My Selecta Ice Cream

April 22, 2012

I had a busy weekend. Charles and I shopped yesterday and I found great deals at the mall. My husband bought a new fish tank and 3 guppies. I also went to the Asian store, Manna Oriental Market and bought selecta ice cream, sack of rice and other Filipino products. I am kinda disappointed that I could not find any jackfruit of all the Asian stores that I've been to. 
Anyway, the other day I got an email from BSI. An advertiser wants to put an article for this site and I am very skeptical about it. The advertiser does not want the article to be labelled as guest post or sponsored post. I just don't like accepting article when they have ads already. Yes I got so many pageviews from the article that was posted few weeks ago and I know the reason why.


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