Abuelos my favorite Mexican restaurant

May 01, 2012

Mother's Day is just few days away. For moms out there what are your plans on that day? For me, I would love to eat my favorite Mexican restaurant which is Abuelos. I also got a coupon of 50% off when you buy a second entree of equal or greater value, plus two beverages. I just loved their Pescado Guerrero that is why I love coming back to Abuelos. Well before Mother's Day the most anticipating blockbuster movie of the year, The Avengers will be shown this Friday. All the movie critics love this film and so my husband. The movie will be shown in 139 countries and it has already reached up to 178 million in ticket sales and counting not included here in the United States. I really wanted to watch this movie with my husband but it is difficult for Charles to sit for a very long period of time. 

It is very different how people here in the United States watch movies at the theater compared in the Philippines. In the Philippines movie goers keep on talking, laughing and texting while the movie is going on which I find very annoying. Here in the United States when you hear a kid crying the parent will take the kid outside and you cannot hear people talking on the cellphone or to other people.