Busy Week

June 30, 2012

We began moving yesterday and it is working pretty smooth. I am glad it was not too hot today unlike yesterday where my husband and were sweating. Tomorrow we are going to move our stuff from the bedroom closet and the kitchen as well. And on Monday, we are going to move our furniture and we have a lot of help from my husband's kids at school. On Tuesday, Best Buy is going to deliver our new Samsung Side-By-Side refrigerator.  Our Direct TV also comes on Tuesday but AT & T takes till Friday to get our internet set up.  Imagine that crappy service from a phone provider..hahaha.  Well this week is about as busy and fun as it gets besides the move.  Tuesday night our town has their local firework show.  Wednesday the 4th we go to my Friend, Rick's house to watch a huge display the local golf club does every year.  To top it off my sister in-laws are coming to visit next weekend.  Wow what a great week.

Glass Showcases

June 29, 2012

Recently my husband, Doug and I were watching Storage Wars. On the episode one of the clowns on the show bought a unit full of gems, stones and glass showcases. I really loved the look of the show cases. A business with a good glass showcase like my local Asian store A Chau, really makes shopping easier for its customers, like me. I am wondering what it would be like to have some cool cases as well in my home to display my collectible glasses or for my sister in law Connie to display her Depression Glass collection. Doug as well has a lot of cool World War II collectibles he would love to display.

How to Handle Customer Complaints

June 28, 2012

As a business owner things toady are more complex then ever before. Two of the things that every business today must deal with are customer complaints and scams of all sorts. Luckily there are experts available to help you find your way through the minefield of today’s economy. A premier leader in the fields of protecting businesses from scams and complaints, Marcus Evans. The Marcus Evans company has held more then a thousand conferences attended by many top companies, business managers and CEOs. What can the Marcus Evans bring to your customer satisfaction issues?

They focus on customer feedback and most importantly customer retention. Nothing will cost you customers as fast and as permanently as bad customer satisfaction. The other focus of Marcus Evans educational and conferences is how to protect vs. scams and scammers.  The marcus evans rip off conference and training has helped many companies. The most heinous and hardest to address our online scams and especially hackers. With the huge importance of the internet you must be protected.

Gold Town Sushi and Korean BBQ

We droved down to Bentonville, Arkansas to try a Latin cuisine restaurant for our lunch. When we arrived at the restaurant we noticed on the sign that they are serving Italian foods. We don’t need pasta meals so we decided to go to Gold Town Sushi and Korean BBQ. My husband and I both liked our food plus they have a good customer service. I ordered Beef Teriyaki and it tasted really good. We will definitely go back to this place again. My sister in-laws are coming to visit next week. I think it is a good idea to take them to this Korean restaurant when they visit us next Friday.

My husband’s sisters like to try to eat different foods every time they visit us and hopefully they will all like the restaurant just like my husband and I did. Then we stopped by at the Flea Market and Charles got some collectible cars for a great price. Charles also had his haircut today and he really looks more handsome. What can I say, he’s my boy and I am a very proud Mama!

Ab Toning Belts

June 27, 2012

I weighed 96 pounds before I got pregnant. And now every time I step on the scale I don’t like seeing the three digit numbers showing on the scale. I have never really tried to lose weight and I eat what I really want especially when I cook foods that I used to eat when I was in the Philippines. I know this is not a good thing and I want to be a great example for my son Charles. Over the last few months I have been thinking of what’s the best possible solution and ab belts are one of the best ways to have a flatter stomach. 

I felt awkward the first  time I wore my swim suit just a couple of days ago when we went swimming with my sister-in-law Connie and her husband Max. In just a few days, all of my husband’s sisters and their cousin Linda are visiting us and we are going to go swimming again. All I want for myself is to be confident of my own skin and not to worry every time I wear a swim suit. Summer is already here and we surely have a lot of fun stuff to do.

