I can't wait to visit Disney World!

February 29, 2012

I am originally from the Philippines. My husband and I met on a dating site. We are now happily married and have a three year old toddler, Charles. Now that Charles is growing up, I would like our family to travel and visit other parts of the U.S. There are many exciting destinations advertised on television. For example, Disney World! Oh boy! Charles would love that! My family would love to see Disney World and visit all the attractions found in Orlando. When I researched the Orlando Vacation Packages, I realized that this is an affordable place to visit. 

The Orlando Travel Packages wouldn't "break the bank" and would offer a fun, family-friendly vacation. In Orlando, there are tons of hotels from which to choose. These Orlando Hotels offer spacious rooms, great views and locations, and helpful, friendly staff. They also serve delicious food. All this is offered at a very affordable price. I can't wait to visit Disney World! I am excited! This will be a memorable first vacation for our family.

Another Missed Opportunity

February 28, 2012

I am a little disappointed today. I got assigned task but when I checked on the requirements, it says "do not accept this task if you have already written this URL before. It sucks! I love the payout rate and then there was another opportunity and it was already taken by another blogger. Oh well, last night we had amended our tax returns. We already filed our returns last month but I got 1098 forms. My Self Employed Income from blogging. Oh boy! it was complicated. I'd rather have a real job I guess. Anyway, did any of you watch the Daytona 500 last night? We did! My son Charles loves it so we had to stay up late till it was over. It was horrific and very scary for me to watched.

CI Auto Quotes

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Affordable Levi's Jeans at Dave's New York

February 26, 2012

I own five pairs of levis jeans and I want more. While looking on the online store, Dave’s New York I am amazed at the price of all their jeans. They are all at a discounted price compared to prices at the mall. This time of the year is the best time to stack up on jeans, coats and more. 

For quality garments like coats and jackets, alpha industries are also sold by Dave‘s. They also have work apparel for men and women. Dave’s New York has been around for years and has pleased many customers. They also offer flat rate shipping of 6.99. Shop now!

My Entangled Medium Box Satchel

February 23, 2012

I am so happy because the Satchel Guess Bag that I really like was on sale at Dillard's. It was only $69 compared on the Guess website which is $125 plus shipping. Before I got this bag, I asked 3 employees at Dillard's and they don't want to helped because they are not assigned on the bag's area. I was really pissed off and irritated. Luckily, this bag was on sale and I bought it! This is the reason why I kept checking on the guess website to see they have pink color available. Finally! I got it!

Wolverine Boots are Durable

February 22, 2012

My brother Ricky, was asking for a new shoes before I left the Philippines. I have been looking on the web for what I can find for him to wear. I like the wolverine boots the best of all I have seen. They are durable and last for years. This is the type of shoes that my brother would love to wear. They are available in many colors and the price is very affordable.

We're making card

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday. I did not buy any card because Charles and I are going to make a card for him. He likes it a lot when Charles and I made a Valentine's card. He thinks it was very cute! Oh well, I am a little disappointed today. There's a satchel bag that I really like but they don't have pink color available. Their free shipping of $125 or more is already up so it is kinda depressing to me. But anyhow, I always checked their website 2-3 times a day and I'm sure I can get what I want next time.

Barrie Law Firm

February 21, 2012

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I'm Getting Old

February 19, 2012

I just turned 32 this January. Lately, I have been noticing that I keep forgetting stuff. We were at Walmart yesterday and I was about to buy Angel Soft Bath Tissue and Sparkle Paper Towels. When I was about to get these products, I looked for my Walgreens and Dollar General Weekly Ads inside my purse. I could not find my weekly ads so I only bought the paper towels. During check out, I noticed the weekly ads under my grocery lists. Even here at home I always forgot to close the cabinet doors and such.

I Need to Drive

February 17, 2012

I can't believe we're already halfway through of this month of February. Next month is my husband's spring break and  I am so excited. We're planning to see his sisters so they can see of their nephew Charles. Anyway, now that my husband is done with the wrestling season, I'm planning to practice driving our car during Saturday and Sunday afternoon so I can get my own car. But to be honest, I am really scared to drive on the road with so many cars around. But I'm hoping I can get over my fear. I need to know how to drive by myself so I can go anywhere I want to or when I have my own job.

Get to know Avnish Goyal

February 15, 2012

I’m always inspired when someone is making a difference in helping other people by doing things for the good of his or her fellow men. Avnish Goyal is such a person. He started his own family care home business in the United Kingdom a decade ago. In the United States we would call his business a health care facility or a rest home. Avnish wanted to provide the best care available for those using his family care home. 

His goal has been to provide the best and most modern care for his clients while also providing a great work place environment to his employees. He has succeed over the last decade and has over 1,000 employees and will soon open his 5,000 bed, all done through an honest and integrity rich entrepreneur.

