Charles has blown if off

June 14, 2012

I was watching Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding on Bravo when I smelled Charles. When I asked him whether he got my perfume and he said yes. When I was about to clean up our bathroom in the bedroom I noticed the resolve cleaner was in front of the TV stand and it was already empty. Charles sprayed the resolve cleaner all over the floor and to himself. My husband forgot to put it up earlier when he cleaned the carpet floor. Honestly, at his age now is kinda irritating and I am not very patient with it. Tonight he peed three times on his underwear and he already knew how to use the toilet. He's been doing pretty good of using the toilet for the last couple of weeks now and tonight he has blown it off. He thinks it is funny when he peed on his underwear. 
Oh well, we signed our papers today and I am looking forward to move to our new place. We did look at new computer desk at Office Depot and Staples. I did like the computer desk at Office Depot though they are kinda pricey. At Staples we did found one that my husband and I both like and we are going to buy it next week.


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