Get Well Soon MJ

June 01, 2012

My husband went to World's of Fun with some kids and parents. The kids loved it and they really had so much fun. As for my husband, he had heat exhaustion and his blood sugar raised up to 316 which is very high. Luckily, his bloop pressure was normal. If not he could have a heat stroke or heart attack. The EMT at World's of Fun took a really good care of my husband. He knew one of the medic that was on his side wrestled on a different school while he was working at Sherwood. I had no idea about this thing until he got back home from that trip. Anyway, today is the first day of the month. 
As of early this morning my sister-in-law MJ is undergoing a surgery for about 4-6 hours to remove the infected areas of her stomach. I as remember she had the surgery in her stomach this year from a different surgeon and it did not turned out well. Hopefully after her surgery today every thing will turned out pretty good. It is pricey to undergo surgery even though some of the expenses are covered by her insurance provider.


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