Industrial floor machines

March 30, 2012

Industrial floor machines are a very efficient way to do the heavy duty cleaning your business needs, in a faster more efficient way. I have seen industrial floor machines on HGTV shows and Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis and these machines has great results. When it comes to floor sanding or resurfacing your concrete floors there is nothing better. Another huge problem you may run into is having soiled carpets that need heavy duty cleaning. 

Having Steam cleaners is the only way short of expensive replacing of carpet to make any carpet appear brand new. Whether you are planning to start a new business like flipping houses or plan to start a renovation business these machines are a very valuable tool. So make sure and check out the industrial floor machines such as steam cleaners and concrete floor resurfacing that are available as ways to help your bottom line.

Did you win the lottery?

Thanks god its Friday! Is your ticket the winning lottery numbers 02-04-23-38-46 23? Well someone is going to be a lucky winner tonight if you hit those numbers.  Its definitely not us. I just checked our lottery tickets and we didn't win anything at all. Well tomorrow is Saturday. My husband and the other wrestling coach are hosting a freestyle wrestling tournament at 9 o'clock. The venue of the tournament is closer to our house about 8 minutes walk but I don't like in getting up that early. Besides my son Charles is still asleep at that time. 
Anyway, I am kinda irritated early this morning. Someone rang our doorbell and knocked the door. When Charles and I got up in bed I saw a flier on our door. To me, you don't need to ring the doorbell and knock the door so early in the morning. Just put the flier on our door then just leave. I am a bitch? No... hahaha.

Skid Steer Loaders

March 29, 2012

Are you in need of a loader for your business, farm or to do work around your land? If you need to look at the website, Texas Skid Steer is a business that specializes in the sale of used skidsteer loaders. They have the best loaders available from manufacturers like Bobcat, New Holland and Caterpillar. The loaders are top notch quality and they give you many photos and info on all aspects of the loader so you are reassured of its condition.

Cheap Jewelries

March 28, 2012

Finding the real deals and steals online can save you a lot of money. Buying accessories and jewelries doesn’t have to be expensive. There are cheap jewelry online prices that you can find. The website is the real deal and has great prices. You could save up to 86% off on earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings with loads of different styles and colors to choose from.

Glad I'm feeling better

For the last few days I have headaches, sore throat and my eyes were hurting. I am glad though I am feeling so much better today, thanks to 4 aspirin that I took last night. Don't roll your eyes, yes it was 4 tiny tablets. I really do not like taking medicines but I can't take the pain anymore. My husband is right. I am a hard headed type of person. Just when I realized I had submitted the wrong blog post and URL to blog advertising site. At least though I noticed the problem before I went to bed.

Well, March is just few days left. I am looking forward for the month of April and May because school is about to be over. We can do lots of things this summer and I'm sure my son would enjoy it very much. Most of all, I want to drive our car so I can take the exam and have my driver's license.

The best iPad

March 27, 2012

If you are looking for the best ipad without breaking your budget, Kobo eReader Touch Edition Onyx, is your best bet at a great but not bank breaking priced iPad. They store up to 1,000 eBooks and battery life lasts up to 2 weeks. Isn't is wonderful? The Kobo eReader are available in different colors all for a very low price. Sign up of their eNewsletter and get free shipping on your first order. 

Padded Mailers

I used to send small packages to the Philippines and I have been using padded mailers to keep them safe and secure for a very long destination. If you’re looking for packaging, shipping supplies, envelopes and mailers,  is the online store to visit. All the products of the website are available all for very low price. Get a copy of their newest catalog all yours for free.

My Spring Roll was a hit

Yesterday, I had cooked Caldereta and Spring Rolls (Lumpia) and took it to the banquet. They loved it and I got great compliments about my foods. There were tons of foods at the banquet yesterday and everybody seems to enjoy the food and the small program that my husband did for the wrestling season. He also did a wonderful presentation and highlights of the wrestling season which every parents likes. My husband is very lucky to have wonderful parents who's been very supportive when it comes to wrestling stuff at school. And for my wonderful son Charles, he was not very shy at all. He played with Easton and they kept on running around the tables. It was such a wonderful night to finish the wrestling season with a great success.

