Overpriced Products at Walgreens

May 20, 2012

When you have your Sunday paper you will notice of their weekly ads or when you visit the store. Yes it is very enticing when you see their ads buy one get one free or buy one get one 50% off. I am not a Walgreens shopper so the other day I told my husband to stopped by at Walgreens because I was interested in what was on an ad, plus I have my coupons as well. While browsing the products that were on the ads I was shocked how overpriced their Dial body wash was. Matter of fact all the products they have in the store were priced higher then Walmart. 

I don’t see any savings in their buy one get one free ads so I decided not to purchase anything. I’d rather use my coupons at Walmart plus most of the items that I bought I’m planning to send to my family back in the Philippines. The products I bought were on rollback price so I had some great deals at Walmart.


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