Did you win the lottery?

March 30, 2012

Thanks god its Friday! Is your ticket the winning lottery numbers 02-04-23-38-46 23? Well someone is going to be a lucky winner tonight if you hit those numbers.  Its definitely not us. I just checked our lottery tickets and we didn't win anything at all. Well tomorrow is Saturday. My husband and the other wrestling coach are hosting a freestyle wrestling tournament at 9 o'clock. The venue of the tournament is closer to our house about 8 minutes walk but I don't like in getting up that early. Besides my son Charles is still asleep at that time. 
Anyway, I am kinda irritated early this morning. Someone rang our doorbell and knocked the door. When Charles and I got up in bed I saw a flier on our door. To me, you don't need to ring the doorbell and knock the door so early in the morning. Just put the flier on our door then just leave. I am a bitch? No... hahaha.


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