Baby Slings

March 25, 2012

I can’t believed that my son Charles is already a grown up kid. As a mom I loved to talk about the products and accessories that I have used with my child. One of the things I liked to use was baby slings and wraps. You can still do things around the house without leaving your child alone in the bedroom. As well they are great for no hands shopping and generally are much better on your back and shoulders. Baby slings and wraps are great gifts for any baby shower you may be attending. 
For expectant moms make sure to include baby slings and wraps in your registry.  They are easy to carry, machine washable and eco-friendly. They also come in many colors and styles to choose from. At is your favorite baby sling shopping destination of any types. Most of their items on the website have free shipping as well.

Not again!

March 24, 2012

I am a little disappointed today. I resubmitted this blog to another blog advertising site and it was not accepted. As I read of the rejection reason, I could not understand what is meant by "you've dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's." I understand though that I have more paid posts than non-sponsored posts. At least though, I am included on the mailing list for future blog advertising on one of the sites that I had worked with in the past which is a good thing. Well, I'd better get off in here. My eyes are getting sore and  I  am not comfortable typing on the laptop. I prefer the desktop but my husband is burning some DVD's of the wrestling tournament.

Five Star Mortgages

March 22, 2012

Thinking of purchasing a new house, mobile home or to refinance but you don’t have enough savings in your account? Need help finding a great mortgage? No problem! Five Star Mortgages has been helping individuals find the right lender for their home needs for many years. Five Star Mortgages specializes in finding the perfect lender and programs to help you find low monthly interest rates. If you have a good credit you can surely avail the opportunities available to you.

If you have credit problems in your past then they are able to find programs and lenders who specialize in helping those in your situation. Buying a home is such a better option then renting in almost every circumstance. Renting is like throwing money down a hole you pay pay pay every month but in the end you have nothing to show for it. While purchasing a home and paying off your mortgages you will eventually either own the property or at the minimum have equity built up.

Double Glazing

March 19, 2012

I have never heard about double glazing in the past so when I came across it on this website, The website gave me a clear idea  what double glazing is all about. All Double Glazing is a type of window that has not a single plane of glass but two planes of glass. This extra plane acts as an insulator vs. heat loss from your windows. In today’s economy saving money not just today but in the future is a super smart investment. This investment also pays dividends as it makes your home have a higher resale value. Double Glazing of windows was actually invented nearly 80 years ago and has been available for quite sometime in the United States but is just now begging in to be popular in the United Kingdom and the British Islands. 

At is a website based in the United Kingdom that provides window replacement quotes. Comparing double glazing prices online saves you money before getting the work done. If you’re planning to have new windows and doors installed professionally, All Double Glazing is the place to be. This company has been around for years and has been helping customers with great results and thousands of satisfied customers. To learn more about double glazing you can visit the website.

Going to Hong Kong

I spoke to my mother and she really wants to see Charles on the computer though she is kinda busy this week. I know she is sad because my sister is going to Hong Kong this Friday. I pray to god that her employer will treat her like a family. She has some friends who's working in Hong Kong so it is quite a relief to hear from her. For us, we will be gone for a week for my husband's spring break and Charles is very excited. Today he was carrying again his suit case and ready to go. Well, we drove around town this afternoon and saw some beautiful houses. There is a townhouse that I really like. It has three bedrooms, two baths with granite counter tops. Though we have not check how it look like inside but I guess it is pretty. I know we still have plenty of time to look around on houses but this will give us an idea of what houses are available on the market.

Southern New Hampshire University

March 17, 2012

If you are wanting to improve your life and your marketability then continuing your education is a sure fire way to reach your goals in life. Whether you are a current student, non traditional adult student or in the military there are many universities, colleges and junior colleges you can look into to advance your education. I though have found one of the absolute best online educational opportunities in Southern New Hampshire University. What makes Southern New Hampshire University so special compared to many online offerings is that it is a true University. 

The SNHU is a fully accredited University that is not just an online school but has offline classes available as well from their actual campus.  This is no mere office building school but a real university with real professors, campus residents and even athletics. SNHU offers a full range of online and offline courses and degrees for undergraduate and graduate students. Their most popular and course that may be best for you is an online mba course. This course does not require a BMAT or GRE. There is financial aid available and it is the perfect course to help improve your marketability and help you get your dream job.