We like Redbox

June 26, 2012

Sunday Doug got a Redbox rental. He got an email from Redbox saying all movie rentals were fifty cents off last weekend. Considering that they usually cost just $1.25 fifty cents off means movies are only seventy five cents. Well Doug decided to get the movie Chronicle as one of his friends Joe suggested it to him. I did not care to watch the movie so Doug set to watch it early Monday morning while Charles and me were still asleep. Ends up the DVD was broken.  

Doug called customer service at Red Box and they gave him two free rentals for calling about the broken DVD. That was great service and he really appreciated it. I have found Redbox easy to use and they are everywhere around us. No wonder old Movie Rental stores like Movie Gallery and Blockbuster have taken such a big hit. We like the price and availability of Redbox and will keep using them.

We're halfway through of the year

June 21, 2012

Just a few days away and June is coming to an end. I can’t believed we’re halfway through the year and my son Charles’ birthday is just few months away. Charles will be four this September and I am amazed how he has became a kid and not a toddler. Last night, my husband, Doug and I were looking at his pictures and we were smiling on his pictures. Brings back a lot of memories from the time he was conceived until now. The thing that I was worried about when Charles was little was what if when he can’t talk or being sick all the time? Soon as I heard his first word which is “dada” it was sign of relief. 

Charles is very healthy from birth until now and I am very proud of myself for taking such good care of my baby. There are upside downs of raising a kid especially on his age now and I know I can get through it. My husband is very supportive and knows how to handle Charles when situation gets bad. I know I am not the most perfect mother in the world but I am trying my best to be a good mother for my baby.  One that he can be proud of when he gets older.

Whitehall Address Plaque

June 17, 2012

Just two weeks away and we are moving to our new place. My husband and I are all excited and so is Charles. Our new place is located in a much nicer neighborhood and it has great appliances though we need to buy our own refrigerator. We did shop though shop for and found a refrigerator the other day. My husband and I both agreed that we like a side-by-side Samsung refrigerator at Best Buy. The other thing I noticed about our new place is it has a whitehall address plaque. The plaque looks nice as does our new place. 

Besides the great interior we are excited to move into a much better neighborhood. Even better for us is that it is close to my husband’s school. I can see our house number right away. Also my husband’s family and friends can easily find our new place once they visit this summer.

They liked Catfish Hole

June 16, 2012

We had a pretty good day today. My husband's sister, Connie and her husband, Max are visiting us. We had our dinner at The Catfish Hole, in Fayetteville and they really liked the food. Then we drove down to the Razorbacks Stadium and they also liked the campus. Tomorrow we are going to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. We just visited the place a couple of weeks ago but we haven't really seen the whole area so we decided to go back again. Then we are going to eat our lunch at AQ Chicken House as Father's Day for my husband.

Other plans for tomorrow is we are going to go swimming at Residence Inn Marriott, where my sister-in-law Connie and her husband are staying. I'm sure Charles is going to love it! Its been awhile that we did not to a pool though I really don't know how to swim.

Boat Service

June 15, 2012

Summer is just a few days away and I know how much you are all enjoying the weather. Me and my husband have been planning to go to Beaver Lake just to look around the area and have a picnic afterwards. I have never been to Beaver Lake but I think it is a nice area to spend time with your family. Lots of families are going to Beaver Lake and it amazed me that every family going there have their own boats and pontoons. If you’re planning to buy a new boat or pontoon you should know what are the pros and cons of owning one. Wilmington NC marine refrigeration has been around for years and is helping new owners provide quality service for any boat or pontoon.

