Miami Airport Parking

April 19, 2012

Every couple fights at times many times about nothing. Yes nothing! My husband, Doug and I have issues and parking is one of them. He gets frustrated every time he cannot find a close parking spot when we were at Walmart or almost anywhere else. I remember we went to watched a Mizzou college football game in Columbia, Missouri. We could not find a close parking spot. We saw a parking garage that offered parking spots. We ended up parking at the garage and Mizzou ended up winning the game so it ended up being a great day. Of course we have to pay for the parking there. 

To me paying for parking is not all bad. It means keeping your car safe and your helping someone else generate income. How much more when you travel to Miami? Miami is a very busy area where rich and famous hangout as their playground. If you’re heading to Miami for your summer vacation miami airport parking is not a problem. Today you can find very inexpensive parking for as low as 6.99 to 10.99 for one day parking.


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