Glad I'm feeling better

March 28, 2012

For the last few days I have headaches, sore throat and my eyes were hurting. I am glad though I am feeling so much better today, thanks to 4 aspirin that I took last night. Don't roll your eyes, yes it was 4 tiny tablets. I really do not like taking medicines but I can't take the pain anymore. My husband is right. I am a hard headed type of person. Just when I realized I had submitted the wrong blog post and URL to blog advertising site. At least though I noticed the problem before I went to bed.

Well, March is just few days left. I am looking forward for the month of April and May because school is about to be over. We can do lots of things this summer and I'm sure my son would enjoy it very much. Most of all, I want to drive our car so I can take the exam and have my driver's license.


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