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February 01, 2012

This guest post from Mickey Garza

My sister in law is from a family of ten children. They were born and raised in Illinois, but have since scattered all over the country. Somehow a few of them have ended up in the entertainment industry and work in Las Vegas on different arenas. I have never been to Las Vegas but my husband had the opportunity to go with my brother one time when he was going out there on a business trip. They stayed with my sister in law’s dad in a very nice home he lives in on the north side of town. Although my husband spent most of his time watching direct TV Las Vegas because my brother was working, at night they got to go out and see some of the shows that my brother’s in laws performed in. My husband said they had a really good time and talked a lot about the giant buffets of food that they had everywhere he went. When I asked him about all the show that they went to, he did not have a lot to share and seemed to be cautious in whatever he told me. I guess it is true that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


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