Charles has blown if off

June 14, 2012

I was watching Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding on Bravo when I smelled Charles. When I asked him whether he got my perfume and he said yes. When I was about to clean up our bathroom in the bedroom I noticed the resolve cleaner was in front of the TV stand and it was already empty. Charles sprayed the resolve cleaner all over the floor and to himself. My husband forgot to put it up earlier when he cleaned the carpet floor. Honestly, at his age now is kinda irritating and I am not very patient with it. Tonight he peed three times on his underwear and he already knew how to use the toilet. He's been doing pretty good of using the toilet for the last couple of weeks now and tonight he has blown it off. He thinks it is funny when he peed on his underwear. 
Oh well, we signed our papers today and I am looking forward to move to our new place. We did look at new computer desk at Office Depot and Staples. I did like the computer desk at Office Depot though they are kinda pricey. At Staples we did found one that my husband and I both like and we are going to buy it next week.

I am excited to move to our new place

June 13, 2012

We are going to sign our papers tomorrow afternoon for our new place. I am so excited though moving is very stressful and not fun at all. I remember when we moved from Missouri down here to Arkansas. I was glad though that my husband’s friends were able to help us move our stuff and attached some of our appliances. For our next place I noticed we have a column mailbox and it is few steps away from our house which is not a bad thing. Charles and I can walk when we check our mail. 

Oh well, if you’re planning to upgrade your old mailbox to a new one, Mailbox Ixchange have the widest selections of any types of mailbox that you could ever want. These mailboxes are very stylish and have many different designs to choose from. Stone and  brick mailboxes are my personal favorite. They are very high quality and most of all affordable in price.

Isolation Technology

June 11, 2012

We finally found the house that my husband and I really both liked. And next week we are going to sign the paper works and purchase a new refrigerator. The reason why we are moving is our current neighborhood is too crowded and very noisy, plus the house next door to us is very trashy. How much worse would it be if  we lived close to a manufacturing company? I can’t take too much noise just like when my husband Doug plays his X-Box. There are though solutions to having too much noise, soundproofing can be used in your home or business if you need quiet or need to make a lot of noise. 

Isolation technology of course is available on the business side. Vibration and noise can be a devastating issue for some manufacturing and businesses can run into. Vibration can cause damage to your business’ structure and the local environment if left unchecked.  Law suits and zoning is also an issue. The local news covered a story where a small town south of us had a business with bad noise pollution. The city decided to change zoning laws to force the business to restructure its business practices.

We are moving on July 1st

June 10, 2012

Did anyone of you watched last night's fight between Manny Pacquiao and Tmothy Bradley? I am still in shocked about last night's result of the fight and we all knew who won the fight and it is Manny Pacquiao no doubt about it. Manny Pacquiao was screwed big time by the judges. Oh well, I am glad though the Miami Heat are going to the NBA Finals. This will be a great games to watch between my husband and me. My husband, Doug likes the Oklahoma Thunder and I like the Miami Heat. I like Dwayne Wade and LeBron James and am looking forward to the Heat being the NBA Champions. 

Anyway, we got the house that we looked at the other day and we are moving on July 1st. We already looked for new refrigerators and we want to look at more tomorrow. We know what kind of refrigerator that we want to buy for our new place and hopefully it is not very pricey.

We found the house

June 06, 2012

For the last couple of weeks now we have been searching for our next place to  live with my family. Searching our next home is not that easy as I thought it might be. Luckily, our realtor is very understanding and helpful in looking for the perfect home that fits our needs and budget. So today, we found the house that my husband and I really like. Tomorrow Doug and I are going to submit our application for the home. Though we have to purchase a new refrigerator, that is okay we can make it work within our budget. 

Whether you are planning to buy a new home, commercial property for your business or a land for your dream home, http://www.bruce-germinsky-realtor.com is the site to visit. BG Realty Services are highly trained professional real estate agents and are willing to assist you with all of your residential and commercial real estate needs.

With moving ahead of us

Later this afternoon my husband and I are going to see another house. Hopefully we will all like what we see so we can submit our application on the same day. With moving ahead of us I have tons of magazine. Whether I should give it to our neighbor or take it when we move is a question. Maybe though I should keep them? I have found an interesting magazine rack and end table with built in lamp that I can purchase online. 

