Busy Week

June 30, 2012

We began moving yesterday and it is working pretty smooth. I am glad it was not too hot today unlike yesterday where my husband and were sweating. Tomorrow we are going to move our stuff from the bedroom closet and the kitchen as well. And on Monday, we are going to move our furniture and we have a lot of help from my husband's kids at school. On Tuesday, Best Buy is going to deliver our new Samsung Side-By-Side refrigerator.  Our Direct TV also comes on Tuesday but AT & T takes till Friday to get our internet set up.  Imagine that crappy service from a phone provider..hahaha.  Well this week is about as busy and fun as it gets besides the move.  Tuesday night our town has their local firework show.  Wednesday the 4th we go to my Friend, Rick's house to watch a huge display the local golf club does every year.  To top it off my sister in-laws are coming to visit next weekend.  Wow what a great week.


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