Coolant Pump

March 15, 2012

My family in the Philippines owns a rice farm and water is very important. My father has a water pump to help gets the water from the irrigation into the fields. Now that I know I can buy a coolant pump online at a very low price this would be a great help for my family back in the Philippines and improve the rice harvest in the end.

Thank You!

I submitted my other blog to blog advertising site few days ago. Yesterday when I checked on the blog advertising site I was so happy when I saw all the assigned tasks to me. There's a task also for the blog that has been approved. Thank you to the blog advertising site and for being consistent in assigning tasks for my blogs. Anyway, yesterday we drove around town and looked up some houses though it was kinda dark already and we couldn't see inside the house very well. So today when my husband gets home I will let him call about the property that we saw last night. It kinda look small and we still have plenty of time to look around for other houses.

Sanctuary Furniture

March 14, 2012

I have never heard about sanctuary furniture in the past. When my husband told me of these types of chairs I decided to look them up. So when I looked it up on the website it gave me an idea what sanctuary furniture is. This is the type of chair that you can use during worship. It is available from wood to metal and they are very durable types of chairs.

Cool Disco Slim Wallet

March 13, 2012

Yesterday I had ordered Cool Disco Slim Wallet and it has been shipped already. I am so excited! I have been looking this wallet at Dillard's but they don't have pink color available. When I checked on the Guess website I was happy when I saw it so I had to ordered it right away. I am looking forward though to receive my Guess List Card so I can earn points for every purchase I make where Guess brands are available. 

Well, we just got back home from Walmart. We bought pillows and I think it was very inexpensive for just $3.97 each. I like to buy things when they are on sale. I know these pillows will not last longer but we have to change pillows every 3 months.

Security Awareness Training

March 11, 2012

As the owner or manager of growing business it is imperative that you find an effective but cost conscious way to educate your employees. It is a simple point that is understood by all successful businesses that happy and well educated employees are great for your business and for your bottom line. Employees who are not for sure on what is expected of them in their job will be far less efficient in their jobs. If you are in a service industry it is even worse, nothing screams incompetence to customers then if employees are not competent and confident in their job. To make your employees confident you must give them the tools to perform their jobs.  Inspired eLearning is just that type of program. eLearning allows business managers and owners to develop their own education courses for their employees. These are totally customizable and give you total control of how to best get your message to your employees. Computer learning has proven to be the most effective way to reach a large number of personnel at the best cost.

Decreased down time and more accountability are easier to achieve on a desktop or laptop then sitting in a room or lecture hall. So what type of skills and learning is most important to your business? It may be legal topics like OSHA, HIPAA, rights or confidentiality issues. These type of issues if not taken care of can prove to be catastrophic to your business. Some positions though are equally important but not so complex. You need effective tools to teach these skills as well. Things like word processing, IT skills and security skills are essential for your bottom line.  Get yourself covered and jump into the eLearning world and you will sleep well knowing that you have covered all your bases.

Cold Thursday night

March 08, 2012

Next Friday is my husband's spring break and I am so excited! We're planning to visit his sisters even though gas prices are soaring. We have a little extra money that we can use so I am looking forward to visit his sisters. My husband wants to go to the zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. We've been to that zoo twice when Charles was a little. It is not my favorite place to visit though they have Merry Go Round and huge aquarium which I really like. Anyway, how's your weather today? In here, it is very cold. Usually we never turned on our heater but tonight I want it on. Well, tomorrow is Friday and my husband has a busy weekend. I would love to go shopping but I can't drive yet. I need to practice to drive our car so I can take the test.


March 07, 2012

I submitted this blog to blog advertising site and it was rejected for some reasons. This blog has more sponsored  than non-sponsored posts. At least though I can still resubmit this blog once I have more non-sponsored posts. Well, today is Wednesday and only few days left is my husband's spring break. We're planning to visit his sisters on his spring break but with the cost of gas prices soaring I don't think its the smart move to do. We can still afford to visit his sisters but I'd rather save the money. We're planning to move out this house by June and it cost a lot of money as well. Anyway, yesterday we went to the Asian store. Charles and his dad was with me. Soon as we entered the door, Charles asked; What's that smell? I know it was a bad smell and he covered his nose while we were inside the store. How much more when I take Charles to the market in the Philippines when we visit. It surely has a stinky smell.