Also for my husband a 29 inch medicine cabinet and hardware to help in  mounting larger mirror to simple box cabinet are on his wish lists. It is ideal to have a separate cabinet for his stuff and my stuff for our bathroom, plus I have a toddler who likes to climb up and get stuff. The items that we need are within our budget which makes them perfect. With the weather getting hotter shopping online is my preferred method.

Kendra On Top

Last night was the season premiere of Kendra On Top on WE. I was not really focused watching the show because my son was playing with his cars in the living room. Besides there are "f" words that I don't want my son to hear when I am watching reality shows like Kendra On Top and other shows on Television. On the other night I did not finished watching the Real Housewives of New York City because my son was screaming really loud. He gets crazy when he is tired but does not want to go to sleep.

Well later today we have appointment at 4 o'clock to see the house that we are planning to move when everything turns out good. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms but I think we need to purchase a new refrigerator. The house is closer to where we live now but I think it is much quieter neighborhood.

Avnish Goyal

June 05, 2012

I always have a teary eye every time I see someone on the television that is making a difference for other people. Avnish Goyal is a Managing Director of Hemraj Goyal Foundation. he foundation is raising money to help people in need. Mr. Goyal started his career in the accountancy field. After a decade as an accountant though Mr.Goyal decided to enter into the business of running care homes.  Since his youth he had dreamed of providing great service not to his bank account but to society. Starting as an 11 year old working for his parents and through his accounting career and later his family business. 

Mr. Goyal continued to gain skills and knowledge or organization and running an effective business. Since entering the care home field his company has been the leader in care, fundraising and most importantly humanity in his field. He has won many awards including being recognized by the Eastern Eye Asian Business Awards. 

POS Hardware

Our friends at the Asian store in Springdale recently got a brand new scanner and printer for their store. They got their new set up at, POS Hardware. The set up is great and they love how it works and that it was cost effect even for a smaller store like them. As a customer I really appreciate how much it has made checkout easier and quicker.

Great Time Watching Television

June 04, 2012

It is very seldom that I get tasks for the last couple of weeks now. Today I got some tasks to do and I am very thankful to the blog advertising site. Aside from not getting enough tasks I have had a little problem with my payments from the other blog advertising site. Before they used to send payments on time when it is due on that day. I think I am going to get my payments today but have not yet. I know I am not the only one having problem with the payments and getting some tasks from the blog advertising site. There are some bloggers posting their issues as well.

Anyway, I had a great time watching Television shows last night. I watched Adele Live in London, 2012 Miss USA Competition and Real Housewives of New Jersey. I did not watch the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. Well tonight is the season premiere of Real Housewives of New York City and I am so excited!

Custom Rugby Shirts

My husband, Doug had a substitute teacher this year who has moved from near Manchester, United Kingdom. Doug talked with him quite awhile the day he subbed and found out that Ian is a huge rugby fan and player. Ian has organized a local rugby team in Northwest Arkansas and though Doug is too old to play Doug has become friends with many on the team. Ian was able to buy custom rugby shirts from one of Doug’s favorite outfitters, Ranger Up. They look and feel great to wear, Doug wears his each week.

Get Well Soon MJ

June 01, 2012

My husband went to World's of Fun with some kids and parents. The kids loved it and they really had so much fun. As for my husband, he had heat exhaustion and his blood sugar raised up to 316 which is very high. Luckily, his bloop pressure was normal. If not he could have a heat stroke or heart attack. The EMT at World's of Fun took a really good care of my husband. He knew one of the medic that was on his side wrestled on a different school while he was working at Sherwood. I had no idea about this thing until he got back home from that trip. Anyway, today is the first day of the month. 
As of early this morning my sister-in-law MJ is undergoing a surgery for about 4-6 hours to remove the infected areas of her stomach. I as remember she had the surgery in her stomach this year from a different surgeon and it did not turned out well. Hopefully after her surgery today every thing will turned out pretty good. It is pricey to undergo surgery even though some of the expenses are covered by her insurance provider.