January 06, 2012

I want to share with all my friends online a truly great website that I came across recently. This website is the perfect place for anyone who likes incredible deals and sales everyday. The name of this site is the site is by far the most exciting and eclectic mix of sales goods I have seen on the world wide web. Basically nomorerack is a site that specializes in having short term sales that last only a day or two. These sales last until the item is sold out or the time expires. Items are sold at an extreme discount. It is common to see items 50-60% off, sometimes items sell for a whopping 80-90% off retail. For example as I write this sale items include, a monster component cable at 87% off retail, woman’s sports jacket at 75% off retail & sexy lingerie at 65% off retail. Items already sold out in this days sale included leather wallets at 69% off retail, an amethyst ring at 76% off retail and a titanium link bracelet at 75% off retail. The way can make such great deals is that they sell overstock items with little to no overhead, aka they are an online store with no overhead of a storefront or other frivolous expenses. They can then pass there savings onto the customers.

These deals are short in time as they move a huge amount of goods in all consumer categories. This type of daily sales make for a new shopping experience EVERY time you log on to check the site. There are though other things that make each visit exciting. There are occasional Insanity Deals at absolutely ridiculous slashed prices. Recently there was a $1500 Sony Bravia 52” HD TV sold for less then $60 Dollars and 160 GB Playstation 3's sold for less then $30. There is no telling what you will find in an Insanity Deal each time you log on. To make things even more incredible the shipping for nomorerack is a flat $2 for each item. As a final perk you can gain friendrack points for referrals that friends purchase. You can then use these friendrack points to help purchase things for free. This site is just an incredible find make sure to head over to check it out.


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