TFC Channel

March 06, 2012

My husband is begging me in teaching Charles how to speak our dialect in the Philippines. Every time I speak Tagalog or Waray-waray to Charles he just keep on laughing and he will say; that's silly! I know he can understand so quickly on the shows that he is watching on Television. He can count one to ten in Spanish and speak words in Chinese. He watch most of the time on Television so I am thinking of adding a TFC Channel on our DirecTV. Having Filipino Channel for Charles makes it easy for him to learn how to speak Tagalog and learn about our culture. I know my husband is right that I need to speak Charles with our dialect but I am just a very hard headed person.

Jason Upton Designs

Hiring a web designer to create your Website Design is a huge advantage to succeeding in attracting online readers and shoppers. Affiliate Marketing can easily generate a large increase in your income for your business. The affiliate marketing is so useful as it makes it much easier to connect to publishers online. If you’re a business owner and still using advertising in the old fashion way, it is better to take your chances with technology. Technology is a huge part in helping business owners like you and some are under utilizing it. 

Jason Upton Designs have been in business for years and have been helping clients create their websites and make them more profitable. With a knowledgeable team of web designers to help you it is easy to understand what your needs are for your website. At  your ecommerce solutions are their business and positive results are great for your business and theirs.

Baker Electric Solar

March 04, 2012

With gas prices soaring its hard to think how we are going to pay our monthly bills like electricity. If you’re tired of paying too much on your electricity bill and want to save money out of it, solar powered energy is a great solution. Baker Electric Solar is a solar power service provider in San Diego, California. They have been in business since 1938. They have been helping home and business owners save money on their electricity bills for decades and are well respected in the field of alternative energy. 

Of course besides the cost savings you will be living much more Earth friendly with solar energy. Many do not realize that much of our nations electricity is still provided by burning coal. The solar panels are easy to install so you can start saving energy right away. Baker Electric Solar is an accredited business so you have nothing to worry about with your money and the service are great as  well.

On Submitting my blogs

I tried to submit my blogs to another blog advertising but it says; Paypal email is already in use. I am glad though I sent an email. I can submit my blogs using another Paypal email address. Its been few months that I have not receive tasks from other blog advertising sites so I want to try another opportunity. Anyway, today the weather is very nice. I'm planning to drive around and look up some houses. My husband wants to go shopping and I don't feel like spending money at this point in time. I don't know there is a time wherein I really want to buy something but it is very upsetting when they don't have the item that I really want. Lets see what I can find later at the mall.

My Aunt

March 03, 2012

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

My aunt told me about direct tv Ioma and boy was she right. I never watched much TV before my divorce but I feel really good about life now because I’ve been watching hours and hours of that Real Housewives show and man, I’ve got it better than most of these rich ladies! I know that sounds totally contradictory but they’re so consumed with wealth and pride and all those trappings they can’t see outside of themselves. I am so glad right now that I don’t live in Beverly Hills and that I have a hard but decent job rather than just a life of leisure. I think it’s important to work a hard days pay and really feel like you’re contributing. I don’t know how most of these women don’t feel like they’re just wastes of space but you know, that’s their burden to bear and not mine. At least I know I never want to be too rich to know what’s going on in the real world! You lose sight of things that way!

Fragrance Express

March 02, 2012

As a woman I love to smell good for my husband. I am fascinated on my newfound online store, Fragrance Express. They have the widest selection of perfumes any woman could want to make them smell good and sexy. Buying wholesale perfume can save you a lot of money. Check out of their featured products to avail of 50% off. These perfumes are well worth your money plus free shipping on any item makes it an even better deal.

On Hello Kitty

March 01, 2012

The other day, I saw Hello Kitty shower curtain at Walmart and I am interested in redecorating my bathroom. What can I say, I like Hello Kitty! They don't have the complete bathroom accessories so I have to look it up online. They are very affordable and hopefully tomorrow I can start buying Hello Kitty shower curtain and hooks. Charles likes Hello Kitty and he knew it's my favorite. Oh well, better get off in here. I need watch the rerun of the Real Housewives of Orange County.