My Flower Arrangement

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I got a flower arrangement from my husband and I love it! Charles was so excited!

Later, we're planning to eat at Abuelo's. Its a Mexican restaurant and I really like their food. I know most of the restaurants are very busy tonight but I think my husband is going to make a reservation for us.

On Roadside Assistance

February 13, 2012

Spring is just a few weeks away and probably we all be traveling to see our family or just drive across the country. Keeping your vehicles safe on the road is very important like having the right insurance for your car. Roadside Assistance is important to have for your car. Just in case your car breaks down on the road, you won’t get stuck on the side of the road. I remember when our car broke down on the highway when my husband was about to go to work. Luckily, our car was covered with our insurance policy and we had our car towed in just a few minutes. If you’re planning to drive around the country with your car or RV it is good to have roadside assistance. Good Sam, offers roadside assistance across the country including Canada, and Mexico. They are accredited by Better Business Bureau as well. So check it out today.

Adele's Rollin in the Grammy

Did you watch the Grammy last night? I did! And I thought it was awesome. Adele swept 6 Grammy Awards including Record of the Year for Rolling in the Deep and Adele 21 for Album of he Year. I think she was amazing and a great talent as well. Jennifer Hudson pays tribute to Whitney Houston and I was touched by her. I think Jennifer handled it well. Oh well, we have our first snow of the season. My son Charles was so excited when he saw the snow on the yard. He wants to make a snow angel and snow ball.

Recessed Floor Mats and Foot Grille

February 12, 2012

While looking to build a home gym area I came across Mad Matter Inc. They make about any type of mat you could ever need for home or business. I was looking for a mat for our weights and workout area which they have. They also though specialize in business applications. Their Recessed Mats are perfect for entry ways and anywhere you want secure footing. 

These Recessed Floor Mat areas are perfect because they will not slide like a regular mat but are permanent installed upgrades to your business. Also available are Aluminum Foot Grille areas which are perfect for high volume or weight bearing areas.

Gone for the State Wrestling Tournament

February 10, 2012

My husband is gone for the State Wrestling Tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am glad though the wrestling season is over. I know how stressful and very tiring his job as a wrestling coach. Oh well, I posted on my previous blog about our car showing service engine on the dashboard. On Tuesday, my husband is going to take our car to the BMW shop to get it fix. It is quite expensive and that's where the money goes from out tax refund for this year. It seems like problem is always there all the time and usually involve with money.

We need Healthcare Coverage

February 07, 2012

My son Charles and I haven't been covered by health insurance for more than a year now. My husband is a wrestling coach, and this year's season is almost over. Now, we can finally make some time to look for a short term insurance policy with low cost monthly premiums. Finding health insurance quotes is easy; however, I want to really understand my health care coverage options. 

After looking at several plans, I feel that PPO will be the right choice of coverage for me and my son. I will be able to choose from a wide range of physicians and pediatricians for our medical care. The sooner I arrange for PPO coverage, the better I will feel. This will give me peace of mind and will enable Charles and me to receive any needed medical services from our provider.

Family Time

February 04, 2012

Just ten days away and it is Valentine's Day. Any plans for that day? For us, my husband is working on that day and will definitely have dinner outside. It's not a date because we always have Charles with us so it's a family time as well. I am not comfortable of leaving Charles on a baby sitter. I'd rather Charles have with us anywhere we go. Oh well, today is the last Wrestling Conference before they go to State Wrestling Tournament next week in Little Rock, Arkansas. I thought this wasn't a Wrestling. I told my husband to stop by at Manna Oriental Market to get rice and other pinoy foods.

Monica's family

February 01, 2012

This guest post from Mickey Garza

My sister in law is from a family of ten children. They were born and raised in Illinois, but have since scattered all over the country. Somehow a few of them have ended up in the entertainment industry and work in Las Vegas on different arenas. I have never been to Las Vegas but my husband had the opportunity to go with my brother one time when he was going out there on a business trip. They stayed with my sister in law’s dad in a very nice home he lives in on the north side of town. Although my husband spent most of his time watching direct TV Las Vegas because my brother was working, at night they got to go out and see some of the shows that my brother’s in laws performed in. My husband said they had a really good time and talked a lot about the giant buffets of food that they had everywhere he went. When I asked him about all the show that they went to, he did not have a lot to share and seemed to be cautious in whatever he told me. I guess it is true that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

It Doesn't Look like Winter

Today is the first day of the month and I am so excited! Wrestling Season is about to be over and my husband can go home early in the afternoon. Oh well, it doesn't like winter here in Arkansas. The weather has been so great for the last few days now and I don't see any snow on the weather forecast. It is good though, if we don't get any snow this year. My husband will be out of school early in May. Anyway, today JC Penny has sale going on. I got a catalog and I don't think I'll be crazy about it. Lets see when my husband wants to shop around later when he gets back home from Wrestling practice.