Security Awareness Training

March 11, 2012

As the owner or manager of growing business it is imperative that you find an effective but cost conscious way to educate your employees. It is a simple point that is understood by all successful businesses that happy and well educated employees are great for your business and for your bottom line. Employees who are not for sure on what is expected of them in their job will be far less efficient in their jobs. If you are in a service industry it is even worse, nothing screams incompetence to customers then if employees are not competent and confident in their job. To make your employees confident you must give them the tools to perform their jobs.  Inspired eLearning is just that type of program. eLearning allows business managers and owners to develop their own education courses for their employees. These are totally customizable and give you total control of how to best get your message to your employees. Computer learning has proven to be the most effective way to reach a large number of personnel at the best cost.

Decreased down time and more accountability are easier to achieve on a desktop or laptop then sitting in a room or lecture hall. So what type of skills and learning is most important to your business? It may be legal topics like OSHA, HIPAA, rights or confidentiality issues. These type of issues if not taken care of can prove to be catastrophic to your business. Some positions though are equally important but not so complex. You need effective tools to teach these skills as well. Things like word processing, IT skills and security skills are essential for your bottom line.  Get yourself covered and jump into the eLearning world and you will sleep well knowing that you have covered all your bases.


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