At last!

April 03, 2012

I always checked my tasks using my iPhone. Lately, the app that I have been using is giving me an error. I don't know why. At least though I got a task today, thanks to the blog advertising site. Well, I should be posting the picture shown in here yesterday but I had quite a busy day or I should say I was too lazy yesterday. Let say it that way..hahaha. I cooked this sweet potato (camote) yesterday. I was craving for something sweet and I don't want to eat chocolate. I tried not to buy chocolates at the store for the sake of my son and my husband. My husband has type 2 diabetes and it is hard for him not to eat chocolates.

Anyway last night, I was about to print some of the coupons and clicked the ones that I really need. While printing, I noticed all the coupons on the website was printed and it was too many of them. So now, all I have to do is reuse the bond paper on the side when I print next time.


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