Hey its Friday!

April 27, 2012

I am glad it is Friday and my husband will be home a little early today. My son Charles is feeling so much better and he does not have any fever at all. Thanks God! Still he does not want to eat foods just like he used to. Well it is going to be a busy day for me. I have to clean up the house and hang up our clothes. And for my blogs I am planning to spend more time of this Blogger's new look. It still confuses me and I am having a hard time to figured out this new look.

Last night, I had a blog post and it took me 10-15 minutes just to looked the text alignment. Oh it was a mess and my eyes were hurting. Anyway, I'd better get off in here now and start cleaning. And just heard my baby and he wants to eat animal crackers. Wish he would eat rice and chicken, his favorite!