Avnish Goyal

June 05, 2012

I always have a teary eye every time I see someone on the television that is making a difference for other people. Avnish Goyal is a Managing Director of Hemraj Goyal Foundation. he foundation is raising money to help people in need. Mr. Goyal started his career in the accountancy field. After a decade as an accountant though Mr.Goyal decided to enter into the business of running care homes.  Since his youth he had dreamed of providing great service not to his bank account but to society. Starting as an 11 year old working for his parents and through his accounting career and later his family business. 

Mr. Goyal continued to gain skills and knowledge or organization and running an effective business. Since entering the care home field his company has been the leader in care, fundraising and most importantly humanity in his field. He has won many awards including being recognized by the Eastern Eye Asian Business Awards. 


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