Going to Hong Kong

March 19, 2012

I spoke to my mother and she really wants to see Charles on the computer though she is kinda busy this week. I know she is sad because my sister is going to Hong Kong this Friday. I pray to god that her employer will treat her like a family. She has some friends who's working in Hong Kong so it is quite a relief to hear from her. For us, we will be gone for a week for my husband's spring break and Charles is very excited. Today he was carrying again his suit case and ready to go. Well, we drove around town this afternoon and saw some beautiful houses. There is a townhouse that I really like. It has three bedrooms, two baths with granite counter tops. Though we have not check how it look like inside but I guess it is pretty. I know we still have plenty of time to look around on houses but this will give us an idea of what houses are available on the market.


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