March 07, 2012

I submitted this blog to blog advertising site and it was rejected for some reasons. This blog has more sponsored  than non-sponsored posts. At least though I can still resubmit this blog once I have more non-sponsored posts. Well, today is Wednesday and only few days left is my husband's spring break. We're planning to visit his sisters on his spring break but with the cost of gas prices soaring I don't think its the smart move to do. We can still afford to visit his sisters but I'd rather save the money. We're planning to move out this house by June and it cost a lot of money as well. Anyway, yesterday we went to the Asian store. Charles and his dad was with me. Soon as we entered the door, Charles asked; What's that smell? I know it was a bad smell and he covered his nose while we were inside the store. How much more when I take Charles to the market in the Philippines when we visit. It surely has a stinky smell.


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