My Escabeche

April 01, 2012

I had quite a busy day today. I went to the Asian store but I never let Charles go inside the store because he doesn't like the smell and he always complained about it. I bought galungong and other pinoy foods. Then we went to Walmart and bought some groceries that we forgot to buy yesterday. On our way home, my husband drove on a different street and just realized he was driving into the cemetery. Inside the cemetery he drove 2 different street and at the very end of it, it has no exit. What in the world? I thought my husband was just kidding for April fools day when he drove down to the cemetery but he wasn't. When we got back home I cooked my galungong and it tasted very good.

Oh well, just another week ahead of us. I was expecting this Friday my husband does not have to go to work but I was wrong. In the Philippines, Holy Week is sacred and you have lots of holidays to enjoy with your family. Not in here! Only in America where everyone goes to work on Good Friday.


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