Manhattan Saddlery

April 17, 2012

Spring has sprung and everybody is loving the beautiful weather and so do I. It is the perfect time to walk around the house and get out to do things that you would love to do, like horseback riding. Horseback riding is gaining popularity as an international sport. I have not ridden a horse in my whole life and I would love to try it someday. I have a friend in Springfield, Missouri, Imelda and her husband own a farm and they have a couple of horses. She has her own saddles every time they go for a horseback ride around the farm and she loves it. 

Horseback riding in South America uses horseback riding gear like a good saddle or sillas de montar in Spanish. If you’re looking for any horseback riding gear and apparel Manhattan Saddlery is your Saddlery shop that are well worth the price. The store has been around for many years and has knowledgeable staff to help you out with your purchase. The store offers free shipping on orders over of $200 or more. 


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