and he thinks his mommy is cool... Charles is my biggest fan. I can ask him about my looks and he will say I'm stylish or not stylish when he doesn't like my clothes. He is a good shopping buddy without any complaints when I'm taking so long shopping around.


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