Hex Coupling Nuts

May 16, 2012

With summer coming up my husband, Doug and I have a lot on our plate. We are either going to move to a new house or stay in our old house. We have been looking very hard the last couple of weeks for somewhere we can both agree on. If we do not find the right place though we will stay were we are. Fact is though that no matter where we land we will either remodel where we are now or fix and correct things where we move to. If you are looking to do real heavy work this summer you need to check out, http://www.bacoent.com/category/190/Hex_Nuts.html. 

BACO specializes in heavy duty hardware like Hex Coupling Nuts and Wire Rope Fittings. BACO specializes in heavy construction like brides, suspensions, power plants and marine applications. Luckily for use common handy people they also have the same great quality available for light duty house applications as well.


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