Not a big fan of the kitchen

May 10, 2012

We looked on the townhouse that we're planning to move this summer when everything goes really well. I loved that is has bigger rooms, big backyard, more closet space plus two car garage. I can have my own closet and my husband can have his own closet as well. Though I am not a big fan of the kitchen. It has outdated appliances for stove and dishwasher. With small space in the kitchen I don't think my husband and I can cook together. I need an open floor plan from living room to the kitchen and this townhouse is not. Also I am thinking it is a two story townhouse. I can't imagine Charles sleeping upstairs by himself. Since he was four months old Charles is sleeping with us. 
We are both very interested on the townhouse for the fact that it has bigger rooms and we can have BBQ cookout on the porch. My only drawback is the kitchen. Well, we still have plenty of time to look more houses when the school is over. There's a house closer to us but I think it is much smaller compared to what we are now. Though it is much closer where my husband work on his wrestling practice with the kids.


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