Brgy. fiesta

April 18, 2012

I am originally from Leyte, Philippines and fiesta is a huge celebration. In just two weeks is our Brgy. fiesta and I really missed fiesta a lot. I missed all the foods that are being served on this occasion. Families and friends visit to our house and it has been five years that I never get to see them. Though we are planning to visit this year but I am thinking traveling with a toddler. It is a very long flight and Charles doesn't like sitting for a very long period of any trips we had. Then I have to renew my Passport when the school year is over and it is a long trip down to Chicago, Illinois. 

Yes, even renewing my Passport is in Chicago even though we live here in Arkansas. That is where the Philippine Consulate is located so we have to go there for my Passport. But instead of driving to see around Chicago, we are planning to ride an airplane and go back home on the same day. It is more practical than driving for 6 hours and spend more on gasoline